Must Watch Jason Chaffetz Break To Judge Jeanine That AG Jeff Sessions Is A Deep State Potted Plant

Must Watch Jason Chaffetz Break To Judge Jeanine That AG Jeff Sessions Is A Deep State Potted Plant
Must Watch Jason Chaffetz Break To Judge Jeanine That Yes AG Jeff Sessions Is A Deep State Potted Plant .  9 / 30 / 2017 
Must Watch Jason Chaffetz Break To Judge Jeanine That AG Jeff Sessions Is A Deep State Potted Plant



Dewdaahman - 2018-02-25
they are all actors and you have given them a stage, which makes you a defender of actors.. next..?

Mary Vidaurri - 2018-02-25
We have got to get rid of AG Sessions now. He is unable and unwilling to do his job. Let's not waste any more time, get rid of him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

49ERS R BACK - 2018-01-22

Dozer Bull - 2018-01-11
Jeff Sessions is working for George Bush !!!!

Janice Henry - 2017-12-16
This is unconscionable

Jeffrey Jones - 2017-12-12
Fire this dam midget

Jeffrey Jones - 2017-12-12
Dam rite

Steven Richards - 2017-11-24
Sessions a total sell out deep state ass hole! Get rid of him ASAP!

Alexander Craig - 2017-11-15
What do they do all day? They watch your show!

thomas moloian - 2017-11-12

MICHAEL Del Valle - 2017-11-12

R. Salacina - 2017-11-11
love the judge, wish she would marry me.

joseph colling - 2017-11-08
Jeanine Ferris married Albert Pirro, a lobbyist, in 1975. The couple had a son and a daughter. In 2000, Albert Pirro was convicted of federal tax evasion and conspiracy of over $1 million,[which was seen as possibly hurting his wife's legal and political career prospects.[10] The conviction was so damaging to her political career that she seriously considered resigning from her position as a state district attorney and taking a more lucrative post in the private sector.

In the midst of her 2006 state attorney general campaign, Pirro revealed she was the subject of a federal investigation into whether she illegally taped her husband's conversations to catch him committing adultery.[12] The couple announced they were separating in November 2007 and finalized their divorce in 2013.

After her husband's release from prison, Pirro received significant political contributions from his associates, including contractors and realtors who had done business with her husband, for her several unsuccessful attempts to hold higher office

The Truth - 2017-11-05
Jeff Sessions is a Swamp Creature. The President needs to get Rid of him Now, before Sessions under minds him again, And their goes Trump!

Chris Weidner - 2017-11-04
OK I admit that Sessions was a huge mistake. Jeanine must be his replacement. Ah, but she is pure patriot. The criminals keep washing one another's back. That Obama, Hillary, their handlers and acolytes are not rotting in jail screams that the criminals are still firmly in control. America cries out as our country spins out of control.

stuzo666 - 2017-11-03
Sessions is a fukin joke

Vox Seven - 2017-11-01
lawless lawmakers

Nestor Alegre - 2017-10-29
Sessions distracts with being against the legalization of mariguana..knock it off and get out

Zenith Stratosphere - 2017-10-27
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has for decades been one of the most conservative voices in Washington.  He was the first Senator to openly endorse Donald Trump when nobody else would go near Trump.  Jeff Sessions is ethical and believes in the Rule of Law.  His work thus far has been exceptional.  The swamp in Washington can't be cleaned out overnight but don't dismiss Jeff Sessions so quickly.

Ranger 1776 - 2017-10-27
So, I expect Trump will get rid of him 1st of the year

Christina Pankey - 2017-10-27
sessions is dirty gotta go

Top Hat - 2017-10-26
The fox is guarding the hen house.

L - 2017-10-25
No wonder we aren't seeing any justice. What ever happened to draining the swamp? Trump needs to put a man with balls in that job who is willing to go after these POS.

Sam Steward - 2017-10-21
Sessions needs to be fired immediately! He is part of the swamp and has been for many years!! They put him in there to buddy up with Trump knowing that Trump is very loyal to people who standby him and knew that session would get a good job from Trump but he's actually a mole for the political elite and probably paid by the Clinton foundation!! Need to fire him now!! Because the fucking AG is Rod Rosenstein anyways!! Sessions is wiping his hands clean of every fucking thing & he's not about that lift a finger to do one fucking thing and he is too goddamn old and stupid anyways!! He wants to let Rod Rosenstein make his own decision whether not he needs recuse himself on an investigation that should be happening right now with our uranium going to Russia!! Rosenstein, Comey, mueller, fraudulent Obama and Loretta Lynch's big fat black ass are all tied up in that shit!! Sessions is not about to fucking do anything or investigate anyone involved in paid a play of giving away 20% of our uranium as the Clintons got paid over $145 million!! These treasonous fucking criminals need to pay for all the crimes they have committed against American people!! But it will never happen unless Trump fires sessions and Rosenstein!!

Ping Pong - 2017-10-20
Sessions is a cunt. No other word for it.

Ping Pong - 2017-10-20
Sessions is a supreme idiot - he recuses himself over Russia, when the biggest criminal case is about Russia... Total traitor to the people...

Dr. Nancy Canada - 2017-10-18
The amount he blinks in this video is crazy lol

Mark Gazel - 2017-10-16
We the American wants them out for good

David Sagaser - 2017-10-15
Jesus! Help us! Please! Thank you.

Mbz Thoughts - 2017-10-10
I am not a fan of the Judge, but this is an important message and all the other videos had Computer voices.
He could possibly be compromised like most of the members of Congress. The Awans have a Spy Ring In Congress and AwanContra to support it. Drugs, arms, bank fraud, human/child trafficking etc etc etc! Set these people up, then they are yours to use to destroy our Country! Look at www.awantimeline.com for starters!

Jack The Giant Killer - 2017-10-10
Jeff sessions needs to be fired as AG. he is a dark state actor masquerading as a good guy. Bullshit. He is a traitor!

bill hanna - 2017-10-10
what AIPAC wants passed AIPAC gets or doesn't get get it. AIPAC is the real enemy of the people of the USA ...911n is still the Biggy.

Sgt Sammy - 2017-10-10
This is why you don't put stupid people in Power.

Robert Shrewsbury - 2017-10-10
Perhaps we need a New Political Party and one that truly represents we the people.
So many Republicans are now also fattening their own bellies at the expense of the people just like the Democrats have been doing for a long time. Maybe we can call them Democrat-Republican half-breeds that use the name brand and don't do the work, except to high bidders that buy them. I call it greed!
This is a kind of social/political prostitution as I see it. I think both political parties need to be cleaned as a collective swamp, supplanted for better people that are really Statesmen.

Jerry Williams - 2017-10-09
Judge Jeanine is awesome. Check out her triceps and biceps and looks better than most 30 and 40 years old , very intelligent too.Can`t believe she`s 65. Wow!

Far North Weaver - 2017-10-09
The fact of the matter stands, that Jeff Sessions would rather arrest citizens for using medical marijuana, than he would the Criminal Bass-Turds sitting in OUR Halls of Justice!!!
I tell ya, it makes me want to go to DC, and pull those Senators and Congressmen out by the hair if need be, of OUR Halls of OUR Government!!

AmericanHinoki - 2017-10-09
Has Sessions investigated "anything yet" ? Not like there aren't any possibilities.
Trump needs to can his ass.

june bug - 2017-10-09
I said all along session was a. no good piece of dirt..he knows Joe Biden is a pedifile..he worked with him for years..but he turns a blind eye on his good friend Biden..get rid of him he is no good.

Inga Hicks - 2017-10-09
Holy freaking shit!! Time for AG Sessions to go

Rhonda Sturgess - 2017-10-09
...sessions....youre fired

Barbara Kempf - 2017-10-09
Jeanie go get them

bailey9r - 2017-10-06
So really what is left??? A million of us march armed peacefully but armed and say enough is enough we rep the people and with a call we can have another two mil here tomorrow. (I would love to see Cummins and Chuckie wet their pants right there)

bailey9r - 2017-10-06
Jason take a day off and go to the beach dude you need some Vitamin D ;<)

Joe Hartman - 2017-10-05
One Word - "Corruption" All of these politicians have been compromised to a certain degree. If one goes to jail so do others, I can only speculate and this is one of the reasons that would explain why many of these people are not going to prison. Then there is Jeffrey Epstein and his “Orgy Island.” As I understand what has been published and reported, many of our politicians have been to this private Sex Island and many of our elected officials have been filmed having sex with minors and if these people don't do as they are told, many will be going to prison. If the general public know about this then why is our LEO not closing this down.?

Nuclei Vexed - 2017-10-05
Trump and Co. are dismantling the government... they're burning it all to the ground. Why else would would Trump appoint incompetent individuals in every position of power... sowing the seeds of Discord. Bannon's wet dream.

Corrie Jacobs - 2017-10-04
Brilliant Jeanine, the whole world and America want to see justice but nothing happens, are there something that is been hide from the American Christian people

Joe Zappa - 2017-10-04
President Trump please hire Tom Fitton to be the new Attorney General. Jeff sessions should be investigated for obstruction of Justice for protecting Hillary and colluding with the Democrats for not Prosecuting them for their crimes.

SaK Thornton - 2017-10-04
You might want to check Sessions bank account.

Jason Jackson - 2017-10-04
Imagine if Judge Jeanine was the AG, holy shit!!!

Don Robinson - 2017-10-04
I am ashamed of saying I was a democrat all my life until this election. Now I am ashamed of both parties. They are a bunch of liars top to bottom. Trump could do something about Sessions but he lied too. Drain the swamp.

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