Prince Fox - Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) | Official Music Video

Prince Fox - Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) | Official Music Video
Prince Fox "Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne)" OUT NOW on DIM MAK 
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/justcall_s | Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/justcall_am
Beatport: http://smarturl.it/justcall_b | iTunes: http://smarturl.it/justcall_i

Los Angeles-based producer/singer Prince Fox and actress/singer Bella Thorne release the official music video for their uninhibited single "Just Call." Directed by Joe Zohar, the video offers a captivating visual narrative, detailing the endless cycle of a relationship through different perspectives.

Director: Joe Zohar
Production Company: Moving Box Studios
Cinematographer: Joshua Lehnard
Producer: Steve Vasquez / Rikke Heinecke
Executive Producer: Lorne Padman/ Pheobe Sotomango 
Editor: Joe Zohar

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Prince Fox - Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) | Official Music Video



Kira k - 2018-01-20
No words it's so nice omg i love this Song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Filipa Miranda - 2018-01-20
The lyrics arent ok but the sound its really cool

Edits - 2018-01-20
pretty good x


iona Hunter - 2018-01-13

WidmoCiała - 2018-01-12
Good song. Greetings from Poland 😎🇵🇱

Nicole Anna xoxo - 2018-01-12

Szejker Szejker - 2018-01-08
Who else thinks that she looks like Jeffree Star?

Szejker Szejker - 2018-01-08
She's so ugly

Camille Cartwright - 2018-01-06
sounds so good

Кристин Тодорова - 2018-01-05
I crazy about this song

Gg g - 2018-01-04
In love with this song 💕💕

Dark Angxls - 2018-01-03
Bella wore lil peeps merch... ouch

Tremblay Valerie - 2018-01-03

Drivers of Los Angeles - 2017-12-28
Okay I actually like her in this

Haslow Magonagole - 2017-12-26

Marcus McIntosh - 2017-12-26
going into 2018 with this song

follow me on Instagram @markeys_ig

figi naceerle - 2017-12-22
:( just call (plase)

TheHanaBanana - 2017-12-21

Χρυσουλα Δραγατογιαννη - 2017-12-21

Humberto Junnyor - 2017-12-18
2:53 song

רויטל פרידמן - 2017-12-16
I love this song,you to?

Dylan Smith - 2017-12-15
Song needs should be a lot more popular 😂 better then a lot of songs that are popular

Vinícius Venturine - 2017-12-15

Jessica Men - 2017-12-14
wait wth even if this video was played in the right order, i'd still be confused. what exactly is the plot line?

Marina Moreno - 2017-12-13
I see bella throne in like every music video....😲

Blake Fall. - 2017-12-11
Just call it whatever. 😂

lia lia - 2017-12-09
Call it whatever

Lara Bilecen - 2017-12-09
better than what i expected😍

Naomi Rufai - 2017-12-09
1.Call it whatever
2.Just Call
What's next "Call me back"

Melania Drumpf - 2017-12-05
If you listen carefully you can hear Disney sobbing

At's Eating Show - 2017-12-04
I used to really like Bella Thorne and now I still like her even though she goes overboard with some of her antics. I respect everyone being themselves and being as weird as they want.

Emily Chavez - 2017-12-03
I love this song!😍💖

Kirill Voroshilov - 2017-12-02
Very cool music

AkhilBozz - 2017-12-01

ItsJustLian - 2017-11-28
Bella is amazing!!! Her number 1 fan!

Rutuja Sasankar - 2017-11-28
How to mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen.

Crux Steve - 2017-11-27
She loves calls

ItsJustLian - 2017-11-26
She's looks like Melanie martinez!

rare photo of Daniel Coulter Reynolds - 2017-11-26
someone plz wake that boy up, he thinks he's Chris Martin

Isabella Monterroso - 2017-11-26
this would be better if i didnt have to think about bella thorne screaming about salads in her bath tub

Stephanie Machado - 2017-11-24
At least it’s better than salad dressing.

I don't Park Jimin I Ride Jimin - 2017-11-24
Oh she's still a thing

god - 2017-11-24
I feel like Bella is just trying to get her social blade up.

Otto Mendoza - 2017-11-23
This just reminds me to my relationship with my ex.. He just used me until he didnt need anything from me, and then dump me like a leftover..

Henry. - 2017-11-23
She needs to do more music. I love her voice.

Clorox Bleach - 2017-11-22
Bella Thorne is my style icon😍😍

Emerson Melo - 2017-11-22
Guys,Bella is just losing control about he not calling her..I mean when you're in love and the person does care about you..You lose control

Fatima Mirza - 2017-11-22
i love bella

pedro eduardo - 2017-11-22
Just be you

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