BBC: Helen Mirren Interview & Lap - Top Gear

BBC: Helen Mirren Interview & Lap - Top Gear
Dame Helen Mirren is the star in the reasonably priced car in this clip from Top Gear, and has some interesting ideas about the similarities between Jeremy Clarkson and Paris Hilton!

Don't forget to hit 'view in high quality' at the bottom right of the video to get the best picture. Visit http://www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews. 
BBC: Helen Mirren Interview & Lap - Top Gear



Captpicard - 2018-02-15
Sexy, classy lady🙂🙂

T Gev - 2018-01-25
I can't stop loving Dame Helen Mirren. She's got it all.

Chris Maggs - 2017-09-26
Nothing wrong with a wank before work. Or in work for that matter.

Katyemma 45 - 2017-07-02
Is it me or is she flirting with him?

Katyemma 45 - 2017-07-02
Long good Friday = ace film!!

Arnold Rivas - 2017-03-28
And based on this drive she got cast in The Fate of the Furious. It all now has gone full circle. ;)

Golden Tash - 2016-04-29
"Slower harder" anytime Hellen

dwelfusius - 2016-04-04
fabulous.. her humour :D

Andrew Andrews - 2016-02-05
So Helen's a cliche left wing feminut. lol

Anthony - 2016-01-06
Helen Mirren can drive standard :) I don't mean to sound like a typical guy but that is pretty hot/

a81194388 - 2015-12-13
Fastest aunt in Uk

LucianVW - 2015-03-07
She is still bloody gorgeous.

Rekkn_ - 2015-02-04
brilliant acress

silverbird58 - 2014-11-20
public transport blue him away

Cameron McCreanor - 2014-08-29
Did anyone else notice the window?

Down in one frame and then up the rest of the time...

Damien Le Maistre - 2014-05-05
wow what a guest :)

Hlk 55 - 2013-10-27
look at the upload date you idiot. its uploaded 5 years ago....

Cowcharge - 2013-10-10
And of course it was impossible to upload a better version in the last five years, even though youTube did indeed go to 720p in Nov. '08.

Nectar - 2013-10-10
Because Youtube was in HD in 2008, wasn't it?

Cowcharge - 2013-09-28
"Don't forget to hit 'view in high quality' at the bottom right of the video to get the best picture."

themightyboush - 2013-09-28
So? I'm having to watch these in 144p because I have slow internet.

Hans Wurst - 2013-08-30
right? so much more attractive!

Cowcharge - 2013-08-08
360p is the best the BBC can do? Sad.

leftcoaster67 - 2013-07-08
Helen Mirren or Lynda Carter? Choices..choices....

IrishEyes1989 - 2013-06-27
Helen, you perfection of a woman!! I don't care if that isn't grammatically correct lmao. Also, "Here's Michael Gambon's turn, where we nearly lost him" hahahaha

ZListon - 2013-06-11
Will she EVER reach an age when she wont be hot?

Adam Haase - 2013-06-06
That ain't hard.

DubhMornie - 2013-05-29
I love her

E'raan Lue - 2013-05-24
jeremy's face when she comments about the lamborghini

TheWhitefisher - 2013-05-14
I don't think, if you're a youtube commenter, you need to say that you would have sex with any female. Trust me, I will assume that somebody is out there slathering drool on their keyboard at a picture of somebody's knuckles.

Jedd Axell Demano - 2013-05-10
I wish helen mirren was my grandma

WishIWasALeopard - 2013-04-28
She is awesome! I love watching older women who are comfortable and real.......makes me realise there are so many sides to the word "sexy".

generic MoDz - 2013-03-19
deffo m8 they r gorgeous still slam her

Drakkenfyre - 2013-03-11
I hope he does give it a whirl. :D

Tori James - 2013-02-22
Actor can refer to either of the sexes.

laurie mcainsh - 2013-02-18
@kassim idris not actress. actor it's non sexist like police officer

kassim idris - 2013-02-18

laurie mcainsh - 2013-02-14
Who is Dame Helen Mirren?! Possibly one of the greatest British actors of all time

dtikrasis - 2013-02-10
Who is she?..

AlbertaGeek - 2013-01-01
I'd hit that.

misanthr0pe - 2012-12-24
Best breasts over 60.

nailaah01 - 2012-12-18
What an elegant lady...

Michelle Davis - 2012-12-15
She has the best laugh! She genuinely sounds like she was having a great time.

fearview - 2012-11-16
Liam Neeson old lover

Raven Evans - 2012-09-03
so would I

Will Chignell - 2012-07-10
i would!

plastikmaiden - 2012-06-30
what a madame :-D

dame hel - 2012-06-25
no why she is fab

motionsailor - 2012-05-25
she described it as having sex

FraAngelico729 - 2012-05-19
Agreed. Still a smoldering hot woman.

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