DR OLDS - 2018-02-20
Very classy , sexy , lady! What a pair of stems!

Bradrick L Herzberg - 2018-02-20
Wow. I've never seen Craig quite so 'Randy'. And rightfully so.

Kovačević Dobrina - 2018-02-17
A shame she turned out to be a liar.

Heavily Armed Easily Pissed - 2018-02-14
Shes liberal trash

Vincent Judakov - 2018-02-13
Whot? Bluddy whot m8? You fag repeet sentans!

Idontknow whatimdoing - 2018-02-12
She's a horrible guest..

Neon - 2018-02-11
Dumbest chick the world. She claims that the Dutch are good at speed skating at the Olympics, because skating is (according to he) an important way of transportation in Amsterdam. First of all dumb American clown, most winters in the Netherlands aren't cold enough to skate on these canals, secondly, even if it's frozen, people take still take car, bike, bus, streetcar, taxi or any other known way of transportation. Lastly, Amsterdam is a city, it's not a country, it's not even a large part of the country.

Can Kars - 2018-02-10
Keep up the good work 👍🏽

Laplace - 2018-02-03
She has the cutest laugh.

Kyle Hoffman - 2018-01-25
Her arms look like the wings of a pterodactyl

Mushmouse and Punkin Puss - 2018-01-23
Shes a witch.....

Rocco Gant - 2018-01-20
total liberal rat.....

Oscar Fernandez - 2018-01-18
He is the best...I wish I would have watched the show when it was on

William H. Baird - 2018-01-11
A Great looking woman~

OneofInfinity - 2018-01-06
That last bit cracked me up.

ManateeAdvocate - 2017-12-01
Dat outro tho

Lemonie Lala - 2017-11-27
I need to see Craig interview John Oliver! Why is this world so cruel! 💔

Brian Rappleye - 2017-11-19
Katie is awesome! I only wish she liked men in her own age range.

Saddam Ansari - 2017-11-16
....and he never followed her back.

Jakobi_Obi - 2017-10-27
Craig owes her a golden harmonica.

TheTunesinmyhead - 2017-10-17
I finally get the south park joke...

tomitstube - 2017-10-07
still pissed off when they got rid of dan rather for outing chicken hawk george w. bush and his "fake" military service, (2005) the last time a corporate news outlet did real journalism by challenging people in power. then idiot america re-elected that idiot and we've never been the same since.

TAXCOLLECTOR2017 - 2017-10-06
Well, this is awkward. What do you do when you hate someone and they bend over like this broad does. Her political prostitution was a huge turn off, and quite frankly as long as she shaves her ass she's probably not too bad from behind.

Codex Machina - 2017-10-03
Craig brought the best out of everybody.

Janelle Etsitty - 2017-09-08
Katie is SO cute ;*) Love her responses to Craig's sexual innuendos LOL

Darr247 - 2017-09-04
It's no wonder she never went back... he dissed her big time since she was the first one to ever play a recognizable song on the harmonica but he didn't give her one of the Golden Harmonica awards he handed out while he was on the mouth organ kick.

yaposhki - 2017-09-04
What is the melody played when the horse comes and they dance?

Underworld Films - 2017-09-02
She has nice legs. And appears like a cool person.

JusticeAA - 2017-09-01
Katie is a has been. not aging well at a ll

Resident_Savage - 2017-08-29
She is absolutely repulsive, and fake.

Bugsy - 2017-08-26
What? No golden mouth organ? Come on!

Red Beard - 2017-08-18
I've never seen this side of Katie. She has an adorable laugh.. What a stand-up gal

Michael Motter - 2017-08-11
Man she has a beautiful smile!

Paul Wilson - 2017-08-08
Sexy class act.

lingsto195 - 2017-08-07
...as a young man, Katie and Denise Austin were the "subject" of many fantasies.

Scott Russell - 2017-08-07
What ... no golden harmonica??? She was ROBBED! :)

Fish Finder - 2017-08-03
we all love u Katie

Whitebeard79outOfRus - 2017-08-03
Wait, wait, is that Katie-reporter from Schmoyoho's "Why, why, Men-tai"?

gridsleep - 2017-08-02
Katie should have gotten the golden mouth organ for that.

gridsleep - 2017-08-02
Think about it? I"VE DONE IT.

gridsleep - 2017-08-02
I wonder if this is the first time Katie Couric has heard the words penis and nuts in the same conversation on air.

scott FabT-Birds79 - 2017-07-23
she is just soooo cool! Why oh why cant there be more women like her out there?"What is wrong with you?" and he says "I don't know!"  besides all the juvenile sexual crap, Craig also mentioned her making $50Million about 3 times, and you can tell she was not liking that at all....and so this must have been before he started doing the Golden Harmonica?

pilotrt - 2017-07-13
What a classy lady.

Ender - 2017-07-12
What a prude.

Jason F. - 2017-07-09
Fake journalist.

ricardo guajardo - 2017-07-09
No golden harmonica!!!!!!

No Name - 2017-07-09
No golden harmonica?

Jack D - 2017-07-08
When Craig sees a hottie, he just can't help himself.

d law - 2017-07-08
Craig left the greatest show in tv history such a shame

bcz1 - 2017-07-08
I like Katie. I don't like when she flails her arms over her head.

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