Thelangel - 2018-01-14
Wow a lot of hater trolls here!
Megyn is intelligent, smart, savvy, confident, resilient, gracious, beautiful and successful that's obviously why!!!!

p s n network guru - 2018-01-08
she thinks shes the creame on the the cake ...sorry after listening to her lm not a fan!!!

Ron Milch - 2018-01-03
Who in their right mind would want to waste time listening to these two hags discuss anything!

Charles Mcgonigle - 2018-01-01
can`t understand normal thinking

Franco Caruso - 2017-12-30
Two dumb cunts

Joe Truth - 2017-12-29
Most American men are obsessed with Megyn. If you are going to dress sexually what do you expect!

mac Angry - 2017-12-21
Lmfaoo at this..

Sam Michaels - 2017-12-20
Kelly is a succubus demon whore cunt.

David David - 2017-12-12
The prostitution trade in the United States is estimated to generate $14 billion a year. A 2012 report by Fondation Scelles indicated that there were an estimated 1 million prostitutes in the U.S.

BlueEyes Brittany - 2017-12-12
Since men consider taking leave of absence from work on maternity grounds, and equally consideres that stay at home mothers are constantly on vacation, we have one solution, we are no longer going to have babies and since it is such a high risk to marry or have a relationship with the opposite sex, this is not going to be difficult and is already happening and we are going to stop cleaning the house, doing all the housework, cooking, ironing, laundry, wash the dishes and many of the other millions things we do and are unnoticed by the males and we will see what the world will be like : no future generaltion and a complete mess ..... and this may well happen.

Michael Krüger - 2017-12-11
18 months later - she"s done

Lisa Lynn - 2017-12-11
Wow, I love Megan Kelly. She's my hero.

Artur Kolacz - 2017-12-09

Artur Kolacz - 2017-12-09

Joselerio M - 2017-12-06
i am excited a misogynistic man called matt lauer wont be doing voiceover for the olympics ever again. hated his comments. you go megyn!

TEA miro - 2017-12-06
katie couric is cool !!

Alfredo C Polanco - 2017-12-04
she is very assertive and intelligent

Healthyand anextraincome - 2017-11-14
Katie couric is soo weak. I have always found that way.

kinkubus74 - 2017-11-06
Sorry Katie, you're coming in second in this leg-off

Antrobus Gina - 2017-10-05

Neil Tipton - 2017-08-14
i only watch her for her looks. duct tape the mouth. useless

kennith rogers - 2017-07-15
I loved watching judge Judy tear up Katie on feminism. Judy is absolutely right. Katie Couric sucks. Women already have every opportunity that men do. I.e. Hillary. Now you just seem greedy. Women are looking worse every day. Eat shit women. Can't even call you ladies ANYMORE. You destroyed that!

dave pamell - 2017-07-11
she needs fucking

RedRaider 3000 - 2017-06-21
Dumb cunts

jeff Craven - 2017-06-16
I love & respect women, but I wouldn't know Megan Kelly if I passed her on the street. She might be a relative but I wouldn't claim her.

John Vogel - 2017-06-08
You can see the evil in Katie. What a scum bag she is

Karma IsReal - 2017-05-13
I love Megyn Kelly! But seriously if this woman was exactly as she is but black. Then she'll be labeled as "the angry black woman" or say "she has attitude".

John Simmons - 2017-04-03

Julie San - 2017-02-11
seems her parents rather than insulting her were honest with her

upcycle - 2017-02-07
sadly baby males are involuntarily routinely genitally mutilated.

plebes - 2017-02-03
The simple mind of Katie Couric. Kelly on the other hand has brains.

NewWaveFan1 - 2017-01-30
Beautiful, smart, sexy woman..............

Larence gagland - 2017-01-21
Yeah !--she is special, she hates Men, America, and people named chueng.

Dizzy Viz - 2017-01-20
Fix the damn microphone. Sound guy is fired.

Doubil Troubil - 2017-01-15
two new world order fucks

jill tedesco - 2017-01-15
Tough questions like u asked of the owner of comet pizza and why he uses crude disgusting vile words on social media for his family restaurant

jill tedesco - 2017-01-15
Meghan Kelly is fake news. Fact based her interview with pizza comet owner she quotes Alex jones the problem and she knows his quote was not regarding comet pizza a journalist would knows this so that's called fake news. Not only wasn't the quote regarding pizza comet but Alex jones did not cover "pizza gate" a good journalist would know this. She interviews the owner shows a photo of a room in his restaurant from his social media page but she doesn't show the words from the page. Wouldn't a good hard journalist ask why he uses the words semen' cum and the list goes on why wouldn't she ask why those words are on his social media page for a so called family restaurant. Meghan is a joke, she is an insult to women and real journalists fake news she thinks she's this hot woman she's a fan disgrace stuck up awful "journalist" stay home Megan pig

YoshiPeach Mario - 2016-12-30
Legs all the way to Gyna.

roundtable25 - 2016-12-29
Megyn Kelly IS Fox News.

Joe Flocco - 2016-12-21
Anything Megyn Kelly is for (money, power, fame, etc.) is OK.
We all know she has lost her soul, we should pray for her.
She choose sides, and lost, she is through because;
all evil is being uprooted, exposed, and torn down!
She sits in the swamp, and she shall go down the drain.

JuliaSquatThrust - 2016-12-21
What do they say about lawyers? This lady is very smart and knows how to bend the truth. She is a lefty in conservative clothing.

Thorne Smith - 2016-12-12
I'll take Katie Couric any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

brother - 2016-12-09
she's sooo hot!

Madeline Cathcart - 2016-12-08
Fox news stands behind the Constitution. You know like stuff like making sure we can have semi automatic weapons in cities to protect our TV's and from terrorists and stuff. Plus they won't allow a tax on sodas! It's our right as Republicans to be overweight - not the goverments!

Steven Conrad - 2016-12-05
WHOA Bimbo and the Airhead. Roger the maintenance tech at FOX news told me that before Megyn enters the building he has to disconnect the "Bimbo Alarm'. True story.

Deborah Toirac - 2016-12-05
Why does MK always dress like a hooker???..it's hard enough to take her seriously..

Grace Bertrand - 2016-12-02
She will not be finished...she can bring him down...go Meghan!

liabilitymate - 2016-12-02
Cheap ho bag... As we call bimbos like her in the business "strap ons" Typical FemiNazi low esteem wants to be a Man, Penis Envy, Loser... Hence... Two words. "Strap on" that is as close as it can get... LOL

fleetwd1 - 2016-11-26
How Megan has handled this whole situation has given me a great deal of respect for her. Go Megan!

DarkPass3ng3r - 2016-11-25
Katie Couric is pathetic, I can't believe she gets paid for this. David Rubenstein could have done a far better job.

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