IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!

IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!
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IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!



Pyrykki A. Pyrytys - 2017-10-20
now she learned that skin can melt

Karen Williams - 2017-10-19
And sisters and brothersThis is unsafe

Karen Williams - 2017-10-19
Parents, aunts, uncles, friends, boyfriend, girlfriends and fiancé Please tell your loved ones that this is very unsafe to do. Please.. kids this is unsafe to do as a challenge, don’t do this This ain’t gonna get you anywhere. This could kill someone or damage thier skinThis challenge is a no no

Karen Williams - 2017-10-19
This challenge should be IllegalIllegal

Adolf Hitler - 2017-10-17

metalfoot - 2017-10-16
And the 2017 Darwin award goes to...

ANTARIS - 2017-10-16
If I was the guy on the first clip...idgaf who it was by brother or sister they are going to jail for assault for sure

Nailah Redman - 2017-10-15
1:57 his legs tho

Nailah Redman - 2017-10-15
A girl got seriously injured like this

Ryan Acker - 2017-10-15
These dumb fucks are the ones who also think the earth is flat.

Bmore Blondie - 2017-10-15
Don't diss people BC they can't afford dental care . its sad

Bmore Blondie - 2017-10-15
I hate people , love animals

Germ Bedro - 2017-10-15
Man you actually made a costume these days? Badass.

CammiTalbain Shoku - 2017-10-15

zildjian674 - 2017-10-14

Leon Kira - 2017-10-14

rei kon - 2017-10-14
that first lady dumped it on someone else, i'd be pissed the fuck off, hopefully they threw her ass in a cage.

BumbleBee Tuna - 2017-10-14
OmyGod!!!! Like WHYYYYYYY???

Mr wolfy - 2017-10-13
Autism at its finest

dan pedd - 2017-10-13
Holy shit. OMG.

Kaylos Play Doe - 2017-10-13
Love your background!

AngryBeaver30 - 2017-10-13
Two Face in the fucking thumbnail!

Bella Bur - 2017-10-13
I really want to beat the crap out of that stupid whore who threw boiling water on her brother. I wonder how she manages to breathe without instructions.

The Ascending Apothicon - 2017-10-12
I would have punched the fuck out of my sisters if they tried that hot water challenge bs on me. I don't care if my mom presses assault charges (I'm 20 with 10 and 7 year old sisters) but, I would kick their asses if they EVER pulled this shit on me.

In the tyrants hands slaves you shall be !!! - 2017-10-11
I would have beat that woman into a coma (in the first video) after I recovered.

Noah Parkin - 2017-10-11
If that where my sister...I woulda killed her...

TheSimpsonssince90 - 2017-10-11
What the FUCK is this shit? What the FUCKIN HELL did I just see.

cielo azul - 2017-10-09
What The Fuck

G the weirdo - 2017-10-09
The stupidity is strong with these people 😞😒

yammy yams - 2017-10-09
Quality meme content

Justin Bozeman - 2017-10-09
Notice how no white people have done this it's only blacks and Hispanics

exploding creeper 11618 - 2017-10-09
Are you wearing a mak cuz you did it

Priincess Mya - 2017-10-08
i wish somebody did the hot water challenge on me, try me.

Alex Castarz - 2017-10-08
La mayoría que lo han hecho son negros por eso creo que son estupidos

Trouble - 2017-10-07
Omfg dude seriously, was this really a thing

John Hasben - 2017-10-07
0:50 ok I laughed but only because I didn't expect the slow mo, slow motion screaming is my weakness

A2theE2 - 2017-10-07
I just want to reach through the screen and straighten your tie. My OCD is screaming

Carlos Smith - 2017-10-07
I am the only one to point out that all these people are minorities?

Brian AJ - 2017-10-06
You and I*

Skitty the Dictator - 2017-10-06
Some guy tried to tell me that having sex with children, black-out level drunk people, and people in comas shouldn't be considered rape. Then he accused me and the other people trying to talk sense into him of "American cultural imperialism" and compared us to Nazis. Maybe we should just give up on this species?

Jordan Duncan - 2017-10-06
Nice costume! ^_^

Mephilis 78 - 2017-10-06
Goes to show that idiots will do anything suggested on the internet if you follow it with the word "challenge!"

Mephilis 78 - 2017-10-06
10000000x dumber than Ice bucket challenge! Do they realize they could permanently disfigure or kill themselves? Are they aware that they might have to get pig skin grafted to their faces?

Lil Uzi Tha Best - 2017-10-05
poor guy that got it thrown on him

Pretty little Psycho - 2017-10-05
Man i accidentally spilled water on my little bro thank got he didn't get any scars. But who is so stupid and does it ok purpose 🤦🏻‍♂️

That Girl Shay - 2017-10-04
I burned my self on accident with noodles water on my hand and it hurt I would dare do all that

That Girl Shay - 2017-10-04
That challenge not no joke

Elizabeth Beacham - 2017-10-03
that stupid cunt that threw it on her brother should have been drowned at birth.. seriously what a stupid brat I hope she got her ass beat

adam Cohen - 2017-10-03
Stupid little black bitch lol. And that Brazilian guy looks like an ape.

Ben cb9 - 2017-10-02
Bravo! Go Taügetosz challenge jump jump😂

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