Tomoesong - 2017-10-21
Isn't the writing really ponderous here? Even the greyjoy who were the scum of the lot lead by the vain Theon could in actuality hold the castle like they said themselves. How can an army led by Jaimie that was not well provisioned defeat the Tyrell army stationed at Highgarden. Hell even the tullys could keep Riverrun if Edmure had not been there against Freys and Lannisters.

Let alone somehow team Dany didn't manage to even get to know that the large Lannister host left the Rock and moving toward Highgarden. What is best spy Varys doing? Imagine Spain invades France and not a single french peasant didn't see 12.000 strong foot soldiers marching through their territory until they reach Paris.People saying Tarlys sided with Lannisters so Tyrells lost. I remind you that combined Reach and Dorne forces could not capture Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion. House Tarly included, lol. Tarly's are not such a great thing. House Hightower commands one of the largest forces second only to the Tyrells ,House Redwyne is known strong house and they still remain loyal to Olenna. You can't take a castle that is adequately manned and well provisioned with food and supplies in a fortnight or less.

And when HIghgarden besieged other bannermen could come with their forces tp reinforce or even with one raven ..Dany could come with Dragons. She came so fast to far away North in one night with 3 dragons. Stop giving crappy reasons because House Tyrell is not fighter or like that. But this is past obsession on the part of the writers to hand Dany a bittersweet victory and just kicking every characters that could kick out so dumb stupid unbelliavable reasons.

And most dumbest thing they said House Tyrell are not formidable warriors.Oh come oon. It's almost like any Tom,Dick and Harry could have taken Highgarden and I wonder why noone tried it till now! The men from the reach are as skilled as the Lannisters there is no reason why this happened? Isn't in the show they built house Tyrell as one of great seven houses and because of their help ,battle of blackwater won when Loras Tyrell led tyrell cavarly while wearing Renly's armor? I could've conquer Tyrells alone by myself at this point.

Natalie A - 2017-10-11
Why did Olenna's eye color change ? I just noticed this

António A - 2017-10-03
Great episode but the fight scenes made me confused, they were so rushed

RogueSeraph - 2017-09-14
Can you guys stop using "The Light of the Seven" song? Everytime I hear it, I always get something in my eyes.

Parrot Ox - 2017-09-12
It would've made so much more sense for Danaerys to have taken the Eyrie instead of Casterly Rock, which is on the western coast of Westeros and of no strategic value at this early stage of Danaerys' conquest. Robin Arryn has this obsession with flying after watching his mother send so many people to their deaths through the Moon Door, so having him bend the knee on condition that Danaerys take him for a ride on Drogon would've been perfect (especially after Littlefinger is executed and control of Vale forces technically returns to Robin). Also, this would've perfectly paralleled a moment in Aegon's conquest when one of his sisters flew up to the Eyrie just her and her dragon, landed on one of the balconies, at which point the Lord of Vale pledged allegiance to House Targaryen.

Casterly Rock just made no sense at all. Even if the seige had been 100% successful and Dany hadn't lost a huge portion of her navy, Casterly Rock still would've served zero purpose. Nothing to gain. Taking the Eyrie would've meant she'd have one of the most well known houses and their vast army sworn to her command.

I mean, come on, D&D. There are just so many things in this season that made no sense in the greater context of the story and lore.

Tayo - 2017-08-31
tell cersie, i want her to know it was me

perfect timing

ignEX - 2017-08-30

TURKKNCL - 2017-08-22
"Fighting isn't their forte" Is that how you explain fall of the most powerful house in Westeros in three seconds? Come ooon!

Richter Aurelian - 2017-08-21
"They have 80,000 men and a massive castle to hold so having an actual battle didnt make a lot of sense"

Ana Freitas - 2017-08-17
I think Cersei is there because the people of King's Landing do not know how to deal with a ruler who's not mad. They would not know what to do; their jobs and lifestyle is derivative of the ruling class behavior thus far, whomever that may be at the moment. They are used to mad and thrived on it. They have the Queen they chose; could have really killed her many times before. Same reason they welcomed Euron like that; crazy know crazy.

Willie fucking Wortel - 2017-08-17
This is Jon Snow, knower of nothing

berlinSunRise - 2017-08-15
song in beginning is from Season 4 - Mereen

Hannah Cooper - 2017-08-14
anybody noticed that olennas eye color has changed during season 4 n 7?

nathan Ronald - 2017-08-13
Till the end Olenna

TheTenthDoctor - 2017-08-10
The Lannister army are gonna be fucked.

El Kapitan - 2017-08-09
This season is a union of principal cast! Love it!

Simba Ant - 2017-08-08
"They are the wealthiest house, but fighting isn’t really their forte. I mean, they’re just not known for being the most fearsome warriors. So, to have a long, extended battle there... It didn't make a lot of sense."

R E A L L Y ?

I'm so angry! Fighting isn’t Tyrell men’s forte? Really? And it’s because they’re “golden roses”? What kind of toxic masculinity bullshit is that? There is absolutely no way that Highgarden would have been taken so easily. At least the taking of Casterly Rock was the result of an elaborate plan, but the taking of Highgarden was like “sorry guys we’re a bunch of sissies who can’t fight because our sigil is a golden rose” Ugh.

Fighting was their forte. Under their banner they had Redwynes(Olenna is a goddamn Redwyne) with the largest standing fleet of the realm and the might of Arbor and they had Hightowers(Mace's wife and the mother of Loras and Margaery is a Hightower) who are alone as wealthy as Lannisters, have their own fleet and can field 9000 battle ready soldiers. Those two houses alone should add enough to the main Tyrell army to have more than war exhausted Westerlanders, Crownlanders and Stormlanders combined. And that's if we take Tarlys and some of the lesser Tyrell bannermen as traitors. And those 2 houses wouldn't betray Tyrells.

Sudha Subramanian - 2017-08-08

Patrick Haines - 2017-08-08
To say the Tyrells lack fighting skills is just ridiculous

bruceaisher - 2017-08-07
"So to have a long extended battle there didn't make a whole lot of sense" aka we didn't have enough money.

Avner Luvton - 2017-08-07
best casting of the show :diana rigg

AmedesTheKing - 2017-08-07
no dothraki see bronn using device against dragon and escaping from fire just throw himself at side.this moron hollywood producers...

Vishnu K.M - 2017-08-07
Light of the seven gives me chills......

Cowntsikin - 2017-08-07
I hope D&D someday address how characters are able to travel fast to different places in Westeros...

fortythiefs - 2017-08-07
The lanester army is the romans and the dothraki are the Mongol horde

John Verber - 2017-08-07
Man is it me or did Daenerys turn into a prize, childish, whining, selfish bitch all of a sudden.

ilikeredheads - 2017-08-06
shows 2 castles captured in a few minutes.
Euron's fleet teleporting everywhere.

yup, great episode.

Jamie Lannister - 2017-08-06
Someone saw my hand?

Gautham Devadiga - 2017-08-06
Tyrion's strategy fails again! What if it was intentional? U never know!

twelve11 - 2017-08-06
The Tyrell forces are known as some of the best warriors in the seven kingdoms! Who won the Battle of Balckwater Bay? Who raised an army of 100000 men? Who has House Tarly as one of their vassals? Do Dan and Dave even read the F-ing books. This is so unbelievable poor narrative and writing, you sh-t on your own history, lore, material and characters. It's so sad to see a show go from something incredible (Seasons 1-4) to something pedestrian (Seasons 5-7)

Abhijeet Dutta - 2017-08-06
Damn I'm gonna miss Lady Ollena

neithealebor - 2017-08-05
HBO =Quality.. Pure quality...

shoaib yaseen - 2017-08-05
Can anyone tell me where i watch all 4 episodes....from where i download all 4 episodes

Lucas Am - 2017-08-05
"Tyrell is not good at fighting" wills to send these producers swallow the book they know nothing

Тимур Фаттахов - 2017-08-05
Просто слили Тиреллов, не более и не менее. :(

Cara Berbagi - 2017-08-05
Good job gues....😍😍😍

Tori Walthers - 2017-08-05
K~ knock knock
J~ who's there
J~ Ben who
K~ Ben the knee

Ektadizzle - 2017-08-05
And who are you, the old rose said,
to turn my garden dull?
You drowned its screams with fire green
For this I'll have your skull

The Dragon crossed the Narrow Sea
Her horsemen brought a flood
And when we claim her iron chair
My thorns shall spill your blood

And so she spoke, and so she spoke,
Highgarden's Queen of Thorns
But now her fields are ash and dust
And roses bloom no more

Yes, now her fields are ash and dust
And roses bloom no more

Source: Reddit, u/orlanswl

Gwon Edward - 2017-08-05
Any man who must say I am the king is no true king or in this cases a queen.

neithealebor - 2017-08-05
Pure Orgasm..

neithealebor - 2017-08-05
this is something else...

neithealebor - 2017-08-05
Holy fucking shit....

Hubert cumberdale - 2017-08-05
Episode 4 is fucking good.

Anthony Lopez - 2017-08-05
Ep 4 was so beautiful thanks for the leak and hope they leak the 5 soon

tommo91 - 2017-08-05
Diana rigg was the best actor in GoT imo

L Berman - 2017-08-05
"Did we fight well?"

Adri - 2017-08-05
I think Arya Stark is who tried to kill Bran while he was sleeping on first season.

Prudence Gilbert - 2017-08-05
someone on youtube posted episode 4 clips. And I don't like that at all. Unless HBO did it.

Robbie Devine - 2017-08-04

Vanessa Haurein - 2017-08-04
Will samwell have to kill his father in the end ?

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