Carlos Ruiz - 2018-02-08
Ricky Rubio tired of y’all saying he can’t make a layup lol

ESSJ333 - 2018-02-06
My Spurs getting more trash every week. Need to bring in another superstar.

Amet Hyst - 2018-02-04
davis bertaans and ginobili are the only two guys worth watching on the spurs. sean elliott's sidekick commentator is beyond lame...

Roberto birdrose - 2018-02-04
threeeeeee. spurs po announcer lit

Miguel Valero - 2018-02-04
Rubio! Let´s go Utah to playoffs!

k leonard - 2018-02-04

Viral Instagram Videos! - 2018-02-04

Kyle SoSik - 2018-02-04
Jazz the most underrated team

Stevano Soplanit - 2018-02-04
Spurs should have went for Rubio to replace Tony Parker

MrCarlos0435 - 2018-02-04
Fucking Ricky RubiOOOOH! Jazz are on fire.

darko galic - 2018-02-04
LaMarcus Aldridge jinx every team he goes !

jermaineonealnumber7 - 2018-02-04
Not surprised at all about Rubio, I always knew he had game.

Eleanor Campbell - 2018-02-04
rubio has awaken

promeitheus - 2018-02-04
I love this Jazz team. They’re perfectly balanced and complementary, with excellent bench players.

Joselo Lara - 2018-02-04
Jazz aren’t bad but they still need another really good player to be a told team in the west

MrCarl27 - 2018-02-04
This season might be the first time time this century that the spurs dont win at least 50 games.

MrCarl27 - 2018-02-04
Spurs need Kawhi.

Mel Shingleton Sr - 2018-02-04
Go Jazz.... They put GS away, they beat the Spurs without their AllStar and, the beat Lebron and Co..... When the Jazz are playing team ball, they are unstoppable!

starcrusher - beats / bars / basketball - 2018-02-04
ricky rubi-goat? 😂 sick 34 pts

Jong Patajo - 2018-02-04
Rubio is looking like Milos teodosic's little brother

Davide Surilie - 2018-02-04

Mike Morada - 2018-02-04
Ricky played like a star! Jazz slowly building momentum after beating GSW and Spurs

hundred cs - 2018-02-04
Can't wait Rockets destroyed Spurs in 4 games only if Spurs could pass the first round. Plus, Kawhi is another D Rose.

Ebitu Ukiwe - 2018-02-04
Spurs actually didn't play as bad as I initially thought. We'll get over this slump soon. That's a fact!!!

えびもやし - 2018-02-04
RUBIO is a good player

Olivier - 2018-02-04
Spurs team sucks big time

MiLK SOP - 2018-02-04
The Jazz have been kicking everybody's ass since the recent trade rumors.

Seth Nelson - 2018-02-04
O'Neal and Burks are both underrated. They can really step up.

Marvin Joseph Donieto - 2018-02-04
Rubio doing better.

imthemosthandsome - 2018-02-04

Jason Ash - 2018-02-04
You left a lot out of this one... by the looks of this highlight video, spurs should have won. You missed quite a few really good plays.

Mladen Nikolov - 2018-02-04
Ricky Rubio did some work there!

KEVIN IRVIN.I - 2018-02-04
RShit Bufford couldn't even get Greg Monroe. SMH

KEVIN IRVIN.I - 2018-02-04
I want to know how Kawhi is going to elevate this trash roster all the sudden when he comes back from the injury. I guess RShit Bufford is only thinking about extending Parker, Green, and Mills contracts to play for the Spurs through in their 40s. They like them old and washed.

KEVIN IRVIN.I - 2018-02-04
RC Buford out. Embarrassing GM who always saved by Timmy and Kawhi. Can't build a team, can't trade, the roster is atrocious, and useless tbh. Couldn't even get Greg Monroe who went to Boston for just 5 million but he was able to pay Millshit and Gasol 100 million to be trash.

Marc Tan - 2018-02-04
chill man. without Kawhi and Rudy yet

amity dual sport Utah - 2018-02-04
What happened....

Ahmed Iqbal el huda - 2018-02-04
Damn, ricky rubio level all star this season, no donovan mitchell , jazz still can win

Sam Rogers - 2018-02-04

Shinnokxz - 2018-02-04
Nice Spurs highlight video. Couldn't even figure out most the time why the Jazz were ahead and every part. 3/10

Johannes Kristian - 2018-02-04

Evan Farrow - 2018-02-04

Dominic Lawrence Sygaco - 2018-02-04
Oh god rubio he has really improved a lot

Mr.Sauceman X - 2018-02-04
I gave up on the Spurs. This is to be expected. I proved why on my channel!

Au Jun - 2018-02-04
First. Oh boy Spurs lose again what happen if they not make to playoff or Kawhi will leave?

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