sis and bro show day - 2018-02-14
https://youtu.be/9XzgSjEm-jE 2:10-2:20 mark she asked if it was part of the script

Shane Lux - 2018-02-13
Lol, and the Phoenix Suns got decimated by Golden State by 46 points last night. Phoenix = 46. Daryle Bruce Singletary = 100 and Golden State got their 100th all-time win over Phoenix in 237th all-time regular season matchup; Daryle Singletary =237. Probably just a coincidence.

Michael Stephens - 2018-02-13
Love the work. Some want to listen, most don’t. I’m trying to get the word out as well. Could you look into Sean Taylor and Owen Hart?

1Infinite Consciousness - 2018-02-13
1st day of Lupercalia. Let’s see who gets sacrificed between today and Thursday.

Plan_It_Hoax - 2018-02-13
Flat earth shilllllllll

Shmacks Adventure - 2018-02-13
Resurrect=46Baptism=46Rebirth=46 Maybe like So many we will see him in another role.. ala JFK as Jimmy Carter etc... Like too much money theres no such thing.

JamonefeTV - 2018-02-13
https://twitter.com/oh_stanley_/status/875031640116015112 . Idk if you saw this tweet but look at this mockery. Lol and the date of the tweet for superbowl 52 .

Jorge Carrillo - 2018-02-13
Aye zack so there is this wwe girl named asuka that won royal rumble entry #25 n wwe made a video of her called "asukas undefeated streak by the numbers" does that have any connection with her n the eagles. Check it out

EjwRN214 - 2018-02-13
Today the warriors won by 46

Tyler Thurston - 2018-02-13
Where the book

Bluntman124ever - 2018-02-13
Hey Zackary not sure if you ever seen this. It’s from Disney and it’s called Donald Duck in Mathmagic land.. So funny it’s talking about Pythagoras.. https://youtu.be/PvceKeHl0Sg

StrykesV3 StrykesV3 - 2018-02-13
Hey Zach, the Prime Minister of Canada's motorcade was involved in a Crash in California last friday, February 9th.

Date Numerology:
Crash = 49 in Ordinal

The date numerology matches the date itself February 9, 2/9.

Crash = 22 in Full Reduction

Justin Trudeau = 183 in Ordinal
Prime Minister = 183 in Reverse Ordinal

The crashed happened in Simi Valley near LA.
Simi Valley = 34 in Septenary
Trudeau = 34 in Septenary
Simi Valley = 46 in Ordinal
The crash happened exactly 46 days after Trudeau's birthday.

Or a span of 47 days including the end date.
Authority = 47 in Full Reduction

As I mention this crashed happened in California. The Governor of California Jerry Brown has a April 7th birthday, AKA 4/7.

From the date of the crash to Jerry Brown's birthday is exactly 57 days.
Justin Trudeau = 57 with the S Exception

Jerry Brown is currently the 39th Governor.
Canada = 39 in Reverse Full Reduction

The crash happened on "Madera Road".
Madera = 39 in Reverse Full Reduction
Madera = 24 in Full Reduction
Canada = 24 in Ordinal
Madera Road = 480 in Sumerian
Justin Trudeau = 48 in Full Reduction

The crash reportedly happened at 7:22pm. The relfection of 227, the Pie equation, 22%7.
227 is the 49th Prime.
The date of the crash had date numerology of "49".


Markeye - 2018-02-13
Hail Zion! When's your birthday. I'd love to give you 33k Shalom

Dan Lefkowitz - 2018-02-13
country singer=163(38th prime)

Terry Michael - 2018-02-13
The Freemason/ Illuminati are moving forward with the second phase of their plan for world domination. Some Celebrities will openly start telling human followers to worship LUCIFER others will say worship JESUS. JESUS and LUCIFER are on the same team. Good cop Bad cop routine.

Terry Michael - 2018-02-13
Most celebrities are CLONES,ROBOTOIDS or REPTOIDS. For example. Taylor Swift is a male Robot. ROBOTOID. Dave Chappell is not human.He's a clone. Rihanna is a male Robot. The reason Jim Carrey is acting the way he is because he knows he is a CLONE. Most CLONES don't know their clones.

BlueBeast - 2018-02-13
I remember my mom listening to this guy when I was a kid. He had 2 other hits; "The Note" & "I Let Her Lie". Any word on cause of death?

Donna S - 2018-02-12
John Booth=44

Arcane Bane - 2018-02-12
A country singer, who has not been relevant for 20 years, dies & you claim its a sacrifice?😂I'm going to enjoy watching your channels get deleted 1 by 1 you inbreeding fuck boy.

Kr is - 2018-02-12
daryle singletary = 44 // Chaldean too much fun= 55 chaldean

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