Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Official Movie Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Official Movie Review
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri starring Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, and Sam Rockwell directed by Martin McDonagh is reviewed by Alonso Duralde (TheWrap, Linoleum Knife) and Christy Lemire (http://www.ChristyLemire.com)

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THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI is a darkly comic drama from Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh (IN BRUGES). After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes (Academy Award winner Frances McDormand) makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughby (Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson), the town's revered chief of police. When his second-in-command Officer Dixon (Sam Rockwell), an immature mother's boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing's law enforcement is only exacerbated.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Official Movie Review



Adriano Vazquez - 2018-01-13
It's a brilliant film in parts. Great acting, some wonderful dialogue, heartbreaking moments and a teriffic ending. But, anyone that tells me that this is at the quality of In Bruges is crazy. That film has a perfect screenplay and all of the elements surrounding it support it beautifully. Three billboards has pacing problems in the first half, abbie Cornish can't seem to decide which accent her character is supposed to have, there are contrived moments that seem incredibly lazy, sam rockwell gives a great performance for an unnecessarily racist character with an unbelievable arc that is completely unearned. It doesn't seem to know what to do with its black characters in a film with racist characters, and it doesn't even try to give those characters a voice. The director Martin McDonagh never does more than one draft in his screenplays and it shows. Because this film needed at least two rewrites to be at the level of In Bruges

I. WYNN - 2018-01-10
The movie was written for Frances intentionally

I. WYNN - 2018-01-10
I love this lady movie 🎥 critic. She should do this herself, do it Christie.

Gino Padula - 2018-01-10
Where are the special effects or relentless music score??? Oh a real movie!

TheCardiffgirl - 2018-01-09
It,s like,yeah, uuuhhh, you know, sorta, kinda, uuuhh, like, it it it totally sorta like, y,know? yeah! Like, dictionary anyone?

MovieBuff - 2018-01-08
this movie kind of depicts what the world is right now. caring about stupid stuff whereas the real stuff goes on unnoticed to some

Clay .Murray - 2018-01-06
Overhyped. Good but not very

paul8kangas - 2018-01-02
The most complex & beautiful movie script I have ever seen.

I don't want you to miss this Oscar buzz movie.

The acting is amazing & sharp by Frances McDormand,

Sam Rockwell & Woody Harreldson ( JFK ),

Far better than any top 10 block buster movie today.

Anyone who wants to understand America in 2018,

must see this powerful movie.

This is how unsolved crimes get solved.

Best acted unpredictable movie of 2017.

Youtube: paul8kangas

What Shakespeare play is this based on?

People cannot live without Sun + Mother Earth.

We can live without Oil + Nukes.

Build 100 panel Solar homes to shut Nukes + Oil.

DDK - 2018-01-01
Best movie in years

TheRedneckOracle - 2017-12-31
This was a terrible movie. It wasn't funny. the 3 billboards don't make any sense.the dialogue is terrible. white trash from small town Missouri do not speak like that.the racial subtext is corny.very loosely based on fact .

jorgetag - 2017-12-31
Great movie: 6 minutes review
Shit movie: 25 minutes review

GiantSandles - 2017-12-28
It probably tries to juggle a few too many things at once with the cancer subplot, the theme of racism that doesn't really go anywhere and the main plot but it's got some great lines and McDormand gives the best performance I've seen this year by a mile

Chris Rousseau - 2017-12-28
Some of the dialogue in the movie was claptrap: the director making a personal statement directly to the audience with a wink instead of being written organically. The priest scene in particular. That being said, the movie is good. After a slow start, it got better and more unpredictable in the second half, and all the performances were excellent, especially McDormand and Rockwell.

trexguy - 2017-12-27
Great film! Filmed in my home of Asheville NC

STLmurphy20 - 2017-12-26
Watched "Three Billboards" and "Seven Psychopaths." Why is no one talking about McDonagh's penchant for borrowing (heavily) from other film makers? "Three Billboards" is basically "Fargo" meets "Pulp Fiction" -- a woman tries to solve a murder, set in a small town with a cast of offbeat, foul-mouthed characters. Sound familiar? Mildred Hayes is Marge Gunderson meets Samuel L. Jackson. I don't see Academy voters giving her the Oscar for playing a character so similar to her '96 win. If "Three Billboards" wins anything, it should be Best Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell.

goran - 2017-12-19
Why is Christy drinking from a jar? Is that a thing now?

Sam Sheth - 2017-12-14
Frances played the cop in Fargo, now roles reversed

Ross Barrett - 2017-12-13
Naa dont like any of the actors in this .there all cunts.

Trish S - 2017-12-13
I guess I am from a different planet. I thought it was poorly written, long and boring with some really bad acting. I thought McDormand did quite well with so much ridiculous dialogue.

John Girard - 2017-12-12
Best movie of the year. Saw it the same weekend as Lady Bird, which was also good, but 3 Billboards was better!

Wolfen443 - 2017-12-07
Is amazing to see it please do it. Great cast, amazing dark comedy. Moving across the spectrum of horror and tragedy.

just obliging - 2017-12-07
Another hollywood hit job on (ignorant “white trash” catholics)which I find disgusting.This review is bullshit.

Kim Frandsen - 2017-12-06
In what way is this "Official"?

doug avila - 2017-12-05
Saw this movie last night. Def. an Oscar contender all the way around. McDormand of course is great as is Woody Harrelson but to me Sam Rockwell his a home run with his performance. Always great at what he does but for some reason never gets the recognition. Not only should he be up for Supporting Actor Oscar...he should be the front runner. Yes this is on the same style as Fargo but it's not a who done it movie. This movie takes twists and turns and it's funny and very serious at the same time. Great film.

Ovidius1979 - 2017-12-05
YES! I Dawson's Creek mention! Love it! :-)

mmmallory33 - 2017-12-04
Didn’t like this one at all. The whole town is this weird universe with no consequences what so ever - this zany offensiveness just seems like something from the 90s.

Kika Baa Bizarre - 2017-12-03
Yes, the part was written specifically for Frances McDormand.

Kika Baa Bizarre - 2017-12-03
Just saw it. Loved it!

B HS - 2017-12-03
I was really excited about this movie. I really enjoyed it and liked it coming out of the theatre. The more it sat with me, the less I like it. The tone is so uneven that it's all I can think about at this point. It's really entertaining, engaging, the story is well written and has a fantastic group of actors, there's just something not quite right with it.

dugfriendly - 2017-12-03
Saw it today. Great movie.

MsAmy 41 - 2017-12-02
Great and amazing film! You will love it if you understand the concept of it being a dark comedy/drama. The highs and lows felt like a rollercoaster ride.

crazedmonkey97 - 2017-12-02
Perfect movie but felt incomplete...

JozieLeePro - 2017-12-01
Commercial advertisements made this film look funnier than I found it on first viewing. But so often, days later, I find myself laughing at some funny twist or turn in the plot. It was never boring. Frances McDormand is a national treasure.

Brad Paul - 2017-11-30
only one minor thing I didn't like about the movie but overall it was good

Damita Jo - 2017-11-29
Christy's mason jar is so distracting

Ruthless Goat - 2017-11-29
"Even the people they hate...They are stuck with" -Wonderful assessment. EDIT: I just got back from seeing this wonderful movie. 10/10. Savagely Funny!

Crakatoot - 2017-11-28
Any one else think this movie is terrible?

Romy Arisawa - 2017-11-28
I loved this movie. Wasn't crazy about the end though.

Chad Sabourin - 2017-11-26
My review for Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Check it out!

Crakatoot - 2017-11-25
Oh Sweet Jesus this movie was bad.   Francis is so hateful, so miserable and so awful, absolutely nothing likable or redeemable about her at all.  Were supposed to find it funny that she lashes out at everyone around her.   And I get it, she's grieving and she's in pain but this movie is just a disaster.  Its just a road show of over the top red neck idiots.   I can not fathom how the critics just eat this shit up.

Crakatoot - 2017-11-25
Man this film sucked. On less you find Francis Mcdormand being a bitch funny inherently funny, this movie doesn't offer much else

Devin Cook - 2017-11-24
Having just seen this movie, I have to say it is the most manipulative piece of crap I have seen in a long time.

You can almost hear the writers sitting around the table trying to figure out how to raise and dash expectations at every turn. Chief of Police is going to solve it before he dies, nope. Replacement going to solve it, nope. Bad cop on a redemption mission going to solve it? Nope.

Then, add in a truly flawed main character with few redeeming characteristics and you get a film which leaves you flat.

Oh, and lets not even discuss the worst scene of the movie, the obvious suspect going into the gift shop and taunting the mother. Great, pull your pants down and shove it in the audiences face, then show they are the perp either, then what was the point of the scene.

My score? 60.

Luke Pratapas - 2017-11-23
I adored this film

Leo Bergmiller - 2017-11-22
finally saw this film last night, absolutely fantastic. I noticed you guys must have forgotten to mention Sam Rockwell who may just have the best performance in the entire movie. In many different ways this is one of the best screenplays of the 21st century. I'd put it in a top 3 with Eternal Sunshine and The Social Network. When it comes to a screenplay, i feel there are 5 main components it should have: A good story/plot, good pacing/structure, good characters, good dialogue, and get the tone(s) correct. Not only does this script excel in all of those categories with flying colors, the way it weaves each of them together and how each aspect of the script builds up the others is just exceptional. The story is also refreshingly unpredictable, without knowing what happens I doubt anyone will walk out of this movie thinking that the series of events and the empathy towards certain characters happened like they expected. It is also directed very well, but it is for sure the screenplay that is the best element of this film. I only have a few VERY minor complaints with the film. I felt that in the beginning the editing of conversations was just a LITTLE bit off, barely taking me out of the moment. I also found Lucas Hedges's performance to be pretty bad, especially in contrast to Francis McDormant or Sam Rockwell who are arguably giving career bests. Lastly, the few times that CGI was used I found pretty bad and unconvincing. Those complaints are all so minor in the grand scheme of how fantastic this movie is, so for me its for sure a 9/10, close to a 10/10. I have not seen Call Me By Your Name yet and when I watched Blade Runner 2049 I accidentally fell asleep so I don't really count that as me having seen the movie, but for now at least this is the best film of 2017 IMO.

luigi ventroni - 2017-11-21
I loved In Bruges, I liked a lot 7 psychopaths, hyped for this one.

Frank B - 2017-11-17
Martin McDonagh has said in a couple interviews that the role of Mildred was written specifically for Frances McDormand.

charles velasco - 2017-11-17
lmao at christie drinking out of a jar.

Chrisfragger1 - 2017-11-15
Oh... More anti-Cop films? Cool... I hope one day the cops, across the nation, go on strike. I hope they all take a week or two off, sick leave. They just go home, drink a few beers and laugh at you Cop Haters as your cities burn to the ground, you get robbed, raped, and killed by the very people you need the cops to protect you from.

David Dutton - 2017-11-14
I loved McDonagh's play, A Behanding in Spokane, which I saw on Broadway with Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Anthony Mackie, and Zoe Kazan. Stunning.

Lynn Turman - 2017-11-14
yikes...watch the language there, missy...

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