Rapid Highlights - 2018-01-25
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chris depue - 2018-01-27
Pistons need to give kennard more minutes and run more plays for him to give him more confidence. He puts up points with the limited minutes he gets

joe smith - 2018-01-27
Time to trade Andre DumDUm  failes at winning,, SVG needs to be fired where's the owner been??? this sell the team period

ASURAN24 - 2018-01-26
Utah is too poor in defending the three point line. They conceded the league-worst in 3PT% and 3PM. Quin has to take responsibilities for not utilizing the 3pt shooting talent more of Jerebko.

T J - 2018-01-26
I was at that game

Cody Patino - 2018-01-25
Mitchell’s 3 was sick

fisch kopf - 2018-01-25
Gores wankers

Yangyi Liu - 2018-01-25
Rubio has drained out his talent on passing

mtbadvance - 2018-01-25
Refs were insane sucking the Pistons cocks that night. Good thing Jazz play so hard when that happens to them.

alsteven44 - 2018-01-25
It's time to change for a good coach like the lions

sports gamer ky - 2018-01-25
Pistons are screwed . no life for pistons

Nicolas Colella - 2018-01-25
Van Gundy what are you waiting ??!!! PLEASE quit your awful job NOW! Jason Kidd is available!!!!

cryingmushroom47 - 2018-01-25
if favours was playing for a bigger team he would have been all star so many times by now

Marvin Joseph Donieto - 2018-01-25
Wow! Great defense

Jesus Fingers - 2018-01-25
If only the Jazz could add some consistent offense to that defense goddammit

CM Punk - 2018-01-25
Old School Basketball. Even it Goes OT both of teams are under 100 points

FireRust - 2018-01-25
5:20 no charge call?? whew

Jacob Basilio - 2018-01-25
the last shot before ot is every player's dream. falling down even when not necessary, smh hahaha

Sam I am Christian - 2018-01-25
Rudy gobert: 15 pts, 8 rebs, 4 blocks 💪

chemistryset1 - 2018-01-25
my man Joe Ingles gettin' it done~ :-D

Andersen Cobb - 2018-01-25
That boy ish smith nice

Hugh Mungus - 2018-01-25
But Al Horford got picked over Andre. #popularitycontest

PixelBaller - 2018-01-25
Jinglin’ Joe

Leonard Veresov - 2018-01-25
Drummond deserves better teammates

Donald Goines - 2018-01-25
Will the Pistons pay Avery Bradley $20 million or let him walk?

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