Leo Wong - 2017-04-07
Why is the Book of Enoch not part of the Bible?

Jule N. Crown - 2016-07-10
To believe one can lose their salvation, assuming of course we are speaking of true conversion being the regeneration on the individual's heart by the Holy Spirit, one would have to believe that the Holy Spirit cannot seal (2 Corinthians 1:21-22, Ephesians 1:13) the born again believer in Christ. This is against Scripture. Do you really believe the Holy Spirit takes up residence and then flees according to man's actions? Is man stronger and more willful than the God Who has saved him? I'm thankful to believe on the Jesus revealed in the Scriptures and have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. And although I may sin as I work out my salvation, He is so much bigger than that. Praying you come to know the Jesus Who is bigger than the fear filling your heart from satan in believing you could possibly lose your salvation. If you have been set free, you are free indeed.

Sl Ra - 2016-02-07
Could you please point to the verses that state that?

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