Joonas - 2018-03-17
Maybe this is why Chaffetz retired he's obviously losing it.
Dude-"The contract wasn't to deliver a report"

James M Bunte - 2018-03-17
Obfuscation. Definition: the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. Remember, the whole world is LAUGHING AT US. "We don't check the record, we just spend the money" (U.S.Dept. of Defense)

Michael Cuff - 2018-03-16
As we get extorted everyday from our paychecks this is how our government spends our money! If you or I took 9 million dollars what do you think would happen to us?

Michael Cuff - 2018-03-16
Yea! Me and a bunch of people lost houses and jobs and these SCUMBAGS are burning through millions of dollars like firewood! 20 and half million for firewood! Fuckin ridicules!!

Eric Jaekels - 2018-03-15
I honestly knew we over spend, I thought it was understandable. Then I read, 9 trillion dollars today. That is unaccountable?? This Is real. WTF and DOD doesn't have a clue. Doesn't care. As many of these clips I've seen on UTube, is that nobody is accountable and nobody g8ves a shit. They continue to blast these fucks and nothing ever comes from it? They just keep reviewing all these abuses from Hillary to IRS on and on. No criminal charges. No repercussions. Why over sight?? Just bend over let them fuck you, like you've fucked us. I love these guys. Him and Trey, there brilliant but never any consequences ever. I thought this is Oversight committee. Where's $9,000,000,000,000. WTF!!! Do you see these fucking numbers. I want a receipt for what I and my brothers spent $9,000,000,000,000 on. Does anybody see these zero's??

Chameleon EDM - 2018-03-14
I swear without Mr Chaffetz and Mr Gowdy America is fucked lol

Randy Kirkham - 2018-03-13
the problem is ACCOUNTABILITY!

If i have an unlimited fund to spend any way i like and the worst repercussion and consequence for me is an ass chewing, well hell, WHY NOT blow a few million dollars! or a TRILLION dollars! or 9 TRILLION dollars!
and while im at it ill pad my pockets with a few mill and my friends pockets too.

these assholes in position to dispense tax dollars should be PERSONALLY responsible for it!
when there are REAL consequences such as being held accountable for the money with PRISON TIME when money is STOLEN, then the gov will be run like a business instead of a personal slush fund for everyone with a hand in the cookie jar!

lock these fat bastards up when money dissapears or its shown theyve used CRIMINALLY bad judgement by paying a 3000% markup on goods and services!
then youll see real CHANGE.
and the American taxpayer breaking his back for a meager living will get the relief he needs and a better life for him and his family.
Until then, F**K them!

Jay Taber - 2018-03-13
This guy is awesome

Anthony Puerta - 2018-03-13
scummy lil shit want to hide his face he knows he's fucking us

ingram - 2018-03-13
If you pay some one for something an you don't get what you payed for you sue these scum fucks an leave them pennyless

Liberty and justice for all - 2018-03-11
Think a lot of these bureaucrats are alcoholics

Kenneth Duncan - 2018-03-09
I am tired of watching all this, I want to watch people being arrested and put in jail for stealing from the American tax payers.

Sandra Bell - 2018-03-09
Losing faith, everyday! Horseshit! Lies!

Sandra Bell - 2018-03-09
Hmmmm, hmmmm, yeah, hmmmm? Bullshit!

Sandra Bell - 2018-03-09
No report! Period!

MegaScumbucket - 2018-03-05
So basically they spent it on cocaine & hookers

Frank - 2018-03-01
This is on fire. Caught him slipping

John Silver - 2018-02-28
This country is so Fked up

Devin Nerison - 2018-02-27
What is DOD; Department of Death?Do your jobs!

jings brar - 2018-02-25
So how the effe do these people get punished ........... sad good job with the panel but shit job with the penalty ..... Listen kids when you grow up you can rip off the american tax payers because theres no consequences or penalties ........ Sad

BC Stud - 2018-02-23
another case of pigs down on the farm eating their fill - the money is spent or disappears !

Leroy Lancaster - 2018-02-22
Another show of DC clowns getting tax payers money and nothing comes from it,
If was you or me we would be in jail... no wonder the swamp in DC needs the be drained !!

Mendy H - 2018-02-22
Why hare the guys asking the questions such assholes?
You got your answer, why are you forcing yourself to get all worked up about it.

Geo Jeff - 2018-02-20
I'm not sure which is more wasteful congress or these company's

Wayne McDonald - 2018-02-18
$20,000,000 on fukn firewood, why werent they put in cuffs right there man are you kidding really......

Spermario64 - 2018-02-18
This is where y'all taxes go

renge99O9 - 2018-02-18
The Federal Government is the largest employer in the USA, followed by State, followed by local government. When did the become a great idea? The average American now works to pay on average almost 50% of their income in one way or another, to the government, the government owns ALL land in the USA no matter what you paid for it, what you built on it, or how long you have lived on it. Looks like we made it to Socialism after all. .. :-/

gofish bluefish - 2018-02-17
But please, tell me how we cant build schools homes or hospitals because of coloured people. 9million jeeezuz

Chelsa Medina - 2018-02-15
And now you know why these scums hate Trump and did not want Trump as president. Drain the swamp

Khai Lee - 2018-02-14
The Bible is becoming fulfilled very soon.

Khai Lee - 2018-02-14
I usually don't trust anyone I meet, until I see the result of what they did.

Khai Lee - 2018-02-14
Mortal and sinful men can dress in suites, yet the hearts are evil.

Clyde John - 2018-02-13
Fire this guy and any relatives that are mooching off of the Tax Payers. Questions that never answer a question. Because we are stupid and allowed these scum bags to take advantage and make the rules. So clean up the swamp. God Bless America, M.A.G.A. Amen

Laboucane Dennis - 2018-02-11
Get the FKN rope....

Hans Grubber - 2018-02-09
Cummings has gorilla wrist and hands. Total idiot liberal.

Fedor Amuricano - 2018-02-07
Corrupt BASTARDS !!! They think they can deceive everybody with their complicated English language

Jeremiah Ramsey - 2018-02-06
Is this big shot guy is he Mexican

T West - 2018-02-01
The jerk to his right (Mr, Bobble-head) is a bouncing ball flowing with the lies! When will these obvious thieves be held accountable in a meaningful way? We have more than enough for profit prisons to house them!!!!! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!

ATK605 en - 2018-01-21
See niggers like Cumming are some dumb people, blacks cannot govern

VolDep45 - 2018-01-20
Typical Beltway Bandits in bed with DoD officials. They already have a furnished office, reserved parking spot and outrageous salary and benefits for that guy who was running interference for them.

v beemer - 2018-01-17
Fire all these incompetent scumbags abusing the people

Patricia King - 2018-01-13
9 MILLION OF TAXPAYERS MONEY FOR A REPORT???!!!! This is shameful and disgusting!!!!! AND THE REPORT DOESNT EXIST???!!!!!

Moses Aguirre - 2018-01-13
All you have to do is go to these hearings and lie.. and they can't do a thing about it.. waste of time

Master Chief 00117 - 2018-01-13
This is why people with Degrees from Harvard. Should not be allowed to be in Government. They cost to much for nothing!

J Thomas II - 2018-01-12
Your wife received my deliverables and I yield back.
Thank you.

Darren Headrick - 2018-01-10
And that, people, is called the Patomic two step. 3 weeks of congressional investigation and not one word towards the actual truth was spoken.

American GI 1967 - 2018-01-10
When the truth comes out the Democrats will be in for a lot of trouble, only if the media reports truth.

Ernest Fry - 2018-01-09
Its just plain criminal. I had to write a minimum 30 page business plan free just for the possible eligibility for a small business loan. Meanwhile, 9million of all our hard earned money paid in taxes from the proples paychecks is lost to a bogus report. Its embezzlement and a crime. These people should all be gathered up immediately by military police n held till trial. An everyday citizen would not be treated any differently. Its obsurd how long these talks go on with pending punishments. Meanwhile more tax money is consumed for employment of these criminals until a verdict is one day possibly achieved. When the government fails to govern then it is the republics responsibility to relieve its government of its duties and appoint new leadership

Ashema Bahumat - 2018-01-09
Enough of the hearings, start the prosecutions.

Orn Gorn - 2018-01-08
It's interesting that Chaffetz was bitching about $9 million when government waste runs into the billions every year. The level of corruption is ridiculous.

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