Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Comedian and Ballers star Rob Corddry would like to add another honorific to his resume: "wing-enjoyer." At least that's what he thought going into First We Feast's Hot Ones, in which host Sean Evans challenges his celebrity guests to answer questions while they tackle 10 progressively spicier wings. While he had no problem recounting stories from The Daily Show and Childrens Hospital while taking down Sriracha and Tapatio, Corddry finds his wits tested as the sauces climb the Scoville scale. 

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Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Bainzee - 2017-07-19
They must be some serious sauces!!! I mean look at their plates, they manage to eat the bones too. That or the sauces are completely dissolving the bones...

Oli Davey - 2017-07-17
RIP Sriracha no big deal

Marcus Persson - 2017-07-17
Oh shit this the dude from Community

Justin blaQ - 2017-07-17

Rob corddry was the first to "empty the clip" and in later episodes Danny Brown did as well...

can eating peppers really do that to the body...?

Eddie Aguilar - 2017-07-15
get marC maron

jake gillund - 2017-07-09
Low key Sean did just take 1 bite of the wings and toss em out after

Dan McFly - 2017-07-09
"zoom in on my eye" *dosent zoom in

Dirtnap - 2017-07-07
so much respect just for mentioning Arrested Development

Mykle Lara - 2017-07-07
The best part of this episode is 12:41.
""I was hittin' balls against the side of a wall..." .... Realization

Chris - 2017-07-07
It looks like Rob's son is interviewing him

MaD DucC - 2017-07-05
pussy, man up hot tub

Ren Bond - 2017-07-03
"Where's the antidote?!" best one yet!!

Anete Kest - 2017-07-02
he seems such a sweet guy

Reilly Quinlan - 2017-07-01
I think we need Brett Baker to assess whether or not Rob actually belongs on the Hot Ones Hall of Shame, because of the heavy saucing. Made it to Da Bomb (notoriously the actual worst on the board). Sean even struggled to get through the last question which is unprecedented.

kovyiscool - 2017-07-01
How did you get the lead singer of Motley Lou and CEO of Lougle on your show?

J Spin - 2017-06-28
I'm new to the game here so have been binge watching.. and after hearing Sean tell me that he loves me... more then friends... numerous times a day... I've developed a solid crush. It's reciprocal Sean... Very reciprocal.

Tony B - 2017-06-27
he is great in hot tub time machine 1&2...."you'rrrre a fuckin nerrrrd, nobody likes you!"

Bryan Agostini - 2017-06-26

Mr. Nice Guy Supreme - 2017-06-25
Yo Sean! Where did you buy that jacket? I love it! I really need to get one of my own.

nfa5511 - 2017-06-24
You fucking need rick Ross on this show he's the wingstop king how have you not gotten him on this yet

Marli De Florenca - 2017-06-23
Please get James Corden or Jimmy Fallon on your show!

DM Baha' - 2017-06-22
the mrsark of hollywood

Brandon Mineer - 2017-06-18

h0wL_veryGames - 2017-06-16
Get Bill Burr or Steve Carell

Rosseane Sanchez - 2017-06-15
you should do .... Amy schumer

James Johnakin - 2017-06-13
Can you ask Rob if he'll play the fast food manager in my movie? He looks like he gets it

Roberto Santiago - 2017-06-13
I dunno why but this dude reminds me of a older, balding Chris Pratt.

Shinigami - 2017-06-06
lol im legit surprised Nick Offerman hasnt been on this..

William Reffett - 2017-06-06
hey guys I like your show but how come sriracha sauce goes from 750 2 2000 later on in your show

kdoeone - 2017-06-05
hot tub time machine 1 and 2. arr my fav things he has done.

RedShiftRider - 2017-06-04
This show has a knack for taking people I thought I didn't like...and bringing out an extremely likable aspect of them. Happens every time.

Cazza Nova - 2017-06-04
Rob Corddry is such a cool dude in this interview, one of the best guests

Travis Sexsmith - 2017-06-04
Get an alternative host and do Chris Evans

Justin Pearson - 2017-06-03
Can you order "The End." from Pepper Palace in Gatlinburg?!

Jonathan Medros - 2017-06-02
how does Sean know when it's time for the guest to tap out?

miguel rojas - 2017-05-31
one flaw in this show: u plug them before they get there plug lol

Cesar Azua - 2017-05-29
this guy is awesome

Daniel Goslin - 2017-05-26
get griffin mcelroy on here

Andrew Slaw - 2017-05-24
All the people from The Daily Show are pretty cool

Drew Hayes - 2017-05-23
Ooo, get Barbra Streisand! plzzzz!!

E J - 2017-05-22
Get Ilana Glazer on this show PLEASE!! Or Leslie Jones!

E J - 2017-05-22
You need more women on this show! C'mon!

David Christ - 2017-05-22
The host can make or break this show. And Sean definitely makes it. He's great.

CanadianShisha - 2017-05-21
Wheres the Antidote lol

thestever - 2017-05-19
"zoom in on my eyes"


Vi Dar - 2017-05-19
Rob is so awesome!

Akbar Akash - 2017-05-19
Classy man

Cody Jolley - 2017-05-18
dude that ultra death is insane I bought it just because I wanted to try it and I have one recommendation. DON'T BUY IT.

Baco nator - 2017-05-16
The violator! 😂

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