Sleepy Msp - 2018-02-03
That’s me when I get a good grade in science

Benny Salvagno - 2017-04-17
she's crazy....now and when there was shake it up...i love you bella💜💜💜✌ ahhhh....i miss cece and rocky....bella and zendaya😣✌💜.....go bella, go bella .... 😗😗 bye bye

Emina Gomez - 2016-06-21

ImJustA_YoungBlood - 2016-04-30

wagner angelina - 2016-01-01

angel dust - 2015-12-22
I was hoping she would fall. Thumbs down

Lena Zocchi - 2015-12-12
she is so happy

jisheeka rai - 2015-11-13

feynix horning - 2015-10-03
That was cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Kuo - 2015-07-01
...put on some underwear...and dont jump on the bed...mommy would disapprove

Suna Pinto - 2015-06-23
When ever she jumps her hair is puff up

Julieth Lopez de lynch - 2015-06-16
Jajsjssjjjajaajajajajajjajkjajaja lol

Quunky - 2015-06-09
Lil slut

Pre-Jordan Basketball Fan - 2015-06-07
How many times can you all get threw this at .25 speed?

Kylee Ashley - 2015-05-11
Awesome girl🌺

Kylee Ashley - 2015-05-11
She really is a sweetheart💖

Laura Isham - 2015-04-27
LOL sooo beautiful I heart u bella

Elife Coleman - 2015-02-10

EdunchiVEVO - 2015-01-13
What the f*** is this!

DRed 1402 - 2014-12-30

Jayla Carambot - 2014-11-27

Floriselda Sivirian - 2014-11-27
Shes a fucken asshole

Evelyn V. - 2014-11-04
is that really her?

Cheeseforyourchildren - 2014-11-01
Nice thong I can see it though your dress lol

Cristopher Peña - 2014-10-25

Catalaya Elliott - 2014-10-13
Ok for 1 nobody said kim kardashian has the biggest butt on earth nor beyonce or nicki minaj we all kno where they got they butts from the hospital of course and never ever wrapped up in black culture so whatever these celebrities do out here has exactly nothing with culture so come back again

Noel E - 2014-09-14
Sweet mother of GOD!!

Carolina Ferguson - 2014-08-14
Guys you would be happy if you had a single that just got released so be quiet :) at least she isn't to the gross stage yet so give her positive comments

Martina Davis - 2014-08-07
Hot and Crazy  xD

tahtiana cintron - 2014-07-12
She is so so so skiny
Wish I was rhat way

مهرة أصيلة - 2014-07-09
She's so cute and crazy

Dayana Delgado - 2014-07-08
Ha she's trying to shake her ass......wait she don't got one!

neelhtak uv - 2014-07-07
What the heck

- 2014-07-06
Ugly skinny

bella thorne forever - 2014-07-06

Matt McMiller - 2014-07-02
This is me after 10 beers

oof oof - 2014-07-02

Missjac04@yahoo.ca opensesame04 - 2014-06-29
Ha ha. Her. Butt was showing and her dancing is just like a 100 year old fart

Cindy Garcia - 2014-06-28
Actually she acts whird

Tori Rice - 2014-06-28
Her butt is showing big time......

Thu Hao Huynh - 2014-06-25

ZnaMissFlora - 2014-06-21
I'ts Bella ? LOLlll ♥

Axel Anton - 2014-06-18

Zoe Gonzalez - 2014-06-16

Jose Luis Hernandez - 2014-06-08

monica chan - 2014-06-07
You look great take out you cloth

Davil Ulemek - 2014-06-03
Bella you are the most beautiful girl i had ever seen in my life...Why are you with that guy you call  your boyfriend? he is holding you back..You are far beyond any girl with your beauty :) <3

cansu donuk - 2014-06-01

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