Facebook (FB) Stock Analysis | Is Facebook Stock A Buy?

Facebook (FB) Stock Analysis | Is Facebook Stock A Buy?
In this video we initiate coverage on Facebook (FB) stock, then issue a buy rating & 5 year price target. We look at all charting, fundamentals, value & growth prospects & quarterly earnings. Facebook IPOed back in 2012 and has been a Wall Street darling over the last 5 years.

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Facebook (FB) Stock Analysis | Is Facebook Stock A Buy?



WoerthMore Investing - 2018-01-02
Does anyone own Facebook stock or have plans to buy in?

DrDjOfficial - 2018-01-06
Hell yeah man! I'm having a good year so far as far as the stock market. I bought some FB and it's gone up a swell amount! :)

Great video and excellent insight. New to your channel and definitely a fan already. New Sub here. I have FB in my son's portfolio but not a whole lot.

Giannis Kollaros - 2018-01-03
Great stock analysis, keep em coming!

77 Exploits - 2018-01-02
I’ve Been interested in some Facebook stock for some time now

Invincible Summer - 2018-01-02
I just added last week.. It was a good sale last couple of weeks!

ProShooter - 2018-01-02
Great Video! I might buy some in the future

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