20 People Bella Thorne Has Dated

20 People Bella Thorne Has Dated
A complete history of Bella Thorne's Dating Life.
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One thing’s for sure about Bella Thorne’s dating history; she certainly knows how to “shake it up,” just like the Disney show she starred on way back when. It’s hard to keep up with the actress’ love life, so let us lead you through it with info on 20 people Bella Thorne has dated.
Bella’s been linked to various costars over the years, but one of her longest relationships was with someone who wasn’t even in the industry: Tristan Klier. They were together from 2012 to 2014, and once they broke up, Bella went on to date a lot of more high-profile people. Like Pamela Anderson’s son, Brandon Lee. And then British actor Gregg Sulkin.

After just over a year with Gregg, Bella moved on quickly to his friend, “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey. And then after just a few months with him, Bella was hooking up with Charlie Puth. That all ended badly, when Charlie felt betrayed by Bella pining after her ex.
Things got even more controversial when Bella was thought to be dating YouTube personality Sam Pepper. And then there were the rumors about her and Nat Wolff. And who could forget those pictures of her with Scott Disick in Cannes? But by October 2017, Bella’s love life got really complicated, with the actress sharing social media snaps with both YouTube star Tana Mongeau and rapper Mod Sun.
Watch our video to see 20 people Bella Thorne has dated, and let us know in comments who you’d love to see her date next!

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20 People Bella Thorne Has Dated



Zoya Duniyak - 2017-10-25
Who here thought the youtube was Logan paul

do you know de way? - 2018-01-18

Taufik Ashad - 2018-01-18
Wait how about logan paul?

luul mohamed - 2018-01-15
add logan paul and the new music vid on erika costells chanel it is called out of my hair

Double E Nation - 2018-01-14

Vivian O - 2018-01-14
RIP lil peep😔

Avery Snarponis - 2018-01-13
Didn't she date Lil peep? Or was tht just a rumor

Mochi Boba - 2018-01-13
Where’s lil peep at

Allison Argent - 2018-01-13
lol nah no kella its kentella

Allison Argent - 2018-01-13
i only came to see if you would mention tpose tbh

Kaedan Nichols - 2018-01-12
She is dating tana mongeau im pretty sure

Afuagyankromaa Botchway - 2018-01-12
Wow good job you just got std

Alyssa Campbell - 2018-01-12
I ship Bella and Logan

ricardo soto - 2018-01-10
Now I totally believe her molestation story. Seems like she is acting out child abuse. Poor girl.

Henny oo - 2018-01-10
mind your own damn buisness

Brisk Cat - 2018-01-09
bella is not evennnn her real name her real name is Annabella Avery Thorne

Erin Arthur - 2018-01-09
I still don't think this makes her a horrible person :/

Coette Comer - 2018-01-08
She should date God next.

Rachell Prada D Ford - 2018-01-08
Bella is such a sucker and also an ewwww person she has date girls YOUCKKKKK and the last boys are so terrible pup they are one of the ogliest boys on earth

Irene Medina - 2018-01-08

Mariet Deleon - 2018-01-08
Lol mongo it’s actually pronounced “mojo” but whatever...

Evelyn Petersen - 2018-01-07
They forgot Lil Peep

Emma Rose - 2018-01-07
didn't she date lil peep?

BootsWithFur - 2018-01-07
This video has such an infochammel aura

Serena Foss - 2018-01-06
about 1/3 of these people she didn't date she was just friends with

Chloe ._. - 2018-01-06

Whitey Blacky - 2018-01-06
Bella and Cody Simpson are actually the same age...

peggy edwards - 2018-01-06
Idgaf at all

vendela örnecrona - 2018-01-06
You forgot lil peep

Sara Dilliott - 2018-01-05
It’s not tana mon go it’s pronounced mon jo

Alexandra Elena - 2018-01-05

Michelle Ruelas - 2018-01-05
Sooo, is she currently dating Tana?

skinny Legend - 2018-01-05
Wtf happen to cece

Kendall Eliza Whisnanat - 2018-01-05
Poor tana the lady said her name wrong

meme - 2018-01-05
the girl can't have any guy friends and people start assuming shit

Itz_Rinosmic 4426 - 2018-01-05
Im sorry this is sad..seriously 20 people.

Morkie Lover - 2018-01-05
3:18 ????? Why complain about people jumping to conclusions even though they were just on the red carpet when that is all of these ten people —–—— dated channels do? Everyone of the couples were just rumors apparently........ 😐

jade voyles - 2018-01-05
Wat bout lil peep? They dated and she shared a vid of her bein torn up bout his death

Yuck Fou - 2018-01-04
How to be naturally gorgeous and totally ruin it, by bella thorne

Ohitsnila xxx - 2018-01-04
Damn. Never knew a slut’s life was that busy.

Angelina Trevino - 2018-01-03
Wait ,didn’t she date lil peep ?

laxgirl4411 - 2018-01-03
why would u forget peep

Reesa More - 2018-01-03
Did anyone else notice at 3:45 she says Bella rather be super UNfaithful and the screen says Faithful

Taya Lyons - 2018-01-03
Defo not Tyler posey Bella thorne has turned Into a whore I hate her now

Katriel Puth - 2018-01-02
Thank god charlie has me

M&M Craft - 2018-01-02
Tana....Mongo (no tea no shade)

Princess Of Vamps - 2018-01-02

Destiny Ann - 2018-01-02
Did any one else get pissed when she said tana mon-go (it is pronounced mo-jo)

Rayna Carter - 2018-01-02
You said tana mongeau wring js 😂

Princess Izabella - 2018-01-02
Didn’t she date lil peep 🤔

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