Just - 2018-01-20
Why are these idiots doing today know that they can die I mean I wouldn't do it even the point if I was interested I still wouldn't do it

seehound619 - 2018-01-19
Retards... Just a little chlorine in the gene pool. Smh

Gusecua - 2018-01-19
It was not a challenge. It started as a meme, as a joke, as an irony.

The problem comes from young children without proper parental supervision on the internet, and of course the average dumb teen who can understand a joke.

Sam Adams - 2018-01-19

richard wright - 2018-01-19
i still see videos that have yet to be removed including a woman and her very young song doing it

Black Stallion - 2018-01-19
yet they still have the fire challenge up

Weaver Cattle Company - 2018-01-19
To bad, how else are we to rid ourselves of morons?

Eat more Tide pods :o)

Luigi Camp - 2018-01-19
Let them, it's nature cleaning itself up from all the crap.

A Fugal - 2018-01-19
Censorship? hmmm Cant stop Stupid even if you pull it off of youtube. Censorship is a violation of Freedom Of Speech, and eating Tide Pods is entering the realm of morons.

Musik - 2018-01-19
I only took it as a joke, but if people are legit actually going to be stupid enough to the point to where you have to put hazard warnings for teenagers not to eat them, I’m going to be disappointed to where life takes me now.

Nightmare strike - 2018-01-19
Forget bleach tide pods taste better

Gas Mask - 2018-01-19
its called anything for views heard of putting razor blades on spin widgets then cutting yourself with them, this has been going on since the beginning of time, tabloid news

cRazY ZomBiE - 2018-01-19
IDIOTS! Now they’ve encouraged other kids to try it! They’re just so desperate for all the views. What’s next?? Eat dog sh!t challenge??

Tracey Wendt - 2018-01-19
First Logan Paul and now Tide Pods. You tube can't you hire anyone to police your channel??

World's Netizen - 2018-01-19
"Tide attempted to put a stop to the trend of eating pods of laundry detergent with a PSA featuring NFL player Rob Gronkowski."
Wow, NFL player Rob Gronkowski, sounds like Trump suppoters' meme.

JoJo Creations - 2018-01-19
Do people not have anything else to FREAKING DO???? Just drink a freaking glass of water!! Or eat some chocolate or some vegetables!! My gosh!

JoJo Creations - 2018-01-19
Why why why why why why

Derek Savage - 2018-01-19
If only the United States reacted to Donald Trump using their money for golf trips like the way they react to kids eating poison.

Hissing Kitty Cat! - 2018-01-19
I want to eat a small pod full of chemicals that I can die from! So good, mmm.

codafett - 2018-01-19
It was never a challenge. It was a joke that little kids are taking seriously.

Joshua Zonker - 2018-01-19
Thank god for that. Plz protect our babies.

FarawayThrower - 2018-01-19
1958: There will be flying cars in the future!

2018: Well, you know what :l

Stacey Hall - 2018-01-19
I just saw the Tide Pod challenge on the Nightly News this evening on NBC - I was in shock. Our youngest son, who is a High School Senior told me about the challenge and I was horrified.

live dbT - 2018-01-18
But they're so delicious and colorful plus they clean your mouth in the process

Fishan Chips - 2018-01-18
:( snack

Kalie Terry - 2018-01-18

Autumn Wilhelm - 2018-01-18
who came up with this stupid challenge!!!!!!!!!!!

Dutch Money - 2018-01-18
What’s next after this, cinnamon challenge videos? Like seriously. It’s said and done. If we don’t keep them up, then people won’t know the dangers of these “forbidden fruit”...

upuntil6 - 2018-01-18
This how evolution works, the dumb ones will die off.

georgiaridgerunner 79 - 2018-01-18
youtube doesnt Care about dangerous videos...only reason theyre pulling videos is because its a viral thing right now.... any other video wont get pulled...

Connie Pratt - 2018-01-18

divergent thg - 2018-01-18
Some people make me wonder how did they get past the fallopian tube

Simon Reid - 2018-01-18
There’s always the Darwin Awards

Shirokuro Max - 2018-01-18
If someone is stupid enough to eat them, they deserve to die. Except little kids, keep them away from the little kids.

c f - 2018-01-18
if your that dumb to eat it, you don't deserve to be alive. Darwin wins. leave it at that.

παδιm - 2018-01-18

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