Vasireddy Dheeraj - 2018-03-23
Why bother wearing even that?

amir hossein - 2018-03-21
وای خدا خیلی خوشگله خیلی دوسش دارم واقعا عاشقشم دوس دارم زنم بود

KrantumGt - 2018-03-21
Is it just me or does jimmy kimmel look like Channing Tatum

S Bach - 2018-03-21

Hasnain Ahmed - 2018-03-20
Idf killer

effinghamhick - 2018-03-20
Legs....... for days....

Big P Big P - 2018-03-19

KING RAZER11 - 2018-03-19
Most beautiful woman ever ❤😍

Sumukh - 2018-03-19
Loved this Wonder Woman 👍
She's Smokin hot 🔥

Khaleesi - 2018-03-19
Lol my surname is Greenstein

Parth Salot - 2018-03-19
She looks like Taylor swift

its steph - 2018-03-19
1:42 be careful answering this, jimmy

Alan Wilson - 2018-03-19
Jimmy should have said, "I don't know...I need to see them."

Mr Zoki - 2018-03-18
The entire point of batmans suit is basically to cover him so its not very surprising that the suit covered him

Mr. Vegas Ekisde Alias: ElChicoTrollDeYoutube - 2018-03-17
Uff....she gorgeous

Fion Zhang - 2018-03-17
Love her dress!! She's so elegance!!

lucifer chithu - 2018-03-17
Nice Smile

Thegreenarrow39 CW - 2018-03-17
i rember when she was casted people were saying her boobs are to small for wonder woman....... boy, were they wrong

Arun Raju - 2018-03-17
Whos talking what and when

Bender81 - 2018-03-17
USA is so disgustingly filled with jews...

sampath chandra - 2018-03-17
I have crush on her 😘❤️
When i saw her the very first time in fast and furious franchise
And in wonder woman she is just 😍😍😍😍👌🏼
Love from indian

Vishnu Mohan - 2018-03-17
Her eyes and smile😍😍😍....

Ian Zaqueu - 2018-03-17
im in love

Tony Davies - 2018-03-16
I now hate my life. I'll never play hide the sausage with this goddess.

reallyawkwardpringleshuman - 2018-03-16
Gal Gadot sounds like a superhero name

TEHLORDOFNAP 101 - 2018-03-16
How many times did she she smak her thighs? Like bru she gon hav sum big bruises from all those smaks on her thighs like now moar smaks plz

Saurabh Chauhan - 2018-03-15
Let me figure out hmmm they both look great

Garrett Saulnier - 2018-03-15
I couldn’t be around her I would lose my mind.

amy noelle - 2018-03-15
gal gadot is absolutely stunning !! lover her sm

Milky - 2018-03-15
jews keep changing their names trying to hide that they were in the israeli army dirty snakes

Tofi Flute - 2018-03-14
They’re the right size to me.

The MARTIANS RAYHEM - 2018-03-14
Yellow Sun Bird nesting quitely at night in the garage

smackdowner - 2018-03-14
If Gal Gadot and Kate Beckinsale was in a movie together i would die lol

Alex Smith - 2018-03-14
Let me put my mouth around them then I’ll be able to tell how they are

Idan Gubeskys - 2018-03-14

lintu divakar - 2018-03-14
All these comments.. just made my day 👍🏻

Leo Garcia - 2018-03-14
I love everything about her!!!

vleshi1 - 2018-03-13

Beaudoin Motorsports - 2018-03-13
Man... She got a ring on her finger. Some one is a very lucky person.

Douglas Eccles - 2018-03-13
My home office is full of picture and posters of Gal....LOVE HER! but not in a creepy sort of way.

Adnan N - 2018-03-12
do u guys know she supports the killing of innocent palestinians?

ViktorHD - 2018-03-12
damn she is beautiful

Jeff Stryker - 2018-03-11
Her breast are fine she’s perfect.

Luis Herrera - 2018-03-11
I would so let her sit on my face naked.

Karthik SSJ - 2018-03-11

Justin L. - 2018-03-11
I wonder what Jimmy the hypocrite would have said about her breasts when he was on the man show.

The poor little jack off squirmed now because he’s a “changed” man. What a joke. Mentioned it was “guys” this and that.

Positive J - 2018-03-11
Gal seems like a great date, outside of her drop dead looks, and smile, you get the feeling you could talk with her all night, cracking jokes on each other, teasing each other. This is a dime ladies and gentlemen

MusicGotMeLike - 2018-03-11
Like this video got about 8mio more views than an average other jimmy kimmel video;P

Warren London - 2018-03-11
OMG! 😍😍😍😍 Marry Me!!!

Muhd Farhan - 2018-03-10
Would love to anal her

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