Yannick Naert - 2018-03-22
Not even mentioning Sam Rockwell huh, another review down, on to the next i guess..

Adam Andrews - 2018-03-21
Terrible ending.

Marshmallow Puff - 2018-03-08
Firkin fantastic movie .

TdF - 2018-03-06
The cast really helps this movie. That's it. It's so uneven, there's 5 movies crammed into one. An old lady walking out of the movie summed it best for me "well, I didn't learn anything from this". Sort of true.

J.A. Contes - 2018-03-03
After hearing so many rave reviews for this I finally watched it, and it is right around the 574th best movie I have ever seen.

schmoab - 2018-03-02
This movie has a weight to it that the other nominees lack. That’s why it should win Best Picture. The Shape of Water is excellent, but seems like lighthearted fun compared to Three Billboards. Why only six minutes on this?

Thomas Headley - 2018-03-02
The movie is just as much about the arc of the deputy.

Chris Wright - 2018-02-28
This story just feels a little... small to me. Got an offer to go see it tonight with my parents but I'm just not optimistic that it'll be two hours well-spent.

Michael Z - 2018-02-27
Not a great film but entertaining.

Web Sleuth Will - 2018-02-26
The ending was fucking terrible

Ginny Weasley - 2018-02-22
It really bothers me when people claim that this movie has no purpose. It talks about the complexities of anger and how those emotions affect how we interact and treat other people. It also shows how this anger is the center of a lot of the issues we face in America today. That is why it continues to mention things like police brutality and racism, because the anger that charges how people think about these issues causes just as much problems as the issues themselves.

Shannon Levy - 2018-02-21
My second behind Call Me By Your Name. How did Spoiler alert Sam Rockwells character get away with what he did in broad daylight? Wtf? No jail?

TimeIdle - 2018-02-14
Are you guys ever critical of any awards-season film? It seems like you guys are just too willing to buy into the hype.

Peter Smith - 2018-02-12
Watched this yesterday! What a croc, when the billboards are put up about the girl who was savagely beaten and raped, and burnt alive, 7 months prior, the chief of police in that small town asks, who put the billboards up? There is about 200 people in the town and no one knows each other. You never find out who did it? The strange guy who visits her in the shop has nothing to do with it. Yet later in the pub discribes, the exact same crime. Yet it is not him. The two characters go looking for him in the end, and as they drive to were he lives, it ends? "Lost in translation".

6666 - 2018-02-07
The moments of comedy felt really out of place and when it looked like we were going to get a satisfying ending, not only did they not show what they were initially alluding to but they then put a lot of doubt into the viewers' minds that this probably isn't going to happpen. Some of the ways in which the film progressed was a bit lazy and too coincidental as well.

Close to being very good but didn't quite make it in my opinion.


Lexx Andera - 2018-02-05
Came back here to check the reviews and comments. My heart seems to be made of stone, because I thought this film a disingenuous, self-important and manipulative awards bait. In a real movie - spoiler - the boy would have poured the orange juice over the face of the asshole cop to cause him pain.

Cocktail Cinema - 2018-01-27
Brilliant film

Robert Jones - 2018-01-27
This movie was the only 10/10 I saw this year.

alienanxiety - 2018-01-26
The main problem I had with this film was the no one seemed really accountable for their actions.    SPOILER ALERT:  I have a hard time believing Willem Dafoe, I mean Frances McDormand, wouldn't have been arrested at least on suspicion of burning down the police station.   Also, Sam Rockwell trashing the print shop and throwing the guy out the window in broad daylight seems to be beyond even what abusive police are allowed to get away with.  Sure he was fired, but that was getting off easy.    Also, the tonal shifts were abrupt.  Think of the scene where McDormand's husband arrives during breakfast.  The son is happy and excited "Dad's here!" A minute later, the son has a knife to his dad's throat, and another minute later we're laughing at the husband's girlfriend having to pee. 
I appreciate this movie, but I don't think I enjoyed this movie.

Cinemonkeystein - 2018-01-26
Amazing movie. But how come they did not mention Sam Rockwell? I made a brief review mentioning Rockwell's character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_k6VsKbSP4&t=2s check it out!

Papi Grande - 2018-01-25
I agree with everything in the review except the ending of the movie. That was the unfortunate part of this film. Was this guy the perpetrator or not? If the military had an alibi for him then I’m inclined to believe he was not. So why are they contemplating killing him? It made no sense. Then it just ends without resolution? It was the most anticlimactic ending to a great movie I’ve ever seen. Totally ruined it for me.

One other problem is when the cop beats the hell out of the billboard guy in front of the interim sheriff who has no ties to the town. Why wasn’t he arrested or not explained? The new sheriff obviously would not have hesitated if he could. That was just bad story telling IMO.

Eduardo Núñez Pezo - 2018-01-24
christy is kind of thirsty

MovieBuff - 2018-01-24
you said it right!!!

Boobalopbop - 2018-01-24
A pretty good movie, although I thought it went a little long. I think Sam Rockwell’s character’s “change of heart” cake a little too easy. I don’t think you go from being a complete half retarded, racist, corrupt bastard to suddenly being this brilliant and principled detective. It was too easy, didn’t feel earned. But overall it was a good movie.

There were also some strange casting choices of side characters. Why were all the women so extremely gorgeous? The ex husband’s girlfriend looks like a model, Woody Harrelson’s wife looks like a 24 year old like Elizabeth Taylor, Frances McDormand’s coworker another model and the secretary from the advertising office, another model. The men were all cast appropriately, all kinda small town, wrinkly slobs. All the women, outside of McDormand are 10s.

dterryize - 2018-01-23
Me again. I digress. The police comment fits the character very well.

dterryize - 2018-01-23
Police are out torturing black folks. . .really?

Arkansas Family - 2018-01-23
I loved this movie until towards the end. I guess it got a little too unrealistic for my taste (not saying others might not enjoy it). I think I was wanting it to be completely based on a true story. It made me want to find the story based on the three billboards the creator saw that inspired him to make the movie.
I did like Caleb Landry Jones in this though. He’s an interesting person.

SCharlesDennicon - 2018-01-23
Željko Ivanek looking like Michael Kelly ? Seriously ? =__=

Lachy Roberts - 2018-01-20
Phenomenal. That is all.

Sam Westlake - 2018-01-17
This is an overrated piece of crap movie! 1/10 one is for end credits don’t waste your money

MRAROCKERDUDE - 2018-01-16
Why do you guys do a trailer, then intro, then another trailer, then discussion? Just wondering

Mariano Felan - 2018-01-16
hopefully Rockwell gets The awards recognition he’s been robbed from over the years.

Adriano Vazquez - 2018-01-13
It's a brilliant film in parts. Great acting, some wonderful dialogue, heartbreaking moments and a teriffic ending. But, anyone that tells me that this is at the quality of In Bruges is crazy. That film has a perfect screenplay and all of the elements surrounding it support it beautifully. Three billboards has pacing problems in the first half, abbie Cornish can't seem to decide which accent her character is supposed to have, there are contrived moments that seem incredibly lazy, sam rockwell gives a great performance for an unnecessarily racist character with an unbelievable arc that is completely unearned. It doesn't seem to know what to do with its black characters in a film with racist characters, and it doesn't even try to give those characters a voice. The director Martin McDonagh never does more than one draft in his screenplays and it shows. Because this film needed at least two rewrites to be at the level of In Bruges

Gino Padula - 2018-01-10
Where are the special effects or relentless music score??? Oh a real movie!

TheCardiffgirl - 2018-01-09
It,s like,yeah, uuuhhh, you know, sorta, kinda, uuuhh, like, it it it totally sorta like, y,know? yeah! Like, dictionary anyone?

MovieBuff - 2018-01-08
this movie kind of depicts what the world is right now. caring about stupid stuff whereas the real stuff goes on unnoticed to some

Clay .Murray - 2018-01-06
Overhyped. Good but not very

paul8kangas - 2018-01-02
The most complex & beautiful movie script I have ever seen.

I don't want you to miss this Oscar buzz movie.

The acting is amazing & sharp by Frances McDormand,

Sam Rockwell & Woody Harreldson ( JFK ),

Far better than any top 10 block buster movie today.

Anyone who wants to understand America in 2018,

must see this powerful movie.

This is how unsolved crimes get solved.

Best acted unpredictable movie of 2017.

Youtube: paul8kangas

What Shakespeare play is this based on?

People cannot live without Sun + Mother Earth.

We can live without Oil + Nukes.

Build 100 panel Solar homes to shut Nukes + Oil.

DDK - 2018-01-01
Best movie in years

TheRedneckOracle - 2017-12-31
This was a terrible movie. It wasn't funny. the 3 billboards don't make any sense.the dialogue is terrible. white trash from small town Missouri do not speak like that.the racial subtext is corny.very loosely based on fact .

jorgetag - 2017-12-31
Great movie: 6 minutes review
Shit movie: 25 minutes review

GiantSandles - 2017-12-28
It probably tries to juggle a few too many things at once with the cancer subplot, the theme of racism that doesn't really go anywhere and the main plot but it's got some great lines and McDormand gives the best performance I've seen this year by a mile

Chris Rousseau - 2017-12-28
Some of the dialogue in the movie was claptrap: the director making a personal statement directly to the audience with a wink instead of being written organically. The priest scene in particular. That being said, the movie is good. After a slow start, it got better and more unpredictable in the second half, and all the performances were excellent, especially McDormand and Rockwell.

trexguy - 2017-12-27
Great film! Filmed in my home of Asheville NC

STLmurphy20 - 2017-12-26
Watched "Three Billboards" and "Seven Psychopaths." Why is no one talking about McDonagh's penchant for borrowing (heavily) from other film makers? "Three Billboards" is basically "Fargo" meets "Pulp Fiction" -- a woman tries to solve a murder, set in a small town with a cast of offbeat, foul-mouthed characters. Sound familiar? Mildred Hayes is Marge Gunderson meets Samuel L. Jackson. I don't see Academy voters giving her the Oscar for playing a character so similar to her '96 win. If "Three Billboards" wins anything, it should be Best Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell.

goran - 2017-12-19
Why is Christy drinking from a jar? Is that a thing now?

Sam Sheth - 2017-12-14
Frances played the cop in Fargo, now roles reversed

Ross Barrett - 2017-12-13
Naa dont like any of the actors in this .there all cunts.

Trish S - 2017-12-13
I guess I am from a different planet. I thought it was poorly written, long and boring with some really bad acting. I thought McDormand did quite well with so much ridiculous dialogue.

John Girard - 2017-12-12
Best movie of the year. Saw it the same weekend as Lady Bird, which was also good, but 3 Billboards was better!

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