My Top 12 College Basketball Squads for 2017-18

My Top 12 College Basketball Squads for 2017-18
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My Top 12 College Basketball Squads for 2017-18



Israel Avery - 2018-02-20
Nice sadly we're not top 12 though UF is worse than Auburn TN and Bama in SEC

Sam Daniel - 2018-02-18
Sleeping in Xavier

Cheeseman - 2018-02-06
Virginia no where to be seen 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi - 2018-01-21
where is Purdue?

multimidnight13 - 2018-01-05
Whats the point of the rankings in ncaa basketball ?. It doesnt help in any way.

WAHOOS_NATION - 2017-12-20
Where is the Virginia Cavaliers

Frozenrobot26 - 2017-12-16
personal choice natural lng

Frozenrobot26 - 2017-12-16
nothing wala unsa man dong

Russel Beastbrook - 2017-12-05
beat name?

N. Willy48 - 2017-11-15
Florida taking the SEC

Wolfman NEGA - 2017-11-13
Georgia Bulldogs will be the Cinderella team.

Proverbs 1:22 - 2017-11-10
Arizona Is A Super Team

Duke Always Was Some Hoes Now Even More Of A Hoe For Taken My Nigga Tricky Tre

And My Kansas Boys Still Gone Wax That Ass Regardless

JayMoney Reacts - 2017-11-05
UCLA not in top 12 u sleeping

Kent Jackson - RMB - 2017-11-01
AP Preseason Top 15
1. Duke
2. Michigan State
3. Arizona
4. Kansas
5. Kentucky
6. Villanova
7. Wichita State
8. Florida
9. UNC
10. USC
11. West Virginia
12. Cincinnati
13. Miami (FL)
14. Notre Dame
15. Minnesota

james collins - 2017-10-29
UCLA ain't up there....... Liangelo Ball?

Ron Elite - 2017-10-27
Dukes gonna be nasty this season. Marvin Bagley is gonna be fun to watch.

Hobbit Fan - 2017-10-25
Sleeping on Xavier

Grant Wall - 2017-10-17
Louisville aint in the top 12 anymore lmao smh. Duke winning the ship no question

Jackson Meyer - 2017-10-15
What about Missouri? We don't just have Michael she porter we have the 3rd best recruiting class

Carlos Valdez - 2017-10-14
UCLA? Alabama?

SponsoredByPineaple - 2017-10-14
Kentucky isn’t number one but they have 7 five stars

king So Shoota - 2017-10-11
malik newman gonna kill everybody this year. Its not gonna b fair

Joe Piccoli - 2017-10-10
Missouri starting lineup:   3 guys  6 10"+  Jeremiah Tilmon / Or Kevin Puryear,  Jontay Porter,  Michael Porter Jr,  Kassius Robertson,  Terrence Phillips

Jayden Durst - 2017-10-08
Everyone sleeping on Miz we bouta go off

reggie henderson - 2017-10-02
Zona basketball is like Tennessee of football every year its suppose to be their year, they actually need to get to the finals and then I might believing in that school!!

CJ Eastt - 2017-10-01

Demar DeChosen - 2017-09-26
I got a picture with Lonnie Walker I can't wait to say I got a picture with an NBA player when he gets drafted

Isaiah Evans - 2017-09-24
I mean bro Kentucky is slept on asf this year a lil. I mean common on 5? In my opinion they should come out rank 1 instead of duke, I know duke has like 4 out of the top ten players but Kentuckys squad is gonna be the best shooting team this year hands down, I mean all of kentuckys big men except nick Richards can shoot😂

Kentucky Wildcats Nation - 2017-09-24
Kentucky is underrated this year, they have 7 top 35 recruits with a top 3 coach, they are at least better than Kansas on here

Kentucky Wildcats Nation - 2017-09-24
1. Duke 2. Arizona 3. Kentucky 4. Michigan State 5. Louisville6. Kansas 7. Wichita State8. UCLA9. Villanova 10. Florida11. Miami12. Oregon

Justin Clay - 2017-09-22
UK all the way bitches! 😄

Nitro Fly - 2017-09-21
USC 😂😂😂

Zack Young - 2017-09-16
Anyone else feel that Arizona gonna become a school where all the top freshman go like Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas?

Angel B - 2017-09-15
No one can match Arizona's depth or talent. THIS IS THE YEAR!

RockSmith1988 - 2017-09-14
Carolina with Joel Berry gonna have a solid season dude just wins ps f dook

Owen boi - 2017-09-13
The fact that he ain't even put Jordan Tucker in the key additions just shows how stacked we are😭‼️

Russell Beastbrook - 2017-09-13
Duke is just unfair

Derek Mathews - 2017-09-13
My Kansas Jayhawks have GOT to get to the final four, and then the natl. championship. Ours is just way overdue, and everything. If it doesn't happen, KU fans are going to have to start questioning Bill Self, and he doesn't deserve that. He is a very successful coach who just got inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Reese triggas - 2017-09-13
No ucla tho .?

Diizy N Dazed - 2017-09-11
So you telling that you think neither Sacha or Wenyen will start on this years Kentucky team? 😹😹 wth

John Bob - 2017-09-10
On louisville Jaylen Johnson declared for the draft and signed with an agent, it should be Anas Mahmoud starting.

Sime. Auto - 2017-09-10
Dont see why duke would put carter at the 5 instead of Bagley neither are stretch bigs and Marvins just bigger and has the body for it

Renan Serra - 2017-09-09

daniel casanova - 2017-09-09
U of A is going to the final four

Octogonal Gaming - 2017-09-09
Happy you're realizing how underrated zona is. They have sooooo much talent. And that's from a die hard Kansas fan

wiley schmitt - 2017-09-09
Digging deep, thanx for that, I'm putting my money on Duke this season, only at 8 to 1 right now, but not going to get better than that once they show what they can do.

Mikal LaGrone - 2017-09-09
Alabama makes a major move. Tough game at Arizona. The Tide lurking right outside your top 12.

Jamal Laws - 2017-09-09
Where the fuck is jordan Goldwire Jordan Tucker, and Alex

Xavier Stamp - 2017-09-09
Lonnie Walker is out for the season ....

Julian Johnson - 2017-09-09
Where's UCLA?

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