Sahar Ghaba - 2018-03-19
American treasure in my heart

alain dessurault - 2018-03-18
ccr un café pis un batte belle journée

Bob Sponge - 2018-03-18
KKona songs jajajajaajja

Noelia Petriella - 2018-03-17
La mejor banda de todos los tiempos

Paulette Espinoza - 2018-03-17

Alex Correia - 2018-03-16
2018 anyone?💝

Maranda Anderson - 2018-03-15
Admit theses guys are some of the best but not as good as Elvis..not n my opinion.

André Juliano - 2018-03-15
Muito Bom...

katerina gltr - 2018-03-14
Perfect music 💞

Manuel Vasquez - 2018-03-14
Obe gaine

robert catterall - 2018-03-13
CCR love you so much your music is timeless massive fan of CCR god bless America 🇺🇸 Bob UK 🇬🇧

Paulo Sergio Machado - 2018-03-11
Du caralhooooooooooo

Lincoln de Alvarenga Andrade - 2018-03-11
No tempo em que tínhamos musicas

Jeffrey Sheets - 2018-03-11
if you dont like ccr they aint american!

Tuumai Sua - 2018-03-11

Gabriel Reynoso - 2018-03-09

Max Ownby - 2018-03-08
Before anyone says they stole it john wrote this first and it first was out in January of 69

william baublitz - 2018-03-07
And I heard the Tina Turner version

william baublitz - 2018-03-07
I first heard this song at 9 years old and I thought it was called rolling on the river

ian evans - 2018-03-06
for dan wolf

Mirun ok - 2018-03-05

Alfredo Bustamante - 2018-03-04
No sirve

Randy Martinez - 2018-03-03
The oldies are the best thing Sense spray and wash

Jaroslava solerova - 2018-03-03
Jsou božiiiiiiiiiiiii

Barbara Desourdy - 2018-03-03
Still Awesome

The Mendoza - 2018-03-01
Big wheels keep on! Trump in 2020

Carlos Alfredo Dias Schaulet - 2018-02-28
Baita banda adoro demais

Don Loehr - 2018-02-26
What a motley crew - but man can they sing and perform

Rob Gillis - 2018-02-26

David Wayne - 2018-02-25
...da herbal remedies.


ian evans - 2018-02-23
COME ON YOUS    VOUS  my da dave  was name of  band is creendance    they   vets look aftert     our stupidi ness and   loyatee    we make  good  cup of tee  and  if be have  nice  we  drink too   vous so you welcome lads   me chatham  where the HMS VICTORY MADE  ok  you alwas  welcome  love ian

dave paul - 2018-02-21

Frankie Sullivan - 2018-02-19
Love CCR music

Cleonice Senna - 2018-02-18
Esse clássico é a versão original.Amo Creedence. Lembra a minha infância. Onde estão os Brasileiros?

Synchrama - 2018-02-18
La mejor banda en este estilo todos sus temas fueron éxitos

LEONIDAS - 2018-02-17
I once read somewhere that John Fogerty got the idea for this song from a Paddle Boat in New Orleans. The Big Wheel of course is the Paddle. The " Proud Mary " was the boiler inside the boat that generated the steam that turned the Paddle.
Regardless if it's true or not , it does sound feasible ------

mike levitt - 2018-02-17
great song murdered by tina shreaking turner.

annick rouchon - 2018-02-16
moi en 2018 et le reste j écoute et je me comprend sa leur fais du bien

renato lima - 2018-02-16
Good sound.

Lyn Koepke - 2018-02-15
ccr one of the best ever

delvita d Brumfield - 2018-02-14
Christopher is all I care to think about really .

Leonard Weirich - 2018-02-12
This song is so awesome

Jose Cortes - 2018-02-12
De poca Madre 🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶

David Patrick - 2018-02-12

Nathalie pelerin - 2018-02-11
Une pensée pour Yves ma jeunesse que de souvenirs tellement triste

gizmo0816 - 2018-02-11
Is it bad that i am listening to this so much i know when to restart it?

Shauntrail Skinner - 2018-02-10
Even though CCR is originally from California, their music sounds like a backwoods, country, bayou music.

Jacob Akland - 2018-02-10
OMG thiz song so good

Joel Williams - 2018-02-09
It ain't about the name

Jose Luiz Carvalho - 2018-02-09
This song is the best with ELVIS singing too

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