ddawgg23 - 2018-03-01
I hope the Ravens go 0-16 and Bengals too

Nicole Howell - 2018-02-04

DarKshine DaKid - 2018-01-30
That was our best game

Hutsonthebeast - 2017-12-29
3:13 I liked JuJu’s kamehameha 👍🏻

Steel Jackson - 2017-12-12

Till the end Of Time - 2017-12-11
Best team ever
Let’s go Steelers

Dayvien PLAYZ - 2017-12-11
Imagine if Ben went to 7 Super Bowls like Brady? Then he would be the 2nd goat.

Andrew Romero - 2017-12-09
Let me explain something 2 whoever is listening lolol. I love this game more than anything but not more than everybody cuzz I love hailee steinfeld more than anybody lolol. But I think as long as the 3 elements on offense stay healthy they have a really great chance 2 win the super bowl. The 3 elements on the offense would be big Ben Antonio brown and Le'Veon Bell,and im not trying to disrespect the offense of line because there really important but you should always plenty of them ready 2 be replaced. The chemistry that big Ben has with Antonio brown is not replaceable and neither is le'veon bell. Those 3 elements is all you need to keep a defense off balance. A passing game a running game and a receiving game that is unstoppable. Can't forget about a good defense but the steelers are known for there good defense so will leave that be. It goes the same for every team don't get me wrong I just happened to think that there the best 3 elements in the NFL when there healthy. So don't ever disrespect the number 3 homie just working on my writing lolol. #steelher#b4ido#hailee'sfield#superbowlmvp

Travis Lightner - 2017-12-07
Happens again Sunday night

Forever Fashion - 2017-12-04
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Selective Seantendo - 2017-12-02

ABDULLAH KHALIL - 2017-11-23
brown: none
bell: 0:42-0:47 0:51-1:01 2:19-2:23 2:32-2:36 4:25-4:30 4:36-4:41 7:46-7:52 7:59-8:05

Monica Mangondato - 2017-11-19
congratulation soofball?nov 19 2017

ShaneOnYT - 2017-11-14
I know for all DBZ fans that like ravens, stopped liking DBZ after JuJus TD celebration.

Jay Shuttlesworth - 2017-11-14
Just realized that Ryan Shazier had a legit chance to intercept that tipped pass. Wow

Jasper Kolb - 2017-11-07
Go ANTONIO BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!

King Fogle - 2017-11-01
I was at tge game

Adam Burt - 2017-10-30
Ref said the ball didn't hit the ground on that overturned call, how did the ball pop up in the air then?

PTRS 41 - 2017-10-24
Let’s see..... TJ Watt, has 4 sacks and 1 interception.... JuJu has taken over the teams true no. 2.... Conner looks great when he’s in..... Sutton’s hurt so we can’t know yet.... Allen made the team as a 5th rounder... 6th pick was a bust... 7th pick got hurt but impressed in practice. Plus Mike Hilton has impressed greatly. Looking like a great rookie class

Diego Garcia - 2017-10-18
Ravens fan: Steelers are some poop

steelers: hold me beer🍺

LiTtLe ReD RiDiNgHooD - 2017-10-08
We are all standing for the flag

Ericka Hernandez - 2017-10-08
Boo! Ravens

Cameron Plymale - 2017-10-08
i like Steelers

Paul F - 2017-10-08
Its the NFL Corporation doing this, it has ramped up every year lately .The NFL has finally been exposed to most of America, and their revenues will plummet. The NFL Allowed the "hands up don't shoot" lie on the field 2 yrs ago. With the STL Rams The NFL made SURE there was full network coverage of it! The liberal left NFL would Not allow a tiny Blue lives matter helmet sticker in Houston after 12 cops where shot in Houston 1yr ago. Now the liberal left NFL ALLOW the USA national anthem disrespect. We are done with the POLITICAL LEFT NFL. FOREVER

Lee Turner - 2017-10-07
Boycott the NFL and all of their sponsors!

Randy Laguerre - 2017-10-07
The Stella's sucks

Los ferwords - 2017-10-06
Who PAID for that bs interception call on AB?
Major LIE!

splitviper0384 - 2017-10-06
Pretty reckless firing that Kamehameha into the crowd like that, LOL!!

2 Nasty losses, 2 weeks in a row. Even though the losses were painful, I'm staying Ravens. I'm not giving up on them, nor will I ever be done with them. (BTW, for those of you who don't know, I'm a Ravens' fan.) Also this loss was NASTIER, than the Jags loss, because, not only was it a home loss, but it was also a near-blowout loss at not just the hands of a division rival, but the hands of a divisional arch-rival.

Jesse Amado - 2017-10-06
I like Wilcox more than Mitchell

Daniel Cardona - 2017-10-06
This defenses is gonna get better, we are playing angry and aggressive. Keep it up guys

George Adam - 2017-10-05
steelers best team in the nfl man 😈😈😈😈

a bit bored - 2017-10-05
Alex Collins lookin like a beast but can't hold onto the ball. Thats why seattle cut him

Zachary Cooper - 2017-10-05

Charles Stevens - 2017-10-05
I love CONNOR! HE waste no time running with moves , strictly downhill !!!

SteelersFan86 - 2017-10-05
That extension by Shazier... :O

Thomas Cook - 2017-10-05
At 0:41 seconds Roethlisberger looking slick

SupremeCheerios - 2017-10-04
26-9 final score is my boy Le'veon jersey number aye

Cole Daniels - 2017-10-04
3:18 Smith-Schuster does a hadouken

Anton Riley - 2017-10-04

Ryan Creaturo - 2017-10-04
186 Ravens fans watched this video.

John Munoz - 2017-10-04
Man did that kamehameha, he has my energy for next week

gilberzj1 - 2017-10-04
what celebration was that supposed to be?

Elevate - 2017-10-04
Is there a reason why people seem doing the mic drop on a multitude of teams, just something I've noticing. Not really a big fan of it bit curious none the less

Colby Via - 2017-10-03
That was an easy game

AvoruhOG - 2017-10-03
Shouldn't have been an interception

Thunder Lightning - 2017-10-03
This Political demonstration of "taking a knee " during a time of supposed family time is very offensive! Nowhere on Earth , NO other Country could any of these overpaid athletes Not be put in Jail or Worse.

yea yea - 2017-10-03
Win or lose,Ravens til I die💯

Luke Ryba - 2017-10-03
Refs forgot what an interception is. Im pretty sure after his 8th step he had possession. Flacco showing up in the clutch when his team is 90 points down. Good game

Jacksonville Jaguars Ref - 2017-10-03
Y'all steelers fan talk a lot after y'all won against the Ravens I hope y'all do the same if y'all win against the cowgirls

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