John Fogerty - Proud Mary (Live at Farm Aid 1997)

John Fogerty - Proud Mary (Live at Farm Aid 1997)
John Fogerty performs "Proud Mary" live at the Farm Aid concert in Tinley Park, Illinois on October 4, 1997. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit: http://farmaid.org/youtube

Farm Aid's performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers. They've raised their voices to help — what can you do? 
John Fogerty - Proud Mary (Live at Farm Aid 1997)



Leonardo Gonzalez Luviano - 2018-01-14
Asi como Creedence no es lo mismo sin Fogerty, Fogerty no es lo mismo sin los Creedence

Martin DEAN - 2018-01-14

NIVALDO - 2018-01-13
૯×૮૯ℓ૯ทƬ૯ John Fogerty - Proud Mary (Live at Farm Aid 1997) !!!!!!

Tills Mackie - 2018-01-11
I am a fan of your John since this song and others onwards. love it from New Zealand

Ana Maria Genova - 2017-12-27

Silvana Vigo - 2017-12-16

Patricio Troncoso - 2017-12-10

Paulo Cesar - 2017-12-10

m.muvaffak işmen - 2017-12-04
who is the drummer ?

Asdrubale Porretto - 2017-12-01
CCR only the best

NIVALDO - 2017-11-25
Excelente John Fogerty - Proud Mary (Live at Farm Aid 1997) !!!!!!!

Carlos Hamilton - 2017-11-24
Isso sim é música de vergonha!!!!!!

Gilbertofirminoalves Firmino - 2017-11-22
lenda , velhos tempos de glorias

Alice Marsh - 2017-11-16
Tina turner all the way not this

Isabelle Rectem - 2017-10-06

Игорь Лыков - 2017-10-06
Россия и Америка - Друзья на веки!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Игорь Лыков - 2017-10-06

Mgxterra Gonzalez - 2017-10-06
Anybody know what model of guitar he's using ???

lembra o grande ELVIS

Susie Salter - 2017-10-03
Loveèeeeee this they were superbxxxxxx.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kassie raine - 2017-09-29

Bryan Camua - 2017-09-20
CCR my favorite best band👍

WILSON Frank - 2017-09-19
J'écoute les CCR depuis 1974, je "piquais" les vinyls de mes frères et j'allais dans ma petite chambre les faire passé sur un tout petit tourne-disque. HI HI !
Aujourd'hui encore et tous les jours au quotidien j'écoute ce Monsieur Forgerty.... Que ce soit sur la route, ou encore à la maison.

I have been listening to the CCR since 1974, I borrowed the vinyls of my brothers and I went in my small room to pass them on a very small turntable. HI HI!
Even today and everyday every day I listen to this Mr Forgerty .... Whether on the road, or at home.

Don Georgeson - 2017-09-19
Sugar sugar

Robert Stubbs - 2017-09-16

joelle chermat - 2017-09-08
des guitaristes qui vous vous subjuguent- du vrai bonheur!

Mabel Aceval - 2017-08-28
Muy buena música

Mike Magnum - 2017-08-26
Ah Yes...... Mr. Creedance Clearwater Revival Himself! That's the way ya do it! ;)

Zoran Ivanovic - 2017-08-21
Love CCR and this song! John, come to Serbia.

Jose Garcia - 2017-08-19

edward morford - 2017-08-14
BTW...RIP Glen Campbell...another huge loss for music...this is turning into a nightmare decade for music with the loss of Bowie, Prince, Frey , George Michael etc...😖😵

edward morford - 2017-08-14
Best rock voice when he was with CCR...the man can sing anything and in '69 and '70 he made a Rickenbacker rock better than anyone...he seriously is a legend and thank whoever your God is that we've still got him....

Katalin Gyöngyi Kulcsár Bancsi - 2017-08-09
I knew you in 1978. We were ready to go to school and listen to the radio.Kossuth radio Budapest.We was 8 year old, and my twin sister.

Celia Regina dos Santos - 2017-07-24

latokatn506 - 2017-07-23

Adam - 2017-07-22
that drummer needs to calm the fuck down

Salvatore Di Benedetto - 2017-07-18
che dolcissimi ricordi.....song favolosa. . . . CCR

สหวัฎ เทียนขาว - 2017-07-11

Tv Samsung - 2017-07-09

Vintson - 2017-06-27
Saw him yesterday in Antwerp... he's still the best!

Ilona49 - 2017-06-18
Superowe !.. to COUNTRY:) :) ...Dzięki:)

Wojtek Sebastian - 2017-06-05
Good old song ,forewer.

Guillermo Luis Bravo - 2017-05-29
La mejor voz del rock country..

Cristian Soler - 2017-05-20

Lucas Meijer - 2017-05-18
John Fogerty 28 juni Ziggo Dome Amsterdam,The Legend!

BNDbezahlterSchreiber - 2017-04-29
look at the crowd.... where are this people today... normal people !

BNDbezahlterSchreiber - 2017-04-29
Where is this music today? ....


Rosa Zamorano Miguel - 2017-04-24

ImperialRadioYT - 2017-04-20
garbage drummer

Ida Baker - 2017-04-14
ass kicken music yah yah

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