quaral10 - 2018-03-22
So, what is life?

Thelightningunicorn1026 - 2018-03-22
1:45 This peice of "Evidence" that you call it. You should have done more research before you did this, because it made actually giggle from how stupid you sound.

webb slebb - 2018-03-22
Maybe the camera couldn't pick up the stars? Idk this video is really convincing but not even my camera can pick up stars and it's really new

Sara Moumi - 2018-03-22
Omg I think we never landed on the moon that like all fake we never landed on he moon if you agree like this coment

Felzy - 2018-03-22
faker than my eye brows

Shelby Nightshade - 2018-03-22
NEW CONSPIRACY THEORY!: Ever notice how Shane’s picture is the same for almost EVERY conspiracy video?? What if Shane is involved in something bigger? ILLUMINATTI CONFIRMED!!! * cue illuminatti music *

Timothy Mccoy - 2018-03-22
The moon landing is completely bs

Inkoming - 2018-03-22
Moon Truther Furry?

Helen ahlers - 2018-03-22
Actually we were the first to land on the moon but some idiot recorded over the footage and so they had to recreate it in a set and that's why all these problems up here is because that's not the original footage

Windex Meme - 2018-03-22
Look shane there are not stars in this solar system so yes on earth we see them thats not the case in space.

Lydia Adams - 2018-03-21
The moon bubble thing that could be really but if it was that would be so freaking cool

Ms. Galaxy - 2018-03-21
"No bitch it was waving" had me rolling😂

Ryry Ryry420 - 2018-03-21
No bitch it was waving 😂😂

Autumn F - 2018-03-21
The shadows could still come from the sun. The moon is in different phases all the time and the moon reflects the sun’s light.

IsabellaCooper - 2018-03-21
i believe the moon landing did happen but this video was pretty good and convincing for your side :)

Kelsey Dunkel - 2018-03-21
Ok I totally believe this but then how did the American flag get on the moon? Bc didn’t some other country like Russia or whatever go to the moon and see it or no

weird random - 2018-03-21
Also there is a desert somewhere. That looks like the moon ground

JustAnotherCliquePhanDevotee - 2018-03-21
loook at 0:57 why is there a black square around the earth, it looks like it was added in

Unicorn baE - 2018-03-21
new conspiracy
shane finally washed his red shirt!
i know sounds crazy

DanielleTakesPics - 2018-03-21
The moon has significant effects on the earth's tides and shape, it deffinatly isnt a hologram but the landing does look fake

Kendall Fox - 2018-03-21
Wow I’m shook

Isaiah Garcia - 2018-03-21

Alexandra Munoz - 2018-03-21
2018 😞😉😇😍

Trash Can - 2018-03-21
How to beat someone in an argument

Person : The moon landing was fake!
Me : PFFFTTT! You believe in the moon? I'm a moon truther, get your facts right Boi!

CupCake Chaos - 2018-03-20
You cant see stars unless you have a special camera

Devito Cheeto - 2018-03-20
What about the movie hidden figures that was based off the woman who helped with the moon landing, how would that be fake

Bat Lady - 2018-03-20
This video hurts

tyguy - 2018-03-20
just no, fucking watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhp-FTYSGe8

youtube is my life - 2018-03-20
Shane stars are only visible through Earth's atmosphere and no gravity the flag is flying about and the sun or the rocket reflection

Furious Distroyer Bringing you sweet te hers - 2018-03-20
plz do not send" fake news" as donnie trump states

Furious Distroyer Bringing you sweet te hers - 2018-03-20
read the comments bitch

Raccavn - 2018-03-20
There are enough resons why u would know the landing was real. If u wonna kno da reasons go to collegehumor

Danish Roy - 2018-03-20
Come on man the first 2 are explained by science. The flag waves because he’s rotating the pole and the flags reacting to that.
You can’t see the stars because you need to do a long exposure shot because the stars are bright enough.

Lucy Marshall - 2018-03-20
Normally love your conspiracy theory videos but this one was stretching the entire way through xo

Lucy Marshall - 2018-03-20
It's a high contrast picture.... surely you of all people (a person on camera!) would understand that's why there's no stars? :')

Mea Mercury - 2018-03-20
Watching this at 4am to show how much I love staying up on school days

Oreo Cookie - 2018-03-20
everyone chill out my dudes we get it, he’s wearing a different shirt

Roberto Gonzalez - 2018-03-20
When you are in space you cant see the stars

Andrea Puentes - 2018-03-19
2:33 Oml lol

mrs pmf - 2018-03-19

unknowen gam3r - 2018-03-19
Where is the proof

Kile McDaniel - 2018-03-19
the reason why you can see the stars is because back in the day the camera kind of sucked and it cant pick up the stars, like if you have ever tried taking a picture of the stars at night, they don't show up.

Chesco - 2018-03-19
Are you gay ?

HappyFozz’s - 2018-03-19
If the whole public eventually figured out it was a theory, nasa would probably be sued for A LOT of money

Agent Orange - 2018-03-19
As far a moon aliens my grandfather who worked on Apollo 11 told me that the moon landing was 100% true but he refused to talk about aliens or the missing moon landing footage

Agent Orange - 2018-03-19
My grandfather worked on the “Apollo project” more specifically Apollo 11 and I can say without a doubt the moon landing is 100% real

Maria Dimova - 2018-03-19
I believe it was fake moon landing because the technology in the 1960s was not great so if they were able to go in the 1960s then why can’t they figure out a way to get to the moon now?? Idk I might be totally wrong but tell me what u guys think

Aprilxo Abelxo - 2018-03-19

Gabriela Morejon - 2018-03-18
The flag could be moving from the engine of the rocket!!! And the stars in space are millions of light years away so one small shot would not reveal as many stars. And the c rock is from them carving it into it as a symbol of them being there. And the shadows are like that because of the sun’s rays. And the wires are from the rocket where they were attached to so that they would not float away. I mean people common senses!!

Cliff Addy - 2018-03-18
omg, what a total moron. All of this crap is easily debunked and has been numerous times.

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