keira muller - 2018-02-21
This is awesome. I wanted an edible arrangement for Easter and wanted a better option rather than paying $87 for cut up fruit. Definitely doing this instead!!

Love Katherine Rose - 2018-02-11
Love it 😍❤️

DejaPro Naturalista - 2017-12-14
Nice...Very Informative, and Looks Ooh soo Yummy!!

Kyle McCallum - 2017-10-23
This would be really good if it was sugared gummys!

Layza Medina - 2017-10-16

Sandra Maria da silva - 2017-10-03

Haily Villalpando - 2017-09-07
Where did you get Your pot oh basket what ever you call it is really cool I really wanna try this for my daughter birthday

Charmayne Holly - 2017-07-26
It's beautiful

Elizabeth Navarro - 2017-07-23
Hallo beautiful !!!!! I've seen your flower edible bouquet demonstration. I would like to make a nice flower bouquets to my coworkers. Can you give me a nice idea for that people? I'll appreciate very much. Beautiful indeed!!!!!!!! 👏 😘 🌹 Yeeeeeeess 😀

Kirthiga Radhakrishnan - 2017-06-28
I want to know;can u please say what is the name of thing that can be kept in basket before making cutting veg. its like some or anything. so please anyone can say

ross balcazar - 2017-05-17
muy lindo

Danielle Monique - 2017-05-13
this is cute!! I'm going to use it for Mother's day!

Jo-Ann Guthur - 2017-04-07
love your videos!!! thanks thanks thanks! You just saved me a ton of money!! Keep them coming!

Mr Hooligan - 2017-03-27
wow I didn't know people could find something wrong with a goddam fruit arrangement. Criticize. Criticize. criticize

lilmama1047 - 2017-02-17
why are ppl so mad.? You had a choice to watch or not watch. She is being creative and doing what she loves.

sandra conchas - 2017-02-02
Did anyone cringe when she was cutting the foam ?

Pallavi Singh - 2016-12-25
Need you

mohd azri mohd sidek - 2016-10-31

ilysaurus - 2016-07-30
This is not how you make an "Edible Arrangement". This is an embarrassment to our business. You are mocking our creations, ALSO YOU DONT PUT THE KALE IN LAST AND WE DONT EVEN USE FOIL GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

Mayra Hernandez - 2016-05-11
awesome thanks for sharing. keep posting greatness;-) please remove ignorant comments from idiots viewing your videos.

Regina Garcia - 2016-05-03
this year's was a lot better than lasts. that 16 min video was looooong lol ❤ it

Squish - 2016-04-05
Cute. Maybe you can use a cabbage or something edible instead of floral foam to be more sustainable (might be cheaper too). The arrangement itself has to be eaten pretty soon, so the base doesn't need to last any longer than the fruit will.

chimera0331 - 2016-02-25
mr Cabot is a twat. gtfo people's YouTube channels with your negativity you dick!

gizelle dolan - 2015-12-26
can we write you Ideas

Crystal Hernandez - 2015-07-08
One day i want to do this because you inspire me

Gyanna Malavolta - 2015-05-19
Who doesn't luv fruit💗💗💗

Daisy T - 2015-05-18
this was really hard. everything fell apart for me. and the stick poked me hard when I tried freezing the watermelon and pineapple! total fail for me :/

#TeamIGOfficial - 2015-05-08
How big was your vase

Phoebe - 2015-05-07
That's a very cool bouquet. =)

BELLASANDRAA A - 2015-05-06
Awesome Ty I will be making this for my mom and mother in law

apples22104 - 2015-05-06
I am having a Mothers Day Pinterest night this wknd! This is our project so thanks for the great tutorial!

Krista Vlogs - 2015-05-06
Who needs Edible Arrangements anyways, am I right? Hahah. That looks amazing!!

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