House Stark - 2018-02-22
This was the most scariest episode for me i had anxiety all week thinking they all gonna die except Jon

Александр Македонский - 2018-01-24
And I still need to watch it.

Nandana Devi - 2018-01-17
Exciting paintings of our GOT characters. Check it out guys - http://bit.ly/2DleZkL

Akash Pawar - 2018-01-17

thoroner - 2017-12-28
Nice soundtrack for this preview, is it included in the OST playlist?

Tahir Stormborn - 2017-12-24
anybody know where this trailer music is from?

Learn colors gummy - 2017-11-28
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Siddharth Kapila - 2017-11-21
Jon Snow's team > Suicide Squad

The Autograph Bank - 2017-11-10
Brace yourselves, the most amazing show on television is coming! If you haven't seen is yet then you seriously need to now!

i SkyWalKing - 2017-10-30
God awful season and a FUCKING GOD AWFUL EPISODE. Kill yourselves D&D.

caryh8 - 2017-10-15
Which song did they use from the soundtrack did they use here? Assuming it's on the soundtrack.

Lanah Borelli - 2017-10-04
End of the white walkers equals Snow sending Daenerys a message saying, "when you get here take out the demon looking motherfuckers first!"

Greg E. - 2017-09-16
Anyone know what the music is for this trailer?

Ben Edwards - 2017-09-13
Such a shame about this episode...

Kemily Play - 2017-09-13
eu estiva aqui bjss

Z.Y - 2017-09-12

Chhavi Sharma - 2017-09-10
watch the season 7 GOT recap rap by my friend the verbal disaster

thanks in advance

Movie Expert - 2017-09-08
game of thrones 7 for on this link http://yoalizer.com/2Au2

Shubh Singh - 2017-09-08
the best trailer I have ever seen in my life😍

Genni Glassglow - 2017-09-05
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also heal their bodies.

Gustavo Cavalcante - 2017-09-05
What is the soundtrack?

MegaKaiser45 - 2017-09-03
The Night King looks constipated :D

Sebastian Hughes - 2017-09-01

NYC Gamer 123 - 2017-08-31
Ayy Game of thrones what the instrumental to this????

Bum - 2017-08-29
God, they make awesome trailers

AKHILESH MISHRA - 2017-08-29
Can some plz tell me if the music in this video was actually there in the episode or not. If yes plz tell the name of the music.

NYC Gamer 123 - 2017-08-29
Anyone know the soundtrack?

marinecorp16 - 2017-08-28
What is background music?

meen meen - 2017-08-28
This song on video what song name ?

İbrahim Ergül - 2017-08-28
Olum 7 yayinlandi hala 6 damisiniz.

Pařmen CZ - 2017-08-27
Please name of trailer music

Karls.berg - 2017-08-27
wow the last episode just got leaked... wow... it's amazing, the ending was just woow.. Watch it here >> https://plus.google.com/u/0/108636217536660315646/posts/HqUb5PV22Zc

Jay 22 - 2017-08-27
This episode is sick but sad so yeah game of thrones rocks

VictorLawyer _Pt - 2017-08-26
1.) A suicide mission to "capture" a wight to spread in Westeros the warning of a coming war against the dead. Thing that neither in Hardhome, with an army of Wilds and Night Watchers, was possible. But our superheroes were like that !!
2.) Arya is dumb, stupid, boring ....... She believes SO EASILY that Sansa is plotting to take Winterfell. And without taking into consideration the little poisonous snake of Littlefinger ...
3.) They had SUPER DIFFICULTY to kill a fucking living dead bear. But Jon killed so easily a WHITE WALKER. I just can't believe!!!!
4.) It is impossible to believe that THOUSANDS of living dead would not be able to climb a "mound of land" on which Jon & Co. were fighting. GOD DAMN!! In the cave of Three-Eyed Raven and in Hardhome they managed to climb, climb and transpose so easily hills, mountains, walls, etc, etc ............... FUCK!!
5.) There was Drogon on the floor standing like a cat breathing fire!! The Night King should only to throw his arrow (or whatever) on the dragon and kill EVERYONE at once (Drogon, Daenerys, Beric, Clegane) ........... But he prefers to hit a FLYING HIGH dragon .......... WITHOUT NOBODY ........... FUCK AGAIN !!!

HIGHLIGHT: Gendry takes 2 minutes to get back to Eastwatch; The Night Watch send a raven to Dragon Stone that arrives in 5 minutes; And Daenerys get to beyond the Wall in 10 minutes ............ FUCK THREE TIMES !!!

Slow, bare and unsolved script ................

Skull Knight - 2017-08-25
anyone knows name of the song?

Blake S - 2017-08-25
Does anyone know the song? Was it made specifically for the trailer or was it an existing song?

Lady Alba - 2017-08-24
the best eps of this season it was eeeeeeeeeeeeeepic lol

eat bananas - 2017-08-24
can you answer me if littlefinger in books die ?

gabriel cain - 2017-08-24
"this season sucks, i'm a whinny bitch, i could do it better" bitch why do you keep watching then? Of course the show was going to be this way, everybody knew it. You're all here whinnying yet still is the best show on t.v. Suck on that.

Descubre la jugada - Find out the move - 2017-08-23
George R.R. Martin has left the series... It is known.
And he left behind a bunch of incompetent writers with no dramaturgic logic at all.
The end of the series is darker than the night and full of the terror of destroying a masterpiece :(

ak220880 - 2017-08-23
was there a scene of Jon running in episode 3 like in this preview, bcoz i did not noticed it in episode?

Ravinder verma - 2017-08-23
Free link please fix me up

Hans Wurst - 2017-08-23

Dr J - 2017-08-23
Too much teleporting, too many unrealistic situations.

There was a way to solve this, have them on the island continuously breaking the ice to keep the dead from approaching. Jon's crew could have started a fire to keep warm however the wood supply would have been limited along with their food supply. As the days could have dragged on people start to die off (no bear needed section) and as their strength is slowly being sapped away the dead start to move in via the lake bed.

WillyWonka - 2017-08-23
I´ve been holding it in for too long, I´m CUMING!!!!

xristos gouletas - 2017-08-23
The greatest episode so far !!!

danonck - 2017-08-23
Is there anyone who could help me with the song from this trailer? It's AWESOME

PalasAtenea100 - 2017-08-23
Very bad bad bad writing!!!!

NOT_SO_WEE_ SIMY - 2017-08-23
The fact GOT finishes next year is fucked, what will I do with my life,
It'll be forever incomplete... fml...

EKoranjeWK - 2017-08-22

This episode was for 1 reason only, how can we make sure the white walkers have a dragon and then you get this shitty episode wich makes no sense whatsoever and you realise it was just so that the dragon could become dead

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