Jack King - 2018-02-26
Where are the nude scenes?

J Peezy - 2018-01-08
Helen Mirren 🔥

Peter Nicho - 2017-12-12
she is still very sexy

Gwaithmir - 2017-12-12
Another good film based upon the life of Norman Lindsey is "Sirens" starring Sam Neill and Hugh Grant.

Erik Garcia - 2017-04-21
Jennifer Lawrence of the 60s?

The One Man Army - 2017-02-10
This film reminds of Malcolm McDowell because James Mason was in Lolita which is a Kubrick film before A Clockwork Orange and Helen Mirren because she starred with him in Caligula and O Lucky Man.

tsopmocful - 2015-07-16
".....getchu ta pyooz..I'm a pynter.."
Not the worst aussie accent ever, but distressingly close...cobber.

I saw it on Sydney telly in 75 or 6, when I was about 11. Subsequent tropical goals, residences, creative urges, and taste in women confirmed at that time.

And God bless the late old Norman L.

Cheshire Cat - 2013-09-21
"You only won't me for the pic chas."

D'Ascoyne - 2013-05-13
"It's the dress!" Yeah, that must be it!

only257 - 2012-12-26
Good movie

m64h - 2012-11-07
I half expected James Mason's first words to be, "stay thirsty, my friends."

Emilie Garcia - 2011-04-30
shiiiittt thats the actor form kubrick's lolita, guess he can play only one role

Gustavo Gómez - 2011-02-16
@chitsb fucking a, bud!!! those were the days...

Nautilus1972 - 2011-01-04
"I'm a pinter!"

Nautilus1972 - 2011-01-04
Even the dog wants to lash her out of it.

chitsb - 2010-11-16
women had real curves those days....not like the size -10 models you see these days :P

Ed Henry Flynn - 2010-09-09
Thanks, zone003, I'm new at this! I'll do that.

Kate8790 - 2010-07-30
Just watched this movie a couple of days ago and completely fell in love with it! Helen Mirren was, and still is, gorgeous and I am definitely going to buy this movie.

aswtx75 - 2010-07-03
Shes a GILF

natureboyinyourface - 2009-11-29
she was luvly,nice firm body.

kps2420 - 2009-01-23
Came out this week on dvd in US!

Lynn Jepson - 2008-07-08
I saw a few region free copies on iOffer.

fucko the fox - 2007-11-27
I saw a bit of this movie the other night on TCM. I thought it was pretty good but I had to go to sleep so I didn't finish it. I wish I did because I just discovered its not on DVD in the US. :(

zone003 - 2007-08-11
Message for Ed. I tried to send you a message but I got this response "This person has enabled friend lock. You will not be able to send messages to them unless they add you as a friend". If you want me to contact you either unlock the friend lock or add to your friends. Zone003

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