The Greatest Leak Of All Time? - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

The Greatest Leak Of All Time? - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6
Game of Thrones continues to film it's Seventh Season. As they film, more and more leaks and spoilers continue to roll out, and detailed inside this video is arguably the greatest leak of all time. If true, this will be the most action packed episode in television history! Enjoy, and don't forget to Like & Subscribe! Thank you.

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The Greatest Leak Of All Time? - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6



Talking Thrones - 2017-01-27
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Toby Elers - 2017-08-21
Nope part of it is wrong jon doesn't die again

Jimmys Jamin - 2017-08-20
I think John is wounded but not dead but holy crap great narrative !

js jj - 2017-08-17
I watched the leaked episode 7 and it is intense. The only thing and I mean, the only thing bad about it is waiting longer till the next episode and I guess the season finale, right? BBut letting it air a little early isn't nothing compared to the longest wait ever till the next season airs. Some of us don't have that long and yet who is to say that for that reason we are still here. right? Hmmmmm ,points to ponder.

ThePennyArcade - 2017-08-17
About 80% of this came true. Cool

Cosmic Castaway - 2017-08-17
Not Edd!

XbamfX 816 - 2017-08-15
Man it's almost unbearable listening to this dude geez reminds me of the parents from Charlie Brown. Wah wah wah wah wah stfu.

Klay Thompson - 2017-08-15
Well, we know the Lord Commander Ed isn't there with them...

J Cahill - 2017-08-13
Love the way u get so excited reading out what's gonna go down it's building up to be a very exciting last few episodes

Abdullmu3z - 2017-08-12
It would be stupied if john dies again now

Astro Project - 2017-08-09

remnbig31 - 2017-08-08
I hope they kill and bring back John ! !!!!!

Zee D - 2017-08-08
I think the White Walkers will not/or cannot kill Jon Snow, because he's dead already! I think he will be able to kill Whites! Jon is the key to everything!

Kimberly Scheper - 2017-08-06
Definitely don't see Thoros or Beric Dondarrion surviving this season. I'm ready for season 8 spoilers.

MSTF ICI - 2017-08-06
What is brandon's job in all this stuff?

David Applegate - 2017-08-05
I think Jon will die as part of his transformation and tragic end.

Jessy dearing - 2017-08-04
k so the knight king is ice, who is the opposite its not dany its someone we have only heard about

Jessy dearing - 2017-08-04
yep sounds about right. Hey dude was revived multiple times so i dont see the problem with john being revived again

mike kennedy - 2017-08-03
i'm going to be seriously pissed off with this show if they keep killing jon

Cristina Winker - 2017-08-03
everyone keeps saying gendry is going to be with Jon...how and when does gendry come back??

Lake Leander - 2017-08-03
Nothing will be better than Fringe 2x01, A New Day in the Old Town.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown - 2017-08-02
After Beric dies, Jon uses Berics sword (Dawn) and becomes Azor Ahai.

Lee Bride - 2017-08-02
So far after 3 episodes of season 7.. pretty accurate so far.

georginaq - 2017-08-01
So did Hodor became a White Walker?

Denise Frederick - 2017-07-31
What difference does it make if he bends the knee or not to Dany, more is at stake than who's king or queen of what?

Gloria Dixon-Svärd - 2017-07-30
I agree it would be ridiculous to kill John again and bring him back to life. I hope most of that leak will not play out but their are enough rumors that the the one dragon would become a white. Hope not!

Nancy-Jo Nunez - 2017-07-30
This was wonderful! Yes I get excited about this....I loved your spoiler....

ShaBe MahTAab - 2017-07-30
Why is Sansa in the show at all.. she haven't done anything useful accept getting married 👰

Rawc90 - 2017-07-29
Jon doesn't want to be King, he'd be happy with Warden, can see him dropping the title for dannys help

Obsthunter69 - 2017-07-28
Kit Harrington stated in an interview that fake scenes were shot and he himself was in at least 5 of them. So we cant really say that leaked photos like gendry with the hamer or jorah and jon are real.

Obsthunter69 - 2017-07-28
7:39 a white walker with dou blades starts to attack jon.
Just gonna leave that here

jiji Ha - 2017-07-28

So the blue in the trailer is actually a dragon's, huh?
I'll be honest. This sound epic and true or fanfic, I hope this season will step up its game for the few episodes it has!x)

carla fabiana Israel - 2017-07-28
I heard another leak that Jon nearly can't make it but he manages to scape after all. The rest is pretty much the same describe here. Except John's resurrection.

Thamac15 - 2017-07-28
If Jon dies again, at such a worthless point in the story then I should have never watched this gay ass show.

Tiago Fialho - 2017-07-27
well, about jon dying and get revived over and over again, while it sounds too crazy and indeed it seems to go againts story telling rules we shouldnt forget that one of GoT virtues is to break thouse rules! its clear as day that beric dondarrion is the archetype of a fantasy holy knight, aka PALADIN. and so it is jon, while Snow lacks the physical "light powers", he is the most virtuous paladin in the show (honor, compassion, courage), i bet this is nothing new to fans, so it makes sense that for paladins in order to defeat the "lich king" and the army of the dead, the trick is to ressurect themselfs until it is done. yes, it is a cheap tactic, but so it is rising undeads to do the battle for you. and...equally badass! also i believe that this moment in the story is the reason why until we get here heroes archetypes were killed left and right, to bring more meaning to the fact this fight is a magical encounter, like danny and fire

Barb DeSouza - 2017-07-27
Very excited, but also sad that we only have five episodes left.

brs - 2017-07-26
Im sorry but if jon is revived again this is bullshit.I wanted him to stay dead bcs it will brcome the cliche hero story

Crazy4Comics - 2017-07-26
Love how people are like "Jon Snow can't die again" yh because their totally isn't a guy who's been revived from the dead 7 times or anything like that and Beric is just a normal dude with some faith, Jon Snow is the first Targaryen/Stark offspring also if Beric truly does believe Jon is Azor Ahai he would 100% give him the kiss of life, hell in fact it would be even more bullshit for Jon Snow to actually survive that encounter, like it would be the ultimate plot armour, from the trailers and the first 2 episodes of Season 7 We've seen so far, I'm gonna go ahead and say 95% of this is true

lisa thibodeau - 2017-07-26
first of all, I've never watched youtube before except the stuff my son shows me....WOW!
Love the show. Totally addicted.
I'd like to see Little Finger's tongue cut out and surgically attached to Theon, in the form of what he lost!
I know....stupid. But a girl can dream

chazz LUCAS - 2017-07-25

Mint YT - 2017-07-25
If one if the dragons die would that mean all the other dragons will get angry and go super saint

EarthToGreg - 2017-07-25
Jon needs to die so a king will have died during this season.

TheLazersword123 - 2017-07-24

GitSnowedm80 - 2017-07-24
Lol. Jon isn't gonna die again

Amar Muh - 2017-07-24
It's going to all come true I saw the sppolers on reddit

the sniper - 2017-07-23
dany will be queen but there wont be anything left to rule over

Matt Something - 2017-07-21
I can see Beric giving Jon the kiss of life because Beric is pretty much the stand in for LSH in the show. The idea of LSH giving Jon the kiss of life in the books would have so much weight and emotion behind it, I could see it happening.

Elder Maxson - 2017-07-21
I want to see an Ice Dragon

Mason Riccard - 2017-07-20
almost all of this is going to happen

Dan S M - 2017-07-19
I say you either kill Jon or you don't, and they went with kill him so I think they're going to have to play that out.. it actually makes no sense to have him never get killed again and go on like nothing happened

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