IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!

IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!
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IDIOT ALERT! Hot Water Challenge Compilation!



Stefany Suarez - 2017-08-21
malditas estupodeses ke pendejos no tiene cerebro

Hannibal Hell #ConTV - 2017-08-21
Brazilian kkkk

George Saluto Girsang - 2017-08-21
Im subscribing because this guy has a cool mask and hates humans bahahahahah

Seref Karaca - 2017-08-21
The brain has left the body.

Mari Lu - 2017-08-21
Adios mundo

Ulysses M. Daniels - 2017-08-21
Nice view count Daps!

ViHi :D - 2017-08-21
Kto od zyzeja

jmflame - 2017-08-21
i want to know is that little bitch got the beat down he deserve

Humble Cosmas - 2017-08-21
i was literally not able to breath on the floor dead from laughter after what that bitch did to her brother

Kratitos - 2017-08-21
dylantero con plata :v

Gabby - 2017-08-20
OmG is this fucking real?! What is wrong with people these days?

gfrancagm - 2017-08-20
The second guy in the video said "This Is being hardcore!" before he flung hot water in himself.

Agent Byson - 2017-08-20
if you ask me the water wasnt hot enough

Mish Mell - 2017-08-20
Who was the idiot filming kids doing these things???????

Blaznpanda9900 - 2017-08-20
How retarded can you be to do that

SirD3rpsALots - 2017-08-20
I like this guy.

Haru gaming24 - 2017-08-20

MC donald - 2017-08-20
darwin challenge

Farah Osman - 2017-08-20
There is just dine fucking idiots on This planet, like wtf bro?

FR Bmp - 2017-08-20
Lets start Acid challenge. They do it in Bangladesh.

Dan K Funk - 2017-08-20
Just another american retard challenge fucking stupid ass pigs monkeys, whats next :P

truth be getting told - 2017-08-20
If I was the other dude I would have grabbed that pot and beat the shit out of her with it. Teach that bitch to associate doing stupid shit with getting hurt really bad. Twist her arms, her legs, gut punch, smack that bitch. Make her squeal. She knew what she was doing.

Alexis Crawford - 2017-08-20
Is this Onision?

Trellchad Singleton - 2017-08-20

Anna Ferraro - 2017-08-19
Omg.. what's next? Take a bullet challenge!?

Jennifer Gonzalez - 2017-08-19
Can't wait for the kill myself challenge

Italo Pinto - 2017-08-19
stupid people!!

HArleyQuInN JoKEr - 2017-08-19

Iron man - 2017-08-19

milly pockets - 2017-08-19
You people who do these challenges are fucking stupid!! Why the fk u need to try and be better than everyone else or look better or anything else better. Your stupid learn to do shit for urself that benifits u not hurts or kills urself.

Phil Jenkins - 2017-08-19
Nice suit bro, subscribed!

Richard Crumpton - 2017-08-19
Can't wait for the drink Drano challenge

Brett Bocik - 2017-08-19
take note: majority of these people doing the hot water challenges are ghetto niggers/trashy ass people or 3rd world trashy ass people

M K - 2017-08-19
Why black people are so retarded??

Broly Xiong - 2017-08-19
People will do anything for attention, btw I would have beaten the black girl at the beginning. If. When I am recover from the hot water

AYEKINGSTON TV - 2017-08-19
Earth is coming to A end.

† European Crusader † - 2017-08-19
I want to murder her.

Неоновый Котейка - 2017-08-19
Блять,это насколько тупыми нужно быть?килл ми плиз.

Karina Rivera - 2017-08-19
The first girl im sorry but i would beat the fuck out of he until she bleeds out blood and make her drink it up and get one last sock in the face r like why do that to your brother also?? this challenge is very ignorant and every day everything is getting bad in this world.

delzzan12 Rodpamo - 2017-08-19
This ain't even terrible, this is infinite

Ashtraygal - 2017-08-19
Satan's watching this like "they're making my work a lot easier with these challenges."

Jorge Uriel Bernal Chavez - 2017-08-19
Do not be so smart to know that the boiling water is going to hurt you and even kill you

Jesse Ling - 2017-08-18
"A crown for a king."

Erick Carranza - 2017-08-18
That first girl is so fucking stupid

Miracle Donet - 2017-08-18
in the first one she burnt his nipples off...like are u dumb

sicoticosandro - 2017-08-18
Kim Jong un should nuke USA quick

I Do Not Care - 2017-08-18
The last one was Just incredible ! I mean he's face is propably looking like shit or even worse But i laugh so hard :D

Lil Fred - 2017-08-18
Я после видоса криспа

StingerGamer - 2017-08-18
ok ice bukket that's normal maybe you get a little sick but that's [email protected] hotwater ! I've see the next challenges drink bleach challenge then jump off the rufe and fly challenge

Steinmayer - 2017-08-18
Ебнутые нахуй привет из Рашки, где такое точно бы не случилось... Но это же грёбанная свобода, обливать себя горячей водой. Ебануться...

Fucking fuck greetings from Russia, where this just would not happen... But it's fucking freedom to pour hot water. Ridiculous...

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