Lisa Wilkinson - 2018-01-18
Just beautiful ❀❀ I always loved Wynonna

Yahwehs Girl - 2018-01-14
Lawd have mercy Wynonna I wish i had a big sister like you . Im reminded of how tender and loving arms and the voice that can send one right into the arms of God our loving father. God bless the Judds

Billy Marin - 2018-01-13
Fuck that cunt!

Comedian Jay Mather - 2018-01-04
So Precious!

alex black - 2017-12-31
Ashley is ugly n nasty

Angel Bulldog - 2017-12-27
Hard to imagine a woman as physically beautiful as Ashley can be so ugly inside. I admire Wynonna for loving her, despite the libtard snowflake craziness. Wynonna is the one with the real talent.

Dallas W - 2017-12-27
Even then she was a fucking snowflake!

Mary Sarver - 2017-10-06
Omg such beautiful women and such amazing talent. My son is such a huge fan of them. They're absolutely GORGEOUS

Randalle Britt - 2017-10-06
The Judd women are so beautiful. Ashley Judd is my all time favorite actress :)

William Schultz - 2017-08-04
Love Ashley and this song

Jocelyn Paul - 2017-07-28
I had a friend that we were close like sisters but just a few years ago cancer took her from me everything in this song we did as children we play together enjoying double scoops of ice cream I'm playing how we was going to be in Grown Ups but one thing we never did plan or had any idea the we would have to live without each other I'm 40 but I still cry like a little baby when her birthday comes when something exciting happens and I realize I can't call her we can't go to the movies together anymore talk on the phone just to spend time together talk about old times the only thing I can do is hold the memories we had together cherish them because they are more precious than gold oh dear God how I miss my dearest friend Joyce I asked everyone if you love your sister or your best friend tell them everyday don't let one moment pass because you never know what can happen need somebody to put my heart back together again right now because it is broken into 1 million pieces

Mary Carlson - 2017-07-10
Wow I'm all teary eyed, so much emotion in Wy's voice, and the way they looked at each other. 😒

Andrew Pernia - 2017-06-23
She is wonderful that she is singing with her sister and that is a blessings..
So, GOD BLESS YOU to the Judds family.. This song is awesome and beautiful.. πŸ˜ƒβ€πŸ’•

Top Dog Illuminati - 2017-05-19
That its one huge cow

playlist55 - 2017-05-14
beautiful song. Shame what happened to Ashley.

TwoHundredandThirty - 2017-05-10
Very touching. I'd sing to my retarded sister too if I had one.

Thelma Bee - 2017-05-07
Love you both , sisters !!!!

Mildred Pierce - 2017-04-03
Ashley Judd is the luckiest girl in the world

Rhonda C. - 2017-04-02
As completely insane and dangerously unstable as Ashley Judd has become, I loved this. But I've always loved Wynonna!

Lisa Fitzgerald - 2017-03-22
Thank you for this beautiful song, Wynonna. So sad that mental illness has taken my little sister from me. I didn't ever know things would change and she'd move on and let me go. So thankful for what we had.

Defcon 1 - 2017-03-16
She is a nasty woman

turd Ferguson - 2017-03-16
get your sister some mental help

Deborah Conkle - 2017-03-04
Ashley is a good actress?

Michelle Perfetta - 2017-03-04
Beautiful <3 <3 <3

docbar - 2017-02-15
ASHLEY JUDD is a disgusting nasty woman.

Ph D - 2017-02-02
Cannot believe this was 17 yrs ago... this song always makes me cry for some reason. I'm very close to my brother & we are apart by distance but close in heart, mind & soul. My aunt, my mom's little sister just recently died young of lung cancer & I'm sad for my mom b/c she always took care of her sister. This song is so them. Cigarettes have taken 5 people & even a pet to COPD in my families lives in the last 4 yrs alone, all to lung cancer from smoking & all prematurely and the death was fast (about 6 months to a yr survival w/treatment) and very agonizing & painful. Please try to quit for your loved ones & the ones you leave behind, don't smoke inside, take it outside. Second hand smoke & Third hand smoke are REAL. It doesn't magically disappear. It lands & settles on everything everywhere. See your hands, teeth, windows, walls & smell your clothes & hair, rugs & linens. Dogs & Cats can & do get emphysema, copd, throat, nasal & lung cancer too. They can't light up on their own & don't give themselves COPD! Take it outside please!

dhurdysixx36 - 2017-01-27
` I love Wynonna....but sorry I felt the opposite about her NASTY sister !!

Jeffrey Olson - 2017-01-25
She's actually gross now

Nash Montana - 2017-01-24
WTF happened to you Ashley. From then to now. WTF.

Vocal Therapy Success - 2017-01-24
what a beauty!

Vocal Therapy Success - 2017-01-24
Ashley is my hero β˜†β™‘β˜†

thumpahard - 2017-01-22
boycott the domestic terrorist

Thomas Esiseme - 2017-01-22
she's so sweet

quicklady - 2017-01-22
Ashley Judd is a disgrace

Lucifer's Slave - 2017-01-14

I wished that I had two sisters like Wynonna and Ashley Judd

I love this song it makes me cry and I wished I had sister like Ashley Judd

Jason Winters - 2016-11-28
I absolutely love this growing love song.

Vikki Matthews - 2016-10-28
Just WOW!!! Doggone Onions "sniff"

Saddeyez54 - 2016-09-23
I miss my sister every day this brought tears to my eyes

Cheiro O - 2016-09-20
That was totally beautiful.....Deleah teared up during the song.

lee Spurlock - 2016-08-09
this will bring you to tears!!

THUMPER - 2016-06-17
I lost both my older sisters, I am the only girl now

Nadine Romeo - 2016-04-23
Beautiful family loveπŸ˜™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’‹

Marta Vancova - 2016-04-15
Super zpΔ›vačka a nΓ‘dhernΓ© pΓ­snΔ›-srdce na dlani !!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Willy - 2016-04-14

Bonnie Plastino - 2016-03-17
yes my heart breaks in tiny tearful peaces. and then i look back and say enough can these ladies start a new happy and so lucky funny times. cause this is going on 400 years of tears and you did this and you did that it has made me turn away from being interested in them they did cross country therapy and took it as far as books telling the horrific story of their entire life . then that turned in to a mess media move on get happy

susan walters - 2016-02-24
Tears your heart right out, don't it ?

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