William Ward - 2017-11-14
Boy Jeanine, You sure know how to pick"em. First you picked Trump🤑🤡🤥, Now this 💩🤠🤡You must be so proud. Yeah you gotta real class act there. I can see why YOU would love him... he is a lot like Trump. He's a major hypocrite, a groping womanizer (and young one's at that!) Thinks Rules, Laws and the Constitution don't apply to him either. We've got our fill of reptiles in Washington. Old and new. Sooo I'm thinking ANYBODY would be better than THIS lying POS Sleaze ball! Keep supporting the morons and I'm afraid it might be "BYE FELICIA!" Personally, I don't think you EVER get it right, and always ACTING so high and mighty acting like you're judge and jury and you represent the majority of Americans! Wrong! You're so obnoxious you almost make Trump look a little humble. Ha! Ha! 😂 Now that's a neat trick! Did I say hypocrite? You
About your Opening Statement... Typical cocky full of yourself over the top, over rehearsed, ridiculous foolish and full of false facts or better known to your kind as FAKE NEWS!

William Garside - 2017-11-13
You people with power to tell the people what is going on should raise hell with Congress in person. Sessions has to be removed from office by President.

Daniel James - 2017-11-11
I Blame Trump ,the buck stops with Trump he's the boss. He's able to rip Sessions out of the swamp. Trump, boot Sessions now.

The Truth - 2017-11-08
Sessions has know integrity. He's a low life corrupt Swampy piece of crap!

The Truth - 2017-11-08
Sessions has been in the Swamp for over 30 yrs. and is Part of the Swamp. He must be fired, or the President will never get rid of these BS allegations that have been hampering him and his loyal people in the White House and in Congress.

Himself Lee - 2017-11-07
Judge Jeanie, I respect you, but please let your guest finish his sentence.

GizmoFromPizmo - 2017-11-06
Maybe if you bribe him he'll prosecute these criminals.

DR Nose Best - 2017-11-06
new Rules upgrade old laws of the system times have changesd

DR Nose Best - 2017-11-06

Viola Rush - 2017-11-04
arrest all these traders hang them for treason

sid roth - 2017-11-02
Ted Cruz for Attorney General !

William Schutter - 2017-11-02
Sessions is liquidating the goodwill of tens of millions of patriots. What could possily justify that in his eyes? That is what I want to know.

William Schutter - 2017-11-02
Does the RNC realize that the longer it tolerates obstruction of justice the more alienated the base will become, and, that will never be good for the Party?

William Schutter - 2017-11-02
Madam Judge: please be our next AG. I implore God.

gail ferraiolo - 2017-10-31
What I don’t understand is these people are criminals and they should be arrested why do we need to donate to do it! Does that make any sense at all! They want 300,000 is their goal haven’t they already taken enough money from our taxpayers now it’s time to take theirs!

gail ferraiolo - 2017-10-31
They all need to be hung.....they will still be a danger to us and our country! They are not doing there job because they are all criminals! Jeff Sessions must be hung with the others! Coward or he’s a criminal along with the others!

goodinohio - 2017-10-31
Rand was right about ObamaCare lite.

DocHawksLF - 2017-10-31

Louella Ladybugg - 2017-10-30
The people can bring charges!! The people in office are subject to that office and all the laws including the Supreme law of the Land!!! The position is NOT subject to them!! Time to hold them accountable for "breach of fiduciary duty"!!! As to the Statute of limitations, it is not running out as the crime is continuing!!! It is not over until the issue is resolved!! The statue of limitations is for corporate and financial purposes to move on as they can write off as a loss etc.. but crimes such as sedition, treason, espionage, war crimes (we are at war) there is no statute of limitations!!
Time for the Americans to get busy and impose our laws on those in office!!

Laura Roman - 2017-10-30
What is wrong with TRUMP? Whats wrong with Sessions? FIRE SESSIONS! HES GOT SOME HIDDEN CORRUPTION HIMSELF!

Horseman6 - 2017-10-30
They don't vote because they are not there . They are running around self serving .Go in broke and come out rich.

pennise - 2017-10-29
Judge Jeanine is hot.

William Moorman - 2017-10-29
Trump needed to fire Sessions months ago. The guy is a bought and paid for buffoon.

TheInfinitequest - 2017-10-29
None of these people work for us. They haven't since the beginning of our country and today, it's even worse. The Globalist elite make all the decisions of consequential relevance across the globe, the USA government is only a part of the game of power. Beyond Payoffs, Coercion and Blackmail there is absolutely no logical reason for "every" person we send to Congress to become stagnant, repulsive, incompetent and rich. Oh, did I mention "embedded"!

Dick Kline - 2017-10-29
Corrupt Clowns are in charge of the Swamp!

Occ Doc - 2017-10-29
This unprecedented level of government corruption is an indication that a Revolution 2.0 is now in order. We the American people must demand a complete overhaul.

Flat Foot - 2017-10-29
Who the hell IS this loud mouthed shrill voiced retard?

Benjamin John - 2017-10-29
Mass Tea Party- Wake Up America? Where on earth have you been? I didn't believe such a channel/ party existed. No matter.. What you are listening to is crap on top of more crap anyway. When are you all going to wake up and realize they are playing us all like puppets? It's the good cop- bad cop game and the American people are buying it all, lock stock and barrel. Not one person in their circle will go to jail. Yet they all ruin our lives like it is nothing to them. Pieces of dung who can't do anything but ruin lives with the best of intentions. Or so they say. They sell us the ox cart, but the ox cart has no wheels. Worse, we buy it like it's the best thing since sliced bread. No, seriously. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

I AM - 2017-10-29
Sessions was and still is a deep state actor.

visionv - 2017-10-29
People. It is ALL CORRUPT. Get it.

Jan Koort - 2017-10-29
Judge Jeanine Pirro for AG!!

Marthy Hall-Cooper - 2017-10-29
He needs to step down. Jeff Sessions should leave

Missie - 2017-10-29
President Trump, Please FIRE Jeff Sessions. We need somebody fighting for you, and us.

4banger 1234 - 2017-10-29
lets face it people....this is worse than a soap opera media makes money(fox and others)nobody goes to jail and band plays on....fuking painful

Missie - 2017-10-29
Yep.. Love Jeanine!!

4banger 1234 - 2017-10-29
judge you take time away from jason for this fuking loud mouth

Joseph Sanchez - 2017-10-28
These Republicans are hedging their bets. They don't want to be tied to Trump's policies in case the Dem's make him irrelevant. They are true politicians.

Steve Cousins - 2017-10-28
Same old republican conspiracy shit. They are the National Enquirer of the political world.

James Bryson - 2017-10-28
Sessions, you are starting to strip the people of any ability to trust the DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE.

If the DoJ is brazenly corrupt WE ARE LOST. Are you selling us out? Are you?

James Bryson - 2017-10-28
McConnell is a farce, a criminal farce. The people are sick of four-faced, spineless, non-leadership FAKE representation.

Get off your Mitch!

john k. - 2017-10-28
Love Judge Jeanine Pirro. But one must realize there are two sets of laws. one for serfs, one for Kings/Queens......blood must flow from the liberty tree every few hundred years. Conservatism is the real reason that democracy has lasted so long but the indifference of govt. to law equally administered to all is a blatant slap in the face, but the average liberal just wants his free dick in the ass & the right to use a womans rest room if he's a man so what do you expect? I'd still recognize a commie even if Joe Stalin shaved his mustache.

Tabatha C - 2017-10-28
fire sessions now! investigate what part he has had in the criminal activities in question!

kenneth Thomas - 2017-10-28
Trey Gowdy or Jeanine Pirro either one should step in for sessions sessions needs to be removed immediately

Timex - 2017-10-27

M C - 2017-10-27
that old man. has fucked little children..can you say blackmailed

Candy Vanpelt - 2017-10-27
Sessions must go.

zepbigfoot bearcove - 2017-10-25
OK. Write this down. Session visits a D.C. Dominatrix. Unfortunately for Sessions, Killary is a regular client to the same domme and the domme is a devoted democrat. Hillary not only knows about Session's fetish, she participates in the Session Sessions black leather and all. They have told Sessions if he goes after the deep state, he will receive something far more severe than a spanking.

Boam Boam - 2017-10-10
u look fat judge like Trump

Nan Martin - 2017-10-09
Hillary Clinton LIED to the American People also...

Brenda Snyder - 2017-10-09
we need a new Attorney General ASAP

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