Loven Dra - 2017-11-13
Hey Thuppakki and Theri get 18 certificate in Malaysia...and Mersal get PG-13 certificate after 2 fights scene cuts...

suthish .P.V - 2017-10-20
Podi kirukki

Rajkiran K - 2017-10-20
10 paisa athuva athigam

Ishak Issh - 2017-10-18
Tamil super star vijay

MANIGANDAN R - 2017-10-17
first day first show

jagadesh g - 2017-10-16
theeriiiiiiii hahaha va va eppo va therrrrrrrrri

Aravind Rajan - 2017-10-15
First week

Abominable Snowman - 2017-10-15
But that observation about the boy is amazing af

Abominable Snowman - 2017-10-15
Almost all of your movies should p13 bc of the your item songs and overall sexual themes. Almost no Tamil films don't include such shit to garner views. But, all of you thirsty men still fall for it lmao

TECH WOOD - 2017-10-14
Bro bro wait ,U/A certified for revenge story in tamil cenima they give U/A for revenge story for example bahubali 2 is also U/A becouse of revenge story ,sp here is the answer

Sunitha Sk - 2017-10-13
Your voice is clear and easy to understand. Wish you all the best. 1st week before

dinesh kumar - 2017-10-13
first day

Abishek Raj - 2017-10-12
Last show

Jocker Entertainment - 2017-10-12
In kerala above 400 screens not 250 which is the highest screens for any film in kerala .even for Malayalam films 400 screen is never got

mujibur rahman - 2017-10-12

Manuel Martin a - 2017-10-12
First day ticket confirm

Sajith Freakz - 2017-10-12
iniyum kudum....

Sajith Freakz - 2017-10-12
127 fans show

Azizur Rahman - 2017-10-12
Thalapathy flim Na FDFS than

Gowtham Gbs - 2017-10-12
fdfs marana waiting

Karthik Balaji - 2017-10-12
U/A is for violent scenes
revenge plot madhiri theriyudhu so indha rating koduthirkalam

Ranjith Kumar - 2017-10-12
tamilrokers le varattum pakalam

manoj kumar - 2017-10-12
First show

RAM PRASATH - 2017-10-12
Miratala mersala indha Diwali i am waiting

Akhil Lal - 2017-10-12
First Show

UMA MAGESHWARI - 2017-10-12
1 week

Tojo Michael - 2017-10-11
1st day 1st show

praveen kumar - 2017-10-11
first day first show only madam

Varhars creation - 2017-10-11
fan shower #Thalapathy😘😘😘😘

Dilip kumar - 2017-10-11
Tamil rockers la

mani maran - 2017-10-11
Nidhya menon pera yan solla

sk edits - 2017-10-11
Thalapathy full action movie
In that case was give this

sk edits - 2017-10-11
Voice semna

Syed mohamed ibrahim - 2017-10-11
Mersal story !!!
Some people related to medical business disappear mysteriously. The investigation starts and it suddenly leads to an unknown man. He is arrested and upon interrogation reveals his motives and intentions. His revelations take us deep into the dirty dark business of the medical industry.மருத்துவ வியாபாரத்துடன் தொடர்புடைய சிலர் மர்மமான முறையில் மறைந்து விடுகின்றனர். விசாரணை தொடங்கியது மற்றும் அது திடீரென்று ஒரு தெரியாத மனிதன் வழிவகுக்கிறது. அவர் கைது செய்யப்பட்டு விசாரணையின் போது தனது நோக்கங்களையும் வெளிப்படுத்துகிறார். அவரது வெளிப்பாடுகள் மருத்துவ துறையில் அழுக்கான கறுப்பு வியாபாரத்திற்கு நம்மை ஆழமாக ஆக்குகின்றன

Bro Gamer - 2017-10-11

Hrithik HK - 2017-10-11
250 cr and more

vinotaren tharen 0418 - 2017-10-11
Vijay sir appediyillai fight scene than irukum enna alaporan tamilan

vicky 1999 - 2017-10-11
first show

Surya Surya - 2017-10-11
Fist day

Arun Kumar - 2017-10-11
500 C

Thanush vijay - 2017-10-11
படத்த பாத்துட்டு வந்து தான் வீட்டுல "கறிக்கஞ்சி" அடிக்கனும்.எல்லாரும் எந்திருச்சு பல்ல வெளக்கிக்கிட்டு இருக்கும் போது நாங்க படத்த பாத்துட்டு வீட்டுக்கு வந்துருப்போம்.எப்போ 18ம் தேதி வரும்னு காத்துகிட்டு இருக்கேன்.#Mersal_Diwali

NEW GEN VIDEOS NGV - 2017-10-11

deepak sivan - 2017-10-11
On 18th mersal in thrissur theaters starting from 3 am (yet to confirm) aanal 7 am show has one ticket which is booked by me .3 am ku show irunthal athum paaka vaypu irriku
Athuthan inga keralavil naama kodukare mersal maha thiruvizhaa kondaatam doy

ViJaY Vj - 2017-10-11
Vera level

ViJaY Vj - 2017-10-11
First show first day

Praanth Appus - 2017-10-11

Pheonix Paravai - 2017-10-11
Tamil Rockers thaan easy. Ticket vela yellam ethitaanunga. Thalapathy padam vera black la ₹300-400 vipaanunga.Counter la ticket kedaikaathu. Appo easy choice Tamil Rockers thaan.

Ratheesh Krishnan - 2017-10-11
Kollam Gmax

Shyam KS - 2017-10-11

NeutralJones - 2017-10-11
Wrong fact !! Malaysia gives p13 for most of the action movie and 18 for intense action movies. They don't give a shit about intimate they only care fights. For Spyder they rated 18 and for Hara Hara Mahadevaki they've rated p13. Malaysian censor board is the worst censor board

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