Joao Santos - 2018-01-16

Diego Aravena - 2018-01-15

miclan Leos - 2018-01-15

Fernando Vasconcelos - 2018-01-14
Great song

Manko Slayer - 2018-01-13
toinin & boinin

Pedro Souza - 2018-01-13
Cleaning a lot plates in memphis

Gary Gilliam - 2018-01-12
This song is so Awesome!!!

Bobby 17597 - 2018-01-12
Song is gold! Don't make em' anymore!

Franca Noto - 2018-01-12
uno dei pezzi rock più belli mai scritti. pensate che avevo appena cinque anni quando lo ho ascoltato per la prima volta.

Miguel Contreras - 2018-01-12
credencial revial

cynthia - 2018-01-11
yep original song here

Peggy Lovera - 2018-01-11
I like them all , however, the drummer is gorgeous!

Peggy Lovera - 2018-01-11
Always loved ccr...and I'm 53 yrs.old now....

jorge raul caseres - 2018-01-10
The Best!!!

Alex Correia - 2018-01-10
this song is awesome!

Nico C - 2018-01-10
Alguien en 2018!!!

Tim Dillon - 2018-01-10
It don't get no better than these guys

Donovan Keith - 2018-01-09
Nice 😀

Patty Torres - 2018-01-09
Me gusta la música el efrita

Francisco Alves - 2018-01-08
Sem igual! Cabível em todas as gerações! 10

Torika Railati - 2018-01-08
2018 🔥💯✔

Teresa Callahan - 2018-01-06
We are gonna start real slow with this song .....love this song.

javier freile - 2018-01-06
uuuuuu\uuuu\uujuu q grandes.. wuy.. aaaaa.

Txemi Del Olmo - 2018-01-04
yo me crie con esta BANDA

Cristian Hernandez - 2018-01-02

Georges St. Pierre - 2018-01-01

Alejandro Sarmiento - 2018-01-01

Alexandre Gomes - 2018-01-01
música da melhor qualidade

Carmen Julia Aldana Malaga - 2018-01-01
This song like , remember the High School !!!!

Pedro Souza - 2017-12-31
Working for the man

Lourdes Valencia - 2017-12-30
Bonita cancion

Ksenia Kolczyńska - 2017-12-30

Nicholas Bocks - 2017-12-30
A dancing snake 🐍 sent my ass here.

Davidson Pedro - 2017-12-30
Oh yes, real music.

Pablo Rodriguez - 2017-12-29
Que música más increíble nunca pasa, siempre suena y nos transporta....

Manuel Henriquez - 2017-12-25
muy buena musica

Rita Van Thurnhout - 2017-12-24
geweldig die groep van onze tijd dat muziek dank jullie

RICHARD maaske - 2017-12-24
Back in the 70,s would play the song , over and over again. Great song!!

Raul Rubin - 2017-12-21
Fabulosooo temaaa!!

gretchen herrera - 2017-12-21
Kicken ass and takin no names...lol...C.C.R. rocks the house!

Steven Romanovs - 2017-12-19
cudownie, dzieku

Golfjoshd - 2017-12-19
My favorite band ever!

hugo mandu - 2017-12-18

Franky Henson - 2017-12-17
Proud 👼🖤😉

Chito Viado - 2017-12-16
Proud Mary as performed by CCR is the best amongst those other versions. Although I was born late 1940's, this was one of my fave song in my teenage years!

Eee Ell - 2017-12-14
All the shit you read in the press today - but you can listen to this and remember how great America is.

Balkancuga - 2017-12-12
MAFIA 3 ;)

Julian Alkorta - 2017-12-12
temazo, me encanta, igual que fortunate son. Los Creedence Clearwater Revival son cojonudos.

Edith Mayeux - 2017-12-09
j aimerais savoir ce que vous ete devenu

JustMeNoOther - 2017-12-08
The four members of this band always reminds me a Vietnam veterans. This band marked a complete generation in the USA and I can say, that CCR influenced stronger and better this generations than The Beatles. I am sorry for the fans of the last band, but this is the truth, and must be spoken. CCR remarked the whole situation of the era, 60's and 70's, unfortunately, the mass media seems to be more aware of the popular and sales rather the quality and substance. And I can add, that any cover made by other band, could be good, but to reach the feeling and the power that John Fogerty impressed with his voice is unique. Greetings!

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