VIC DAMONE | Great Songs | |Stereo|

VIC DAMONE | Great Songs | |Stereo|
01.   An Affair To Remember
02.   On The Street Where You Live
03.   In The Still Of The Night
04.   The Song Is You
05.   More
06.   The Shadow Of Your Smile
07.   The Nearness Of You
08.   Begin The Beguine
09.   Stardust
10.   What's New?
11.   Michelle
12.   Moon River
13.   It's Impossible
14.   Secret Love
15.   Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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VIC DAMONE | Great Songs | |Stereo|



Franklin Steen - 2018-02-19
Great selling of the songs-- right on the pitch always-- he never needed autotune!

Joseph Mendozza - 2018-02-17
Thank you, to Victoria Damone for giving us the honor of attending Vic’s funeral and the dinner at Cafe L’Europe last night in his honor. I fell in love with Vic 9/15/1973, when he sang all night long to me because it was my wedding night, in the middle booth of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Such was the kindness and charisma of this great man. He was honorable and humble until the end. We ended up living in the same town, and had the pleasure to see him and call him friend. Fly with the Angels, Vic. There will never be another voice, ever, to compare with your dulcet tones. With love and appreciation, Terry Ebert-Mendozza and Joe Mendozza, Palm Beach

nicole cameron - 2018-02-17
RIP Heavenly Voice🙏💝

Marder Family - 2018-02-16
He touched all of us with the wonderful feeling he put into all his songs.
A truly beautiful soul with a golden voice. That sound was unique. Rest in peace.

Bill Wagstaff - 2018-02-14
I loved his voice and he was one of my favorites , I've just discovered he's passed away it's made me feel sad , but I'm not far away from my 78th birthday so it was great to listen to his voice again took me back in time . Maybe to a better time before Trump thank God for nostalgia .

Raquel May - 2018-02-14
Rest In Peace mr. Damone you will be miss !

Watson Everly - 2018-02-12

cemegonuts - 2018-02-12
RIP Vic. You will be missed.

Dennis Noble - 2018-02-12
Passed away today, so sad.

Mr Alex - 2018-02-12
The Voice has gone to heaven, lucky heaven, thank you Vic.....RIP

Michele Bensen - 2018-02-12
RIP Vic Damone, you gave us all so much beautiful music. You will always be remembered with love and respect.

Steve McCauley - 2018-02-12
That's Bill Shirley's ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE at the end of track one

Justin Junk - 2018-02-12
The man with "the greatest pipes in the business" passed away yesterday. RIP.
Great selection of his songs. I would have included "Ebb Tide".

Mariyln Wellington - 2018-02-09
LOve, Love his beautiful voice and music, Timeles, thanks so much for these videos, love them

Francisca Moñino - 2018-02-05

Prof Davis - 2018-01-25
Why isn't the Track-list from this Album?, I'm confuseg

carlos camargo - 2018-01-14
outstanding job you are doing, thanks for sharing, God bless you.

Tomas Martinez - 2017-12-20

Astig1110 - 2017-12-19
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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