schmoab - 2018-03-01
This was an important story to tell, but the wrong people were telling it. Spielberg botched this, Hanks is a bit too big of a star to play Ben Bradlee, and Meryl Streep was good but she’s playing herself in everything now. They make a big deal about the IPO at the beginning, then that storyline is totally dropped by the third act. By the time they got to the printing presses at the end, the story really picked up steam and got interesting. But that middle act dragged and I fell asleep. Worth watching but skip the middle hour.

Joseph Carl Breil - 2018-02-19
Where are the images?

Shannon Levy - 2018-02-09
It was dull. But I loved being educated about this. I don't think this will win anything.

Angela Carleton - 2018-01-22
I remember the rumors and conversations around during the late 60s that the reason for the Viet Nam War was due to businesses trying to make money out of our soldiers' lives. That infuriate me but due to the kind of employment working with the government I couldn't protest against the war because I would have been fired. More to this why we were in Viet Nam.

Lucas - 2018-01-16
It happened, I finally found a movie more boring than The English Patient.

MCCrleone354 - 2018-01-16
Making fun of CNN, calling them “fake news”, and not inviting certain journalists to press events is NOT Journalism being under assault. (This is whining)

In 2017, there have yet to be any newspaper getting threatened with shuting down. The newspapers are pretty much just losing touch with reality because their women didn’t win. If anything, Mainstream news outlets have been publishing countless amounts of poorly substantiated allegations and rumors that later turn out to be false and are the ones misinforming far more than anyone in the White House ever could.

Man Beadle - 2018-01-15
"Official Movie Review"?

David Tubb - 2018-01-15
I seriously hope people like Streep understand that this entire movie is an illustration of the power of the deep state and globalist central bankers. Its always been these people creating every war. These are the exact same people who run Hollywood and its agendas.

To develop some kind of separate reason as to why we went to Vietnam that doesn't place 100% blame on central banker globalists would be incredible bullshit, very naive and ignorant beyond belief.

Jay Wolin - 2018-01-14
Amazing movie!

CATz Gaming - 2018-01-14
The irony in this video review of The Post is thick. I lost track of the number of times Alonso in particular, interrupted Christy, and mansplained—wait for it—-why her rating is wrong. Alonso and Ben, I imagine you consider yourselves woke to the #metoo movement, but I suggest you watch this video objectively (or ask your wives to) and contemplate.

SCharlesDennicon - 2018-01-14
Although Spielberg has been disappointing me for more than ten years now, I usually give every one of his movies a chance, for old time's sake... sadly, I couldn't watch it because I decided, one year ago, to boycott every new Meryl Streep movie after I heard her mind-numbingly moronic speech at the GG. I'm glad to hear that the movie fits its actress. If TYT agree with a movie politically, I'm probably not missing anything by not watching it.

Joe Schmoe - 2018-01-13
This movie is a 6 at best!

Joe Schmoe - 2018-01-13
This movie was boring as fuck! Two hours of boredom and only a stab at Trump. The media is garbage in 2018 and not what it was in the 60's. The Darkest Hour was twice as good.

Christina Fleetwood - 2018-01-13
You guys have a great channel here, I love your reviews.
Wise words regarding the internet apply though: "don't read the comments".
I'm so tired of the armchair uninformed types constantly blattering over their heads, using their feelings, opinions and social conditioning as proof positive for "factual" assessment. They declare themselves middle America, regular Americans, et al, but they are in fact a niche of middle America. Being white and occupying a barstool doesn't give anyone exclusive identity claims to anything, even when dropping parroted buzzwords: eg liberals, snowflakes, USA, fake news, God, troops, second ammendment, and so on.
And they're always acerbic, obtuse, and antagonostic; as if the only way to show your "special unique insight" is to be a scoffing dickhead. Have they even seen the film? Nope.
Basically come to your site, drop a turd, and flee the stink they cause. How mature and productive.
This is the age of the death of the gentleman, and valuing wisdom, expertise, and intellect. Let's hope it's short lived; this white male petulance is so played out.

Spencer Kindra - 2018-01-13
I saw this movie in Tuesday. To be fair it's not a partisan movie. Spielberg takes numerous jabs at the media's friendship with the the Democrat white house during the 60s. Kay Graham is close friends with Robert McNamara, she was friends with LBJ sometimes even going to his ranch in Texas, and Ben Bradlee has a framed picture of himself, his wife, JFK and Jackie. Bradlee even admits how his friendship with Kennedy prevented him form doing his job as a journalist on numerous occasions during the Kennedy years. Nixon might be the villain of the moment (1971) but ultimately the villains also include Kennedy, Johnson and McNamara for lying to the American people for eight years. Graham at one point starts yelling at McNamara for his lying which steered the country deeper into the Vietnam war. Had Bradlee and Graham actually down their jobs during the Kennedy/Johnson years and questioned what was happening in Vietnam and how the government was mishandling it, things probably would've been different. That's one of the messages of the movie. But Ben Mankiewicz here seems to miss the whole point of the movie. The reason the press feels like they're under attack now that Trump's in office is because they're actually doing their jobs. Of course the media liked Obama, he didn't go after them, because they never questioned any of the shady things that occurred during his administration. What's happening now is what happens when journalists don't just blindly believe everything the White house tells them.

Ben C - 2018-01-11
How is the press under attack today? They're actually doing their jobs now, actually, after 8 years of giving the Obama administration a pass on EVERYTHING because, well, he's black and liberal. Now you wanna pretend the press is brave when it's the easiest time to attack a president? You people are so full of SHIT it's unbelievable...

Ben C - 2018-01-11
We won Iraq though, how does that rival Vietnam?

NOMO FOMO - 2018-01-11
Thank you, Christy for pointing out that scene at the Supreme Court. I cringed.

Blia Yang - 2018-01-10
Shut the F up Mank, you useless, name-dropping idiot. Nepotism at it's finest.

grahepo - 2018-01-10
won't be wasting money on this movie

BM - 2018-01-08
Death to all liberal newspapers

BM - 2018-01-08

BM - 2018-01-08
Will pass on it... looks boring. Tom and meryl .. no more

Andrew Dow - 2018-01-08
Sadly, this is the truth about The Post Movie and why it was rushed out. Yes, it was rushed, as the pro-left media is in shambles with all of the its Fake News being proven to be bias and in some cases, out-right lies. Those lies are of course focused on the Conservative right, specifically Trump. Anyone with a functioning brain should be suspicious about a movie about The Media, that shows us how patriotic and critically high in journalistic integrity the media is......especially when done by Lefties, and more so when CNN and other mega-pro-left-wing media outlets have been caught lying so much recently. The Media isn't supposed to be the story, the story is; hence McLuhan's old saying "The Medium is the Message".

The key take-away is the Democrats in the US had to go back to 1972 before they could find an undisputable case of where the pro-left Media actually had integrity.

Michael Bailey - 2018-01-07
This wasn't Oscar bait because of the very nuanced gender politics. And tracking shots. Not enough tracking shots. Would've been better if felt an episode of West Wing.

Michael Bailey - 2018-01-07
Did you know all women are like, really brave?Did you know women are the true champions and saviors of (caps D) Democracy?Did you know all POTUSes were innately corrupt because of testosterone?Did you know Richard Nixon was actually the Antichrist?

Tommy Smith - 2018-01-06
Yay social commentary

RoPl - 2018-01-05
This was a really bad movie... It was very boring, uninspiring, and it was trying too hard to be a PC feminist female empowerment tale, and not a political thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat like it should've been. This movie had the potential to be a political thriller. Steven Spilberg is the director. Tom Hanks and Bob Odenkirk... The Vietnam War... Nixon... And there have been plenty of movie before it that took similar historical-political controversies and turned them into cult movies - Nixon, Frost Vs. Nixon, Charlie Wilson's War, Burn After Reading and many more... They should've let Oliver Stone direct that movie, and they should've never let ol' Meryl Streep next the set... Tom Hanks and Bob Odenkirk did good though.

Savan Collins - 2018-01-04
She knew

Jun Kazama - 2018-01-02
Ben in a YAPPER

Marsha Creary - 2018-01-01
7:58-8:05 Like Mad Men?

Marsha Creary - 2018-01-01
6:20-6:45 Like 'On Golden Pond'?

Marsha Creary - 2018-01-01
A revolving door between Fox and the RNC?

Marsha Creary - 2018-01-01
MSNBC=Obama's White House?

Steven McCormack - 2017-12-24
How SMUG you critics, on the Panel and in Comments, have become. Oscar Worthy shouldn't equate with Oscar Bait, and I'm not taking your BS Bait on this one.

Rob Landeros - 2017-12-20
#MeToo the most important movement of the century? The Post is most relevant in the era of Trump’s attacks on the press as opposed to Obama’s lack of transparency and his crackdown on whistleblowers? The gigantic hypocrite Meryl Streep needs another Oscar? You, Ben, are the poster boy for Hollywood liberal elitism.

octagonproplex - 2017-12-19
Spielberg is the greatest cinematic director because he is the amalgamated sum innovation on nearly every great classical formalist cinematic storyteller that preceeded him.

Spielberg is Alfred Hitchcock (Duel, Jaws), Frank Capra (E.T., The Terminal), David Lean (Empire of the Sun), Stanley Kubrick (A.I.), Orson Welles/Carol Reed/Vittorio De Sica (Schindler's List), William Wyler/Samuel Fuller (Saving Pvt Ryan), Michael Curtiz (Bridge of Spies), George Stevens (Tin Tin), Anthony Mann (War Horse), Raoule Walsh (Indiana Jones), Victor Flemming (Always), John Ford (Lincoln), Billy Wilder (Catch Me If You Can), Alan J Pakula (Munich), Don Segal/Hal Ashby (The Sugarland Express), Robert Mulligan (Amastad), Fred Zinnemann (The Color Purple), Ronald Neame (BFG), Walt Disney (Hook), Ray Harryhausen (Jurassic Park), Robert Wise (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind), George Pal (War Of The Worlds), Sidney Lumet (The Post).

Spielberg doesn't do "corny", he does Capra and Flemming. Don't ask him not to, it's part of who he is.

Film is fetishized pastiche as mythic religion, lose that thread and you've lost the whole tapestry.

delon a - 2017-12-19
Another liberal hogwash and hit job on Trump! Fuck you Hollywood ! You liberal scum, do You know which president cracked down the most on free press and prosecuted more journalists in history of this country? That would be fucking Obama! So make a movie about that scumbags! Now that would be brave!!!

stewart hart - 2017-12-19
Clearly the US started the war. The US Tactics were brutal.
Operation Phoenix by the CIA was classic terrorism. All documented by our government in the “Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force” which became known as the pentagon papers.
Neither the WP or NYT published the sections of the Pentagon Papers that documented the CIA massive cocaine operations from manufacturer to importing into the USA.
The truths exposed by the release the Pentagon Papers have now been twisted and sanitized into "they wouldn't let us win" Bullshit.
None of this is opinion, it's all documented facts in the report by our own government.

stewart hart - 2017-12-19
Read “Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post”. By Deborah Davis. National Press, Bethesda MD, 1987
Philip Graham, a military intelligence veteran from World War II, marries Katharine and thereby inherits the Post from her multi-millionaire father Eugene Meyer. Phil admires the work of philosopher and MI6 agent Sir Isaiah Berlin and frequently seeks the company of CIA propaganda heavies Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Desmond FitzGerald, and Richard Helms. He brings CIA mouthpiece Joseph Alsop to the Post in 1958, and soon reaches the pinnacle of Washington insider success -- sharing girlfriends with President Kennedy. After his suicide in 1963, his wife Katharine takes over ownership of the Post and hires Ben Bradlee to run it. James Truitt, a former Post vice- president and close aide to Phil, is fired in 1969.
Both Truitt and Bradlee are friends of CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton, with Bradlee also close to President Kennedy. In the fifties, Bradlee's wife Tony Pinchot and her sister Mary, who is married to CIA heavy Cord Meyer, Jr., are both close to Vassar classmate Cicely d'Autremont, who is married to Angleton. After her divorce from Cord, Mary Meyer becomes President Kennedy's lover. She is murdered in 1964 (the case is never solved), whereupon Angleton, as trustee of her children, makes off with her diary

simple - 2017-12-19
This movie is so amazing

Bruno - 2017-12-18
Why do you always use the word "Official" in your movie reviews? What the hell does that mean? Do you have any non-official reviews?

25052647 - 2017-12-18
I'm glad Ben was on this video. His family connections give him a unique perspective on this.

Showbiz Life - 2017-12-16
People are really tired of you preaching about diversity in the movies and awards shows that you review when your own movie reviewer panel lacks diversity -- it's a group of middle-age Caucasian people. The moviegoing public is much more diverse than that. TYT is supposed to be a progressive network but your movie reviewer panel has been lily-white for years. Fox News has more diversity than your panel of movie reviewers. You've made no effort to have racial or age diversity on your panel. Hypocrites.

Showbiz Life - 2017-12-16
Ben Mankiewicz talking about the #MeToo movement when the featured video on this YouTube is a 2015 interview he did with Quentin Tarantino, who has now admitted that he knew about Harvey Weinstein's sexual bullying and misconduct for years but stood by and did nothing about it. You people look like liberal hypocrites. It's very insensitive to Harvey's victims to put that Tarantino interview as your featured video.

Chung Chi - 2017-12-16
Can any people explain it to me? There are so many astonishingly talented film actresses come from Streep’s era, sissy spacek, Sally field, especially Jessica Lange. Their film career have all been thinned out except Streep. Why only Streep can get great film roles after 60? Why? Why why?

PurushaDesa - 2017-12-16
AKA "The Pentagon Papers."

paul8kangas - 2017-12-16
JFK issued Ex Order #263, in Oct 63, which stopped the Vietnam war. Period.
I had orders to Vietnam in Aug 63, & JFK saved my life by stopping the Vietnam war.

JFK made a deal with the Russians to ask Cuba to give back the SAM's,
they were using to shoot down US U-2's,
if the US will take its dozen ICBM's out of Turkey, surrounding the Soviet Union.

Watergate was a cover up of the JFK assassination.

Both GHW Bush & Nixon were in Dallas 11-22-63, along with Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis
& Manual Artime, all part of the Bay of Pigs.

The US media worked hard to avoid connecting the dots, from Cuba to Vietnam, to Dallas to Watergate.

Yes, you & 4 friends can actually stop global warming.

Here is the first step: lobby your school board to put 500 solar panel on your local school.

Then lobby your PUC to requires Utilities to pay $0.49 kwh for surplus solar sold onto the grid.

If all new construction , in the burned areas of Napa, LA, Sonoma, Lake, etc. were required to be 100% solar homes,

like Lancaster, Ca requires, the homes would be safer from the next fire.

A roof, covered with glass solar panels,

is less likely to catch on fire from flying embers.

All new construction in California should be 100% solar powered.

Mass Movement.

Germany shut all Nukes by building 4-plex homes w

100 solar panels. We can shut all Nukes

if U build 4-plex solar home

We can rebuilt California into a solar economy , using decentralization,

by each building 4-plex solar homes, with 100 panels.

Likewise, we can rebuild Puerto Rico as a solar economy if we

do like Hector Santiago did.

Hector built a solar home with 244 panels on his home

and barns.

dugfriendly - 2017-12-16
Christy is such a pro at tech analysis of these movies. Always impresses.

Crakatoot - 2017-12-15
Meryl Streep sucks

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