Cris Carter tells us who the Pittsburgh Steelers really are | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Cris Carter tells us who the Pittsburgh Steelers really are | FIRST THINGS FIRST
Drawing conclusions based off Pittsburgh's annihilation of Marcus Mariota's Tennessee Titans, Cris Carter and Nick Wright discuss with Jenna Wolfe the true identity of Ben Roethlisberger's Steelers and the crucial roles of Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell.

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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Cris Carter tells us who the Pittsburgh Steelers really are | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Cris Carter tells us who the Pittsburgh Steelers really are | FIRST THINGS FIRST



First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright - 2017-11-17
Was last night the real Steelers?

A J - 2017-11-29
Why did this pop up in my videos? So happy to have Sundays back with my family! Try it out people... Its nice.

Noel López - 2017-11-28
The Steelers are a team that has gone and is going through a lot of adversity and they find a way to win.

Lamar Randolph - 2017-11-27

Chris Minneapolis - 2017-11-27
Steelers could barely beat packers without Rogers, not impressed.

Adam Walker - 2017-11-26
Go Steelers!!!!!

Alllan Muc - 2017-11-25
If the Steelers can play like this every week their a huge threat to the eagles and patriots we have more than 1 receiver this year and a better defense if they can get a hold on that not scoring in the redzone which they did in the 2nd half of the titans game then its gonna b a good year to b a Pittsburgh fan

Ed Barr - 2017-11-25
It's almost like Todd Haley wants to prove Big Ben wrong by not staying with the no huddle. Unbelievable.

Penroy Moonbeam - 2017-11-24
We don't know who the real Steelers are. They will beat an 8 - 2 team and get beat by a 2 - 8 team.

Connie B - 2017-11-23
No huddle? Tiring. No rest for defense.

Dennis Person - 2017-11-20
when the Steelers get rid of tod Haley we we be great

Amazing Jose - 2017-11-19
“Littlelist”? lol is that a word

Plain Simple - 2017-11-19
I'm so glad Cris Carter was on the other side of that desk because that's where he needs to be. Carter is a Hall of Famer and he needs his own space... plus, I'm tired of seeing them put a former athlete (who is an expert analyst) around a woman and the woman just tries to push his buttons and to argue with the guy who was a former athlete and an expert analyst. You never hear a former athlete who is an expert try and argue with a woman reporter on how to just report facts about what happened and how to be a journalist. It's disgusting.

Elder Morty - 2017-11-19
All you saw was us lessening our mistakes and clicking a bit better. What you saw was a glimpse of what we can accomplish. The world is going crazy over just glimpse of our might, imagine 100% flawless performance.... Just keep praying we continue shooting ourselves in the foot. Thats all i have to say about that.

Reece Savage - 2017-11-19
Ben bread & butter is calling his own plays he has always been that type of player I don't know why but he always find success doing it even b4 the organization reached and went got Todd who is becoming more and more useless all of his plays depend on AB and bell when the Steelers also have James, Juju, and Bryant as well as Connor that kid runs hard they all should be more involved.
Steelers need to have bell & Connor next to Ben in the spread with JuJu and Bryant on the outside and AB running them beautiful routes in the slot r.i.p to ya defense

Quentin 33 - 2017-11-18
Nick still has a big nose and no chin sitting on the right.

Quentin 33 - 2017-11-18
Steelers and Patriots seem to be much better than the rest in the AFC.....Sorry i just don't think the Chiefs and Jags are on that level.

Damen Nyland - 2017-11-18
They stopped going no huddle because it was too good. Going to save this tactic for a much tougher team

Hippy Honcho - 2017-11-18
If the AFC playoffs goes through Pittsburgh , we got a really good chance to go back to the Super Bowl !

Zareh Kantzabedian - 2017-11-18
Wow. Not every team is the Patriots.

Isaac Stall - 2017-11-18
Jenna is stupid

Nate Gillingham - 2017-11-18
Antonio Bryant 😂😂

RPD 6478 - 2017-11-18
Who cares the patriots gonna beat them in the AFCCG again

Al El - 2017-11-18
call me crazy but jenna is sexier than the rest of the debate broads.

SuperHansen80 - 2017-11-18
Antonio Bryant?! Come on Chris

Deeluvpatriots - 2017-11-18
Yes, put the expert in the chair, GREAT MOVE!

Markus Mahadeo - 2017-11-18
The Steelers just don't match up well with the Patriots, like the chiefs don't match up well with the Steelers

King Cap - 2017-11-18
It wasent the Steelers D it was marriota bad decision makin we beat ourselves

Robbo - 2017-11-18
It really isn't a shock/surprise that when the offence is out the hands of Todd Haley, the offence is back.

sunny westside - 2017-11-18
cant wait until brady shreds them in the afc champiobship

The Spud of Ages - 2017-11-18
Antonio “Brant”?

cchiker - 2017-11-17
Your channel is LOSER. These Steelers are hiding their offence. Not to show their stuff to N.E. Beat anyone else, easily. Your words are BS!!!

Virgil R - 2017-11-17
The Steelers are a very dangerous team Patriots or no Patriots!

Austin Fisher - 2017-11-17
He said antonio bryant the disrespect.... AB already better than cris carter

Yung Tee Muzik YTM - 2017-11-17
Unless KC face Pats in playoffs, then I expect Pats to run through everyone in AFC in route to another Superbowl. It doesn't matter if Steelers win-out heading into playoffs, The Pats are just a bad match up to them and beats them every time, KC(when they're defense is doing well like we expect them) matching with Pats across the board alot better than Steelers even though the Steelers usually beats them when they play ironically. Seeding going to very important for AFC playoffs

Never Go Full Retard - 2017-11-17
As a fan of the Steelers for over 14 years (Only 24 years of age), I have watch a lot of games against New England. The problem isn't that New England is better than the Steelers, but its all about scheme and coaching. Steelers use a Zone Blitz Defense, they are built and molded on that. When they play the Patriots each year Bill B offensive scheme is meant to shred that defense. All you have to do is get the ball out quick and look for holes in the zone. Steelers did this against the Titans. If you look at those games that defense gets exposed all the time, the only way that defensive scheme would work if you can get to the quarterback. And it did once in 2011 the last time they beat the Patriots, Tom Brady was sacked I think 5 times and pressured all night, had no time to THROW. In order for any teams to beat the Patriots, you need a good 4 man rush, and play some man coverage at time to time. Falcons did it in the SB, but the defense got gassed because they were on the field too long, thanks to the play calling by the Falcons and not running the ball. Patriots will always own the Steelers Defense until they change it up, which they have by picking up Joe Haden, Artie Burns, and using more man coverage. This defense is not the same as last year, Patriots might be in trouble. Patriots were never that much better, coaching is just phenominial.

Words of Wizdom - 2017-11-17
Antonio Bryant lol

Jody Collier - 2017-11-17
ill be the 1st to admit that the steelers haven't fared well against the pats but this yr it feels like they at least have a chance. the pats are getting they're def together but we got a pretty good def this yr and the pats off weapons dont really scare me this yr. im looking forward to the afc championship

STEELCITY TV - 2017-11-17
Ben likes no huddle use it more

Pierre Beaudoin - 2017-11-17
the funny thing is that they got torched on a first drive with no huddle by the pats in the AFC championship last year ...

Joseph Moore - 2017-11-17
Chris Varter shows he doesnt know much about the Steelers. The no-huddle takes away Haleys play calling duties. Dont give him credit

Savage Mcgee - 2017-11-17
I swear the Steelers could beat the Eagles and they would still be like "The steelers are not that good.."

Turk Turkleton - 2017-11-17
Brown doesn't have the best hands, but he does have good hands. What makes Brown amazing is his route tree and footwork. Juilo is better at pretty much at everything but banged up after years of playing thru toe, ankle and foot injuries. Brown never gets hurt and his cuts and routes are still the best in the league. Thats why he's the top WR in a game full of big guys with great hands.

Curt lee - 2017-11-17

fulaan1 - 2017-11-17
AB has a team that travels with him?? That dude is dedicated. That cannot be cheap

kuntalini - 2017-11-17
the chair switch threw me off for a sec

Oscar Meza - 2017-11-17
They won’t beat the patriots in the playoffs we all know that Steelers fans know that

Sam Bert - 2017-11-17
The titans also just aren’t that good

Daisaun White - 2017-11-17
A team just not a good as the Carolina Panthers

Martavious Paul - 2017-11-17
They choke against the patriots every year

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