Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Comedian and Ballers star Rob Corddry would like to add another honorific to his resume: "wing-enjoyer." At least that's what he thought going into First We Feast's Hot Ones, in which host Sean Evans challenges his celebrity guests to answer questions while they tackle 10 progressively spicier wings. While he had no problem recounting stories from The Daily Show and Childrens Hospital while taking down Sriracha and Tapatio, Corddry finds his wits tested as the sauces climb the Scoville scale. 

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Rob Corddry Cries Real Tears Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones



Jeff Lucy - 2017-09-21
And to think I once respected him... Now when I fully lose my hair, I will admit to being a loser...

fernando garcia - 2017-09-20
I wish I could do this show 😕

fernando garcia - 2017-09-20
Joe Rogan
Snoop Dogg

Stephen Alicknovic - 2017-09-18
I'm not eating that!

Sean Lawless - 2017-09-18
Awesome ep! Ill be on one day!

D L - 2017-09-14
Sean Evans is a beast and always finishes the mofuckin wings!

JF Andal - 2017-09-12
Rob looks like an old man evan peters

Edwin Rivas - 2017-09-11
What, I'd never seen/heard that jeff the drunk clip and i love you two for it.. thaaank yooou

Aphrodite Johnson - 2017-09-10
I would love to see one with Dave Chappell or Chris Rock

Kent Myers - 2017-09-08
get lavar ball on here

ThatTallAsianGuy401 - 2017-09-07
Damn droppin like flies here xD

BEASTHUSKY - 2017-08-31
Oh my god you two were almost alike

jose ciriano - 2017-08-29
Rob corddry sux cox n dix

Leana Batson - 2017-08-29
Please get a beauty guru on here. It would get so dramatic by the second wing.

Skengman - 2017-08-28
This advert about the rapping teacher gets right on my fucking nerves

Cole Woodruff Music - 2017-08-28
"Where's the antidote" is my favorite Hot Ones quote ever hahaha

Princess Casserole - 2017-08-28
I almost accidentally sat on a bench at an art museum, I didn't realize it was part of the exhibit, it was a bench! In the middle of the room. I got yelled. Lol

kool aids - 2017-08-27
I love this. Give him a HBO deal know!!!

kevin Villeda - 2017-08-24
They need the supernatural guys on here, I swear.

Max _ - 2017-08-22
Beetlejuice is the best wack packer

Jims - 2017-08-22
Not much hair in his episode...

Maxurai - 2017-08-19
I can't stop watching theseeeee!

Jessica Jeanson - 2017-08-18
"I was pretty excited, I love wings." Hahaha poor guy :P

Rene Gonzalez - 2017-08-18

Cody Power - 2017-08-14
Don't get Bill Burr

I ate your mother - 2017-08-14

Doctor Feelfunny - 2017-08-14
Anyone else notice Sean eats VERY little of the wings past the 6th? Watch closely. Even with editing, it's obvious. He even misdirects with wild gestures just after he gently nibbles a bit of skin from one, then tosses it in the trash beside him or on the floor between his legs.

He's the King of the Hall of Shame.

Patrick Foley - 2017-08-14
Can we focus on the poor chickens that were sacrificed for our entertainment?

Kai Lu - 2017-08-11
Sean, you need to get bill burr on this.

Dave The Gazelle - 2017-08-08
I kinda wish Rob was like his character out of hot tub time machine in real life that'd be quality 😂

Jesse mario - 2017-08-07
Where can u get the mega death sauce

DextroTV - 2017-08-06
sean didn't ask a question about hot tub time machine

marshall US - 2017-08-04
One of my fav actors

Bruce Wayne - 2017-08-04
looks like a father/son lunch

Kevin Fager - 2017-08-04
Haha. That was one of the funniest things to me for some reason. "Where's the anecdote!?"

Jesse Dolph - 2017-08-03
Woah. Sean said fuck.

John Green - 2017-08-03
he sounded like he was doing a William shattner impression for a second then

Fflawed Atheist - 2017-07-30
Hot Ones is always fun, but I hope Rob Corddry doesn't build himself up from this, he's in that 4am anything-goes category.

Maverick52093 - 2017-07-28
Louis C.K definitely needs to be here

Terrell Jones - 2017-07-28
i love this guy. rob corddry.

Richard Baines - 2017-07-19
They must be some serious sauces!!! I mean look at their plates, they manage to eat the bones too. That or the sauces are completely dissolving the bones...

Oli Davey - 2017-07-17
RIP Sriracha no big deal

Marcus Persson - 2017-07-17
Oh shit this the dude from Community

Justin blaQ - 2017-07-17

Rob corddry was the first to "empty the clip" and in later episodes Danny Brown did as well...

can eating peppers really do that to the body...?

Eddie Aguilar - 2017-07-15
get marC maron

jake gillund - 2017-07-09
Low key Sean did just take 1 bite of the wings and toss em out after

Dan McFly - 2017-07-09
"zoom in on my eye" *dosent zoom in

Mykle Lara - 2017-07-07
The best part of this episode is 12:41.
""I was hittin' balls against the side of a wall..." .... Realization

Chris - 2017-07-07
It looks like Rob's son is interviewing him

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