Lakers Snap Mavs 14-Game Streak, Win 4th in a Row, Jeanie Supports Luke? #LakerTalk

Lakers Snap Mavs 14-Game Streak, Win 4th in a Row, Jeanie Supports Luke? #LakerTalk
In this video, I recap the Lakers win over the Mavs, snapping a 14-Game win streak the Dalla Mavericks had over the Lakers going back to 2013. In addition, Lakers win 4th in a row.

Lakers Snap Mavs 14-Game Streak, Win 4th in a Row, Jeanie Supports Luke? #LakerTalk



Danny Branderson - 2018-01-20
Lakers need to Send Kuzma to the G league already

Trey Simmons - 2018-01-18
Fo show one love

frank rodriguez - 2018-01-18
Yo bro, Luke Walton ROTATIONS SUUUUCCCCKKKKK.. talk about it

itsthegmayne - 2018-01-15
Give Luke time. Brad Stevens had a bad start with his young squad over at Boston. Luke is on to something nice with the organization. Look at the hustle and energy of our squad!

Greek Sun - 2018-01-15
Good things happen when LaVar speaks. The Lakers are 4-0 since LaVar made that statement about Luke and the team.

Crayvd - 2018-01-14
Mike, do you think we should try and get Tyreke Evans or maybe Lou Williams?
Not sure what we’d have to give up but they would help us in the half court imo

007thematrix007 - 2018-01-14
J.C. to close the game, #lakers win....... #mambamentality #closer

J J Azuela - 2018-01-14
Jordan Clarkson best player of d game....

DM Sanders - 2018-01-14
Injuries hurt us doing the losing streak..How is that Lukes fault...

The Lake Show - 2018-01-14

Ro Methazine - 2018-01-14
When Lonzo doesn't get a lot of sleep He doesn't play well and this game showed it.

Jeff G - 2018-01-14
Lakers players thing they accomplish something bunch of premadona.and Lonzo is a roll player not a super star

Alex Bolongaita - 2018-01-14
Lakers won but the lakers of the previous season are really ball hugs. Clarkson, Randle and even Ingram plays hero ball most of the time. The win was ugly.

George Couvson - 2018-01-14
Lonzo to all star game young buck deserve it to a degree

Jessy Carter - 2018-01-14
If lonzo was the lakers player from the team the scored 23 points and
15 rebounds like Julius Randle
Did on this game , you’re would have been sucking on lonzo’s
Dick trough all your segment, !lmao but since you’re dislike Randle you’re don’t
Give him enough props for having
A great game...

yogibearstie - 2018-01-14
Lakers young core are athletic multi-dimensional. They aren’t just 3 point shooter (duh), not towers, not rugged Jerry Sloan type guys, not isolation... the roster is like the Warriors. Attack, kick, attack, kick. Luke has the right system for this roster.

Kee Pitmum - 2018-01-14
Sorry ... but Lonzo is NOT worth this much aggravation ... no matter how he plays. Trade him and his family.

Ever Quintanilla - 2018-01-14
I like Luke Walton and I know some lakers fans want him fire but let’s give him a chance and give the rest season and will go from there.

House Flipping Guide - 2018-01-14
Mark Jackson would be a great fit for a coach if Luke doesn't work out

dawa gelek - 2018-01-14
Seems your assessment of games are just data basis, you should watch the match and then comment on it. Earlier ur assessment has depth but not these days.

lakersfan 24 - 2018-01-14
Only 6 1/2 games back of 8th

Donte Jacob - 2018-01-14
I only listen to Lakers Talk for commentary. He tells it like it is 👍💯.

Richard lee - 2018-01-14
Luke's in a tough spot, he's doing the right thing & focusing on defense but you have Magic wanting a return to "Showtime".

Ahhad Mukhtar - 2018-01-14
BI was about to go off this game if he didn't get injured, but a good win still. Julius, JC and Kuzma stepped up big time

MO-AN 09 - 2018-01-14
just keep the faith and we'll gonna keep on getting the W...........

Brandon Christopher - 2018-01-14
Dennis Smith Jr is nice but shoots too much for me. Can't lead the team in shot attempts and turnovers.

Rock Lee - 2018-01-14

Boi Boi - 2018-01-14
We got Lonzo Ball we always got a chance to win fr.

Boi Boi - 2018-01-14
FYI when Lonzo shoots bad doesn't mean he play's bad.

SWU TV - 2018-01-14
Big Mike Is Happy!!!

Jermaine Moore - 2018-01-13
You speak with Luke privately. We live in a society where everybody wants to know everything. It’s none of anybodies business. Keeping it in house is best.

Captain Crunch - 2018-01-13
I strongly disagree Luke Walton needs to go now before midseason! Also why waste the rest of the season? That is just plain stupid.

raj patel - 2018-01-13

Hector Rosado - 2018-01-13
No playoffs for us

I'm Your Huckleberry - 2018-01-13
Funny how Randle tried to take the credit for the win but his 500 retarded turnovers are what made us lose the lead in regulation. We already had the game in the bag and he messed it all up. Him and Jordan Clarkson with his usual over dribbling and bad shot selection. If it wasn't for Lonzos ability to protect the ball specially in late in the game, we would have been blown out again.

Shad Shad - 2018-01-13
Fuck the lakers

Jake Pulier - 2018-01-13
Mike, you actually have real commentary talent. Love watching your summaries and opinions on the team. Way better than ESPN tabloid bs. You could have a career in that field if it was something you wanted! all the best

Bill Baslis - 2018-01-13
You said Lonzo had a stinker. Wasn’t his best game, didn’t shoot well, but still he impacted the game and there’s no way we get this W without him. 7 assists with no turnovers, he ran the team well. He changed the game when he came in during the 4th, we were down 10 and a few minutes later we were in the lead. He’s becoming a great leader.

mcisco9 - 2018-01-13
Mike i think you have Luke all wrong. I completely agree with what Gregg Popovich said about Walton "Luke knows things he doesn't even know he knows" Coach Walton is also learning he will be our coach for the next 20 years.

Jae Barnes - 2018-01-13
Good win no reason we can't beat Memphis next and make it 5 straight. Lonzo going out with that shoulder injury may have cost us a real shot at the playoffs in hindsight.

The Redepz - 2018-01-13
We need this grizzlies win because after that we have a few rough ones ahead of us but we somehow manage to great against great teams.Lets keep this momentum going !!!

Liberty - 2018-01-13
Got luv for Luke but I notice he doesn’t call time outs to run plays unless the
opposing team is (A. getting a big lead or (B. It’s the 4th qtr and it’s a close game.
In the 1st qtr Tyler Ennis got a rebound with 2.5 on the clock so he turned took a
few dribbles and shot a ¾ shot that bricked. As opposed to and I hate to say it
“Boston’s Coach Brad Stevens” will call a timeout and set up a play to score….
In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4qtr.
Now Boston may or may not score but the point is the players are getting use
to executing plays and maximizing every second on the clock.

Validated Classified - 2018-01-13
when it went into overtime I thought that was it.

B Camm - 2018-01-13
Luke needs to get on his best players like Pop does. Zo not getting back twice for example. Effort plays..

Matt Riggs - 2018-01-13
Hey Mike it’s sad to see Dirk so bad 😞. He looked so off balance and could barely run up and down the court. But hey since ball has come back what’s are record? Without ball w ball?? What do you think bud?

molarois morais - 2018-01-13
When the baby lakers are in their zone, leave them alone !!! You unleash them, and here comes trouble, and this is what you get.
They are everywhere, shooting threes, making lay up, hitting jumpers, blocking shots, distributing the ball...
Winning games. What else can I say????
The babes are on fire!!!!
LANZO is super power, period!!
He taught Dennis Smith Jr. the race is not to the Swift, nor the battle to the strong, but he that endures to the end...
Mamba babies smells blood.. y'all watch out!!!
Play offs babies are crawling in slowly, and no one dare stands in their way!!!!!!

Showtime Lakers 2.0 - 2018-01-13
Lonzo got 9-7-7 with 0 turnovers. That was his off game. 😂😂😂. Boy he's a beast!

Lakers/Eagles - 2018-01-13
It takes that much to beat the mavs 🤢. A win is a win but damn. Thats why we lose every close game to good teams. But with that said i would have puked if we lost ANOTHER OT game

anthony winston - 2018-01-13
Why fire him now Mike, we don't have the right players to see how good or bad he really is.

Thermal D T-1000 - 2018-01-13
Clarkson And randle fighting for their lives right now so they had to step up knowing that they were in talks of the trade discussion. If the lakers fans can’t see from that perspective, I don’t know what’s the problem

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