Bella Thorne BREAKS DOWN into Tears Over Fan Reactions to Her Sexual Abuse Story

Bella Thorne BREAKS DOWN into Tears Over Fan Reactions to Her Sexual Abuse Story
Despite people bashing Bella Thorne over her #timesup Instagram post saying it was for publicity, the actress got very emotional and broke down on her Instagram story after receiving tons of messages from her true fans. Regardless of what you think about Bella, you have to admit she is one brave young woman who is using her celebrity platform the right way this week. Let us know how Bella's Instagram stories made you feel in the comments section below.

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Bella Thorne BREAKS DOWN into Tears Over Fan Reactions to Her Sexual Abuse Story



emskudei aiversan Nainen - 2018-01-19
People have been fucking dicks towards Bella

Moonwing the warrior cat - 2018-01-19
Poor Bella! She is one of my favorite songs ❤️

Marlene L - 2018-01-16
Is that way she seeks so much attention

Marlene L - 2018-01-16
Oh please. She hooked up with someone and now regrets it. Oooo that’s not rape.

Chris Jones - 2018-01-16
These disgusting comments are the reason why people who were sexually abused never come out about it, because they think they're just trying to get attention or are lying. Just because she dresses a certain way doesn't mean her story isn't true. You might ask why she would dress like this if she was sexually abused, well, answer me this question. Why would the child of a drug addict end up doing drugs themselves when they've seen how terrible it is? Traumatic things like this can F*CK someone up BAD! Lot of victims of sexual abuse dress revealing and end up having a wild side because of how traumatic it was, and Bella was going through this since she could remember and didn't stop until she was 14-years-old. She also came from a poor family that was going to end up on the street until she got her role on Shake It Up, so it's not hard to imagine she had to suffer sexual abuse for a long time too.

She knows what it's like to have absolutely nothing and appreciates everything she has. Bella's name means beauty in Spanish and Italian and she deserves that name, not only for her physical beauty, but also for her beautiful heart.

Buttered Lumps - 2018-01-15
What the hell did she do to her lips?

Jason Viper - 2018-01-14
she was not "abused" she is just making a false claim for more "fans" because some women are good at lying and can be good at making up a "story" oh and notice the new hashtag #timesup now its not "metoo no more.

I Just Gave My Nigga Head - 2018-01-13
Shes so gross. I dont think ive ever seen a grosser human being in my life.

Cristol Harder - 2018-01-13
Dont belive it.. yet she barley wearing anything in alot of pics.. an abused woman wudnt be doin that js.. she doin it for attention..

Natalia Stornello - 2018-01-12
I am here for Bella 100%

Hawg Dawg - 2018-01-12
There is something overtly wrong with the sub text of Bella Thorne's eyes. She seems mentally unstable. Maybe she should have continued to take her daily dose of humility as she aged and acquired a greater beauty. Instead, she began taking lost sight of humility and now translates herself into a whore. Too bad, too. She was once a beautiful young woman. By the way.....who did or does her fucking make up. They should be hired.

Tallica 4Life - 2018-01-12
After what she just said about the mudslide victims, I'm glad she got abused. I hope she continues to get raped. Hope this fucking cunt dies of AIDS.

AMRIT AUJLA - 2018-01-12
This he-she bitch is on meth.

Jennie Wright - 2018-01-11
I don't know if I believe it tbh, pretty much every woman around these days has been "sexually abused" when it's actually very little of these claim that are true

Jack Ryan - 2018-01-11
I would totally have sex with her. But she will have to remove the nose ring. Yuck.

Wire TT - 2018-01-10
Damn it seems like every single female human being on the globe has been repeatedly sexually abused.

Romeo Mk - 2018-01-10
I bet she its a drug addict cuz she looks like shit plus i dont buy this story, i was a victim of rape. And i know how it is, and now she gets hate and uses a lying story to get pitty from the haters. Cmon now. I dont buy it at all

Mark Funnell - 2018-01-10
I am so Proud of Bella for doing that get the video on my channel really helped her #staystrong Bella and sorry I never realized something was wrong with you like that and I was not there to save you come and watch my video the story of how I got depression

Sniper Production - 2018-01-09

get to the point will ya - 2018-01-09

Čokoladni Jednorog - 2018-01-09
Poor Bella 😢

baby k - 2018-01-09
"the right way... this week" i can't 😂😂

bence tugyi - 2018-01-09

The Many unusual Faces Of Amy Slaton - 2018-01-09
Not buying it

dat_guy_ chris - 2018-01-09
Lol 666K subs😂😂😂😈😈👹

Kathy- Rose - 2018-01-09
We love you Bella xx 😘

Beats City - 2018-01-09
poor but hot girl..

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