Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand

Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand
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Music video by Soundgarden performing Burden In My Hand. (C) 1996 A&M Records
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Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand



Susan H.3333 - 2018-01-16
Close your eyes and bow your head,I need a little sympathy.Cause fear is strong and love is for everyone who isn't me.

tidepoolbay - 2018-01-11

Robert Murry - 2018-01-10
come back to us man... we are truly lost without you

Gena Marie C - 2018-01-09
If you fall to pieces, you can suffer with my ghost!

Gena Marie C - 2018-01-09
If you live to see the day, you can suffer with my ghost....something like that! Touche' Chris!

c.shenanigans - 2018-01-07
All his beautiful songs make sense now. God bless Chris Cornell.

john black - 2018-01-07
:) God loves all you champions..

john black - 2018-01-07
2018, it's gonna be a good one. Peace.

john black - 2018-01-07
motherfucker said what?

john black - 2018-01-07
i'm in love with all you fools.

john black - 2018-01-07
when they die comment was from how they just kill themselves. not about endgame.

john black - 2018-01-07
when they die you can't catch them. they're gone.

john black - 2018-01-07
be aware of your nonsense. and don't chase the dead.

john black - 2018-01-07
never chase ppl that die. that's rediculous.

john black - 2018-01-07
when ppl die they get in a que and then you're like wait. how long have they been gone, then i'm like master, master. i'm never gonna find that dude. takes too long. that's why that dude killed himself a week after. cuz you're always trying to catch up to the person that died.

john black - 2018-01-07
i'm never gonna even find chris. it's been too long.

john black - 2018-01-07

john black - 2018-01-07
chris would love that joke

john black - 2018-01-07
just a burden in my hand..

john black - 2018-01-07
oink oink.. see there..

john black - 2018-01-07
i was just thinking about chris's mom and dude. i would hit that from behind. she had a fat large ass. so lovely. sorry Chris but i had to say it.

john black - 2018-01-07
you know chris loves this shit. he's dead yeah, but from what i know, he loves when we make fun of his songs, man.

john black - 2018-01-07
i shot my load today. would you like to see..

john black - 2018-01-07
just a tumor in my head... I'm probably gonna be ok.

john black - 2018-01-07
i just wanna ask one last thing.. Would you follow me in to the desert. I need some pie.

john black - 2018-01-07
i lost my head again.. would you die for me?

john black - 2018-01-07
there she goes..

Cody Gittins - 2018-01-05
I met Chris just a few months before he passed , talked to him for about half an hour. True gentleman, such an honour getting to meet my hero.

its Abby - 2018-01-04
Musical Genius..."And if you live you can fall to pieces and suffer with my Ghost"... Music will never be the same. Love you Chris...Love this Song...

el xero - 2018-01-03
oh boy this guy sound garden audio slave! GREATNESS!!! RIP so sad!

eshal iqbal - 2018-01-03
he died the day before my sisters birthday

Shadow Lordz - 2018-01-01
I killed myself today......Would you say goodbye for me.

Adam Deboer - 2017-12-31
I feel like his music and his videos, he shows you and tells you a part of himself. Idk all I know is his passing is one of the hardest in my lifetime I think. His music has helped me a alot so I wanted to say thank you and Rest in Piece Chris. \m/

Julio Armendariz - 2017-12-30
Rip Chris!! One of my favorite songs from Soundgarden sooo 90s !!!

TigerTigerPantherFox - 2017-12-30
Coming back to listen to the Greatest Rock Voice we lost in 2017 before 2017 is finally over! Growing up as a teen in what is now for me the very Nostalgic 90s listening to US / Grunge bands & SoundGarden on MTV before heading off to School & spending most of my adolescence wanting to hit the big stage, Well that dream had to end sooner or later but i never thought we would loose Chris Cornell in the prime of his life! He had the biggest heart but somehow it managed to break the hearts of millions when Chris passed away... I hate to use the voice of a generation but his was a voice that could stand up against the best! He was the best! Someone hurry & invent a time machine so we can again live in a world with great music!!

Leanne Rey - 2017-12-29
I'm still not over your death. We all love and miss you. I wish you were still here.

Millie Hamilton - 2017-12-28
Who was sent by Mandi vee?

Ray Villarreal - 2017-12-27
When i was a teenager i would jam this song all the time..My mother wouldn't get mad at all she loved his voice as i did..My mom is from Mexico but has lived in the US since the 60s..I asked her why does she like it she told me that Chris's voice reminded her of Janis Joplin. I just smiled and kept listening to my Soundgarden.

Josh Myers - 2017-12-27

cheryl wofford - 2017-12-27
We do not have Chris but we have his music. The best gift to give.

Everett Tech - 2017-12-25
This is greatest song of all time.

Claudia M - 2017-12-23
Maravilloso este hombre en todo

Mason Minor - 2017-12-22
Down on the Upside is seriously underrated

Hunter Bunn - 2017-12-15

Resa Adi - 2017-12-10
Save Eddie Vedder please..

Lyquidskye - 2017-12-09
That voice tho... Amazing

Cor Potgieter - 2017-12-06
I vote for Aiden Young from Rectify to play Chris Cornel for a Soundgarden Movie.

Dale Arnold - 2017-12-06
Love you bro see you soon

tadlee - 2017-12-05
I will never get over Chris' death.

Ezidio Alves - 2017-12-04
Saudades dessa época!Bons tempos que só voltam quando revejo essas obras primas!

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