iliane0vono - 2018-02-15
That is crazy, I am from amsterdam, I know we fly to work with our windmills! Check your facts people.

jurriaan Adema - 2018-02-14

Beun007 - 2018-02-13
Mock is just an understatement! LOL! She must have been high before she appeared in the studio! LOL!

james thetruth - 2018-02-13
She is dumber than a box of rocks. Sorry world, our so called journalists are just plain stupid.

rafael torres jr - 2018-02-13
Please forgive her she's slow.

ron timmers - 2018-02-13
Well she is not totally wrong it WAS a way of transportation in the 1500 /1600/1700/1800 as you can see on some wel known paintings.

itscork - 2018-02-12
Katie's an ignorant fool and we in America haven't taken her serious in years.

nfl doesn't matter - 2018-02-12
The fake news business is an embarrassment and a great liability to the USA.

Ditte Datte - 2018-02-12
We always skate on our Canals in Amsterdam.
Even in the Summer... with Cloggs on...😂

Neon - 2018-02-11
Typical American, their world ends at the border, hopeless people. Their ambassador in the Netherlands even claimed before he moved to the Netherlands “There are cars being burned. There are politicians that are being burned And yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands”. Was he on drugs when he said that?

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