What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?

What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?
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Dr. Berg talks about hot flashes and what causes them. The hypothalamus runs the glands in the body, and then the pituitary to then send messages to the ovaries. This happens on a timing system. Each month, release the egg from the ovary. There is a feedback mechanism that is circular.  So if one part turns off (ovary), the back up organ kicks in because they make the same hormones. If the adrenal gland do not back up the ovaries, you will get a flash of heat.

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What Causes Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?



Diana Casares - 2017-11-17
Thank you Dr.E Berg. I share your intellectual info to others! You are AMAZING,.

tracey walker - 2017-09-03
Hi Dr Berg, do you know what would cause this on the keto diet? I am admin in a Facebook group and I along with quite a few members get hot flashes. Any ideas?

Verena - 2017-06-21
I have hot flashes, I didn't well sleep but I'm 23. :/

L.A Xavier - 2017-06-04
That diagram reminds me of something else.

Glenna Wood - 2017-05-27
This is for my friends experiencing hot flashes. Very informative.

Jeanette Louise - 2017-05-13
You're literally my favorite channel!!! I can easily plug into your videos while on the stationary bike and next thing I know my cardio is done. Thank you for all your information!!

Perceptionist - 2017-04-28
Night #4 without any more than 3 hours total in 5 days and 4 nights and gotta go to Dr via driving by 11am... SIGH. I am crabby, eyes are so blurry I can not see. Body hurts, hot flashes/feverish flushing close to 5 times an hour...! WHY WONT MY BODY SHUT DOWN?!! If I get rid of all electronics and remove the distractions of them, I get anxiety over every noise I hear, the mice the cat may bring to bed like the other night, oversleeping, life, purpose, medicals, medicals, family, medicals.... etc. I have meds for anxiety but I will not take more than prescribed. When they do finally kick in it is hours and hours later about when the sun is coming up and my body shuts down and reboots off 3 of less hours of sleep. I am losing sanity over this and my body is dissolving!
Your video is great. I have been in surgical menopause (unmanaged) for 3 years, it has been a mess. Also had 2 pituitary tumors in 04 and 09. Do you know if any of that is playing into any of this? My PCP and GYN have proven useless.

Cee-Lina foster - 2017-04-26
Will it be safe to take Your Estrogen Balance if you have had a Hysterectomy?

midnightchannel - 2017-04-16
(Really...? You're using football analogies to explain hot flashes?)

Monica Carrillo - 2017-04-16
Thank you Dr Berg. Thank you for the information you share with us.

Kris kspecial - 2017-04-16
I'm curious because you mentioned age 52. I'm 45 and have been having hot flashes for about a year now. How can I be going through this so early?

NeverMind - 2017-04-16
What's with the freemason hand signals? Are you a mason?

Hashimah Hamid - 2017-04-16
Love u dr berg...I hv been looking for answers on how hot flashes happen...now I know n I can find a solution....its embarassing suddenly I look flushed n feeling super uncomfortable...btw I had adrenal fatique at one stage of my life n I guess I had not treated it well......TQ

Maxi Bake - 2017-04-16
I wanna Fire the Owner, & the Coach. Great info, as always. Take care, & Happy 🐰🐣 Easter. ❤🙂🐕

Get Ahead ! - 2017-04-16
do hot flashes happen to Both men and women?

Madijo70 - 2017-04-16
perfect timing as always

Magda Dejesus - 2017-04-16
In the past I was told I had a benign tumor in the adrenal glands, I'm 40 and started having hot flashes could that be the cause?

Julia Monroe - 2017-04-15
Dr Berg, any concern taking this on Keto?

Rosa Garcia - 2017-04-15
I am 45! Already getting them !

Jack K - 2017-04-15
I started getting these at 20

Sam RS - 2017-04-15
What about hyperhydrosis? You should do a video on that.

Secret Journey - 2017-04-15
Look up Clary Sage Essential Oil for under the feet and on the ovaries to stop hot flashes. It contains estrogen.

Mali-Hélène Berl - Joanis - 2017-04-15
So what could it be in my case? I´m just 34. And I get hot flashes all the time. Sometimes during the night and a lot during the day. especially when it´s pretty cold outside. it´s so annoying cause it doesn´t stop, and when it does i start to freezing like hell. What is wrong with me?

Pamela Pratt - 2017-04-15
I wore sleeveless clothes, and bared my shoulders as soon as one began. They stopped immediately, and I never suffered from them with this technique.

Regina Roberts - 2017-04-15
Wow. Your amazing Dr. Berg. I love your explanation of things. It all makes sense!

Macabresque - 2017-04-15
I'm young (21 years old) and I often get hot flushes. It bothers me because some people around me jokes about it as if it's very weird for me to have it since menopause won't reach me for some time. Is it really odd to have this symptom if you're a young woman? Does it mean there's something wrong with my ovaries or adrenals?

PS: Thanks for your videos, dr Berg. I like them a lot! Greetings from Poland ;)

Marlene Coffman - 2017-04-15
Great video Dr. Berg! What do you think about progesterone cream for post menopausal women?

Brett Arsenault - 2017-04-15
what about hot flashes in men?

Briar Rose - 2017-04-15
Did you get a new camera? Very nice looking video. Better lighting and sound too! 👍

budgetluxuries - 2017-04-15
I just keep telling myself it's the physical sensation of glorious lipolysis.... 😉

Georgia Scott - 2017-04-15
This so interesting. I have terrible heart palpitations and some hot flushes. This would seem to explain both issues. Dr Berg, what would you recommend for helping with menopausal heart palpitations? Thank you for this series of videos.

Red seeds - 2017-04-15
wat about male hot flushes

Veronica Hix - 2017-04-15
54 yr old mother of seven..6yrs post-menopause...still have intense hf's upon waking and 4-6 throughout day. does it never end?

Diana Cevallos - 2017-04-15
Please talk about Copper Toxicity. Thanks!

tondafied - 2017-04-15
I don't have flashes. I'm constantly in one!!!😡🔥🔥

Ann Weinerth - 2017-04-15
I'm the adrenal gland and I'm over worked and underpaid.

Sharon McIntosh - 2017-04-15
I use a product called Estrovera which is rhubarb root. I took it once a day for a month and the hot flashes stopped. It was in the vitamin section of the drug store.

Daniel Daniels - 2017-04-15
Never heard it referred to as Hot Flashes, must be an American thing

2011ariesrules - 2017-04-15
My hormones hijacked my intelligence! They are so complex!

yourbestdriver75 - 2017-04-15
What about hot flashes in men? Since most men don't have ovaries.

Annie - 2017-04-15
I blossomed very late in my teens, so experienced menopause very late as well.
I took some recommended 'natural formula' designed for such (can't recall the name) & it worked like a charm. I quit that about 6mths to a year later, and had no further hot flushes. :) AWESOME! Yet I know some women who have suffered for many years ... whilst relying on absurd HRT meds. :(

Peg Swicegood - 2017-04-15
Wish I had this info 10 years ago... however I'll be passing it on to my younger friends. Thanks

Beth Wolfe - 2017-04-15
I saw one of your videos that said if you are close to menopause but have adrenal fatigue, fix the adrenals first so they are healthy enough to take over when the ovaries hand off the duties to them. I had so many problems at the same time, not knowing what to buy supplements for first, so that gave me my answer. 7 months ago, at age 51, I did a course of the adrenal fatigue kit, then onto ovary support after that was done. I just turned 52 this month and have lost weight, gotten health and energy back, along with better eating of course, and though I'm still having suprise periods spaced within a couple of weeks or a couple of months apart, I know I'm going to transition easily. Thinking about going back on the adrenal kit cause of new stressors, but I may try the cortisol support instead. Not sure if I should keep taking ovary support. now that bottle is almost empty, I want to sample another delightful treat at your buffet of supplements. Sorry for long entry. Still active adrenals cause lots of words in my head.,.... Lol guess adrenals are still ramped up.

FUN144 - 2017-04-15
Hi Dr Berg great video, can you do a video on taking aspirin or not Happy Easter

Zakia Hassim - 2017-04-15
informative as always however in South Africa we call it 'hot flushes' ... I'm from sunny Durban... keep well 😊

Annie - 2017-04-15
Thanks Doc! BTW, in South Africa and many countries that drive on the CORRECT side of the road, as opposed to the physical 'right' side, including that archaic Imperial System of Fahrenheit and , pounds, feet 'n inches etc. HA HA :) i.e. Long since Metricated SA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and almost all besides the USA and Canada ... we refer to 'flashes' as 'flushes' which makes more sense too I think! HA HA :)
~Durban~ xox

Marian - 2017-04-15
what do you think about the every other day diet? (it's a modified intermittent fast)

By Grace Beauty - 2017-04-15
What about hot flashes in senior men?

Ruby Rubiba - 2017-04-15
I suppose you can tell yourself oh he didn't hear me and the switch would turn off right wow that explains a lot

judy rose - 2017-04-15

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