Christina Steacy - 2018-03-06
I am all for women's rights however......lets face it James Franco is a cool good looking guy. Throughout Hollywood's history you have woman throwing themselves at famous men willing to do anything to get their attention. So that being said a women has the rights to say no, But if she doesn't use those right verbal, physical etc..and act like what is happening is OK then how is a person to know their actions are not ok? Why wait to accuse someone of sexual misconduct when they are about to have a huge career break? Why didn't these women come out sooner and the metoo movement has been going for months so come on please!!!!!!! Makes it hard to believe these girls are legit. Because he is a man and it would not be believed if he said he was not guilty of this he is screwed if he denies and screwed if he agrees so basically these women have ruined his career I just hope that it isn't out of spite.

John taylor Michaels - 2018-03-02
Shitarded actor bless the pineapple snatcher

CodyHiginbotham - 2018-02-05
What's irritating is that half of these accusations are most likely not true. If they are true, the accused need to come forward and admit what they did and if they're not true, the accusers should be ashamed for ruining someone's career when they didn't do anything

Eleonora Branchesi - 2018-01-31
Performing naked is not a scandal if you're doing sex scenes for the cinema. If the actors have previously agreed to it, they do not have the right to withdraw mid-production because that makes said production lose a lot of money. If they feel uncomfortable and directors/producers/screenwriters/whoever want to make a change in their favor, I guess that's purely as a favor.

FanaticByChoice - 2018-01-24
honestly i hope it's not true,he'so brilliant and talented..that would be a shame!

wayne messitt - 2018-01-24

alan bane - 2018-01-24
deal with """"whatever he did""" you have no idea what he o anyone else did and no evidence for it RETARDED FEMIIST MAN HATRD SCUM

tenacious anus - 2018-01-24
Franco is innocent because he is good looking and all the ugly guys are guilty.... You are all fucking stupid

Micho Rizo - 2018-01-23
Reminds me of the salem witch trails....when u can accuse one with no proof and have them burned at the stake.

Ocesam Roblox - 2018-01-22
Thanks a lot. Now the man might not even be nominated for best actor at the Oscars. Great timing to accuse him.

No Name - 2018-01-20
Me too is literally designed to latch onto women's inner victimhood complex and the need for sisterhood. If there are 4 girls and 3 say #metoo, the forth will want to be part do the girls and say #metoo also, even if untrue. You now have girls who just think "hmm...have I ever met a celebrity before....oh that's right, I saw the doctor from Melrose Place once in a Starbucks in New York...hmm...let me reprocess that memory with the lense of predatory behavior. Ok, I asked him for a photo, he said sure and then we left. Ok, nothing bad there ... Ok let me think real hard here, I wanna be part of me too. Maybe he touch me on my arm as part of that photo which made me uncomfortable but I was powerless to say no and he was smiling in the photo and behind my smile I was actually cowering in fear....yes yes...that is perfect. Okay good enough for me. I'm a metoo girl now too, time to call the press"

CC - 2018-01-20
I'm Wondering why didn't these accusers report it sooner as well, if it's really true ? Such a Vengeful lot.

Benjamin Buckley - 2018-01-20
They signed a contract and were paid to appear topless.

Cod Man - 2018-01-19
lol FAKE news they were not on about james Franco click bait?

folgar grimm - 2018-01-17
Justina Machado, you have no Idea if he did anything Know one knows! so you should be keeping your Fat mouth shut! thats not ok then people do that! we all know that 90% media messes up a lot!

Ricardo Gravity - 2018-01-16
Bullshit where’s the evidence show me proof...

RudyMonte - 2018-01-16
how is it sexual harassment when your shooting a nude scene that requires nudity then ask the actresses to be nude in it. hes not forcing anybody. actors and actresses get nude for roles all the time. how is this sexual harassment?

yasmine farhat - 2018-01-16
Horrible Hollywood is disgusting!

Michael Brandt - 2018-01-15
James Franco gives the performance of his life, and all of a sudden he is a sexual predator. This whole thing has become a giant witch hunt/power grab.

MusbCrazy80 - 2018-01-13
u support mens rights whilst being in hollywood....this is how they bury u...

Page Jenkins - 2018-01-13
Now I know this me to movement is - and full of -

Kate Moore - 2018-01-12
Um...Justine Machado why don’t you deal with your yellow buck teeth instead of talking about Franco

janie evans - 2018-01-12
It’s a man taking advantage of at least 5 women. Making promises he wasn’t going to keep.

Autumn Tiger - 2018-01-12
Months of this movement happening...Franco has award winning movie...NOW he's a predator. Guys....come on...it's all too coincidental for this one. But not showing up is helllllllla suspicious. Then again he shows up, more of the same. Some women are sick. I feel soooooo badly for the real victims when opportunists do crap like this...despicable!

THE Gaming BOSS - 2018-01-12
Women are so so dumb!

Ciao Carlo - 2018-01-12
This is all bullshit

White Noise - 2018-01-12
What a shitshow.

John Smith - 2018-01-12
Alot of actors are devilish and sex adicts

Khalid_Hatim - 2018-01-12
so he offered them roles in exchange for topless photos or videos and they accepted ?

Nate - 2018-01-12
The hell is "harassent"

/ - 2018-01-12

W.A M.P - 2018-01-12
Brave? People now are bitching over spilt milk nobody gives a fuck about your public virtue signaling.

03avalanchetruck - 2018-01-12
Hollywood is a shithole

doit toit - 2018-01-12
Bandwagon #metooers, it's fucking bullshit

Darth Wiffy - 2018-01-12
Told ya

scott n - 2018-01-12
What kind of douche bags are responding in this forum? Five different actresses have come forward on this creep and more are likely. He doesnt get a pass. Hollywood has gotten away with this criminal behavior for a century,

B Cran - 2018-01-12
If you run with dogs you be Identified as one.

B Cran - 2018-01-12
If you have to portray a sex scene in a story to get the point across the story is not worth telling. You love living in your sin. Sin= death

B Cran - 2018-01-12
Did we really expect anything else from a man who runs with the likes of marina abromovich and worship self and satan. People are deluded & delusional. They think they are something and above the law of the land. I know a God who would forgive you but you love living in your sin. Sin = death.

SCIENCEoverRELIGIONS - 2018-01-12
Oh no a man who likes women what ever will we do?

Dragon Knight 4.5 - 2018-01-12
ladies and gentlemen the the celebrity b***** you know if he did or he didn't we don't know rather than talking about this let's talk about how there's crime and it's a celebrities really want to talk about things why are they wasting all their time talking s*** about the president or about other stuff they don't understand so I feel like if you listen to these celebrities or you support them you just as bad as they are think that he didn't do it because you want to say something now come on now

Danny G. - 2018-01-12
Why hasn't there been sting operations and shit to see if this stuff is true or report it to the police before you tweet about it

Santino - - 2018-01-12
But that is at times part of acting for a role, being nude. He didnt ask for sex.

Nicholas Brewer - 2018-01-12
James " Kevin spacey" Franco

Animated Tigress - 2018-01-12
How about holding Trump accountable before others. Lead by example no?

chicago Bull - 2018-01-12
so after the lil whores agreed to that they expose him haha cunts

DemJem - 2018-01-12
Nooooooo not Franco

zombiekush760 - 2018-01-12
Franco gets a pass

Shon Won - 2018-01-12

Guest Guest - 2018-01-12
These harassment accusations are very harassing. 🐜

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