KrispyFlakes - 2018-02-10
Would you want D Rose on your favorite team? Which team should he go to?

K MAO - 2018-02-21
I’m not hating on drose, but I remember what he said about wanting to attend his kids graduation in the future therefore not 100% committed to the game of basketball. His mindset is what got him where he is, not so much his injuries. He’s still faster than many players but still can’t perform cus he hasn’t changed his game nor his mentality

The Truth - 2018-02-20
People really think bro is a bum now smh

Charlie Trivian - 2018-02-19
Join the Warriors on the bench for minimum money and get some rings.

Devona Mccoy - 2018-02-19

Everyday DjT - 2018-02-18
Spurs would bring his career back

Everyday DjT - 2018-02-18
I’ll take him

Liebenly #1 Gorgon User - 2018-02-16
I'm a MN Wolves fan and I'm always been a D Rose fan, I would love to see him in MN

William Glozier - 2018-02-15
Backup pg on thunder we need Raymond Felton outta here

xxGhostfreak11 - 2018-02-15
D rose come back home

hazard0us - 2018-02-15

Donald Goines - 2018-02-15
Minnesota 🐺

Maurice Malone - 2018-02-15
Go back home D. Rose and retire bro

Tristen Lee - 2018-02-15
Go back to the bulls

Realest nigga On Earth - 2018-02-14
He'd be a nice addition to the Timberwolves

Vincent Nutt - 2018-02-14
He should sign with Memphis.

Alfred Duckett - 2018-02-14
Retirement team

M Greenhill - 2018-02-14
T wolfves 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Patrick star - 2018-02-14
Imagine drose replacing livingston as a backup pg on the warriors

Ray Solorzano - 2018-02-13
D Rose I believe still has all star play in him. I think that the Cavs just gave up on him because he gave up on himself when he took that leave of absence. I only hope that he can once again fall back in love with the game that him a name. However I think that that just may be to hard for a guy who might believe that after giving the game his heart it's not been healthy to his body.

Eddie Apoderado - 2018-02-13
He should play China or overseas. No NBA team gonna sign an injury prone player who is past his best.

Oceanea Jones - 2018-02-13

Lalambz - 2018-02-13
D rose should just play over seas

JJ Panda - 2018-02-13
He should go back to the bulls 👌

Tony Troy - 2018-02-13
Im ready to just see him play!

John Doe - 2018-02-13
Celtics are gonna sign him..

Nickeo - 2018-02-13
D rose is piece of trash and mental case! dude leaves the team during the season to get married and go on his honeymoon. lmao

Cameron Phillips - 2018-02-13
Spurs or Pacers is the smartest and logical move for D Rose 💯

Dunn Ali - 2018-02-13
Wolves I really don't see any other team that can count on Rose

Tiago Jorge Gonçalves Correia - 2018-02-13
T wolves and spurs makes sense.. wouldn’t mind if he joined OKC tho ahaha

Dallas Mealtkt - 2018-02-12
Golden state would be awesome

Bambie Wodkins - 2018-02-12

tuskgetit - 2018-02-12

Super Saiyan Blue Goku - 2018-02-12
I don't care wat y'all say he should join the sixers so wen he's injured they ga say trust in the process
They're the only team who gives money to injured players

Kufi James - 2018-02-12
Derrick wl retire for good

mccraejoey82 - 2018-02-12

DREADHEAD L - 2018-02-12
Why is D Rose a Free Agent wtf is going on with the NBA???

Vitor Hara - 2018-02-12

king altas - 2018-02-12
I think he's go to warriors with curry

J Beatz - 2018-02-11
Celtics would be a good fit too

J Beatz - 2018-02-11
I'd say Miami bc wade and him built a relationship (kinda).. both from chicago, orlando bc of less talented pg's, Indiana bc of a need for PG, bucks because him and eric would be a good fit for backcourt. That's what I think. HI'm thinking more high hopes for the heat and indiana. Maybe the wizards if Jon can stay healthy then I'd those two teams I mentioned..

Dana Broadway - 2018-02-11
Drose to okc

Just A Kid From Chicago - 2018-02-11
The San Antonio Spurs would be the best team for D-Rose under coach Pop

Vertjumper1 - 2018-02-11
if he lands in okc backing up westbrook thats hard to stop

Saichin Omicrag - 2018-02-11
Go to the strong team drose

Dede Berry - 2018-02-11
My question is how can a injury prone player replace a injured player? Lol Derrick Rose would be my last option. Actually he wouldn't be a option at all. People are so mesmerized at what he did in past and they forget who he is right now. He's washed up and he's done.

Taylor Smith - 2018-02-11
The pels would be a nice fit for d rose. Him, ad, Moore, Mirotic. That's not bad an start holiday at SG an Moore at SF. Have Rondo come off bench. That would be a bad big 3 after Cousins comes back or if he resigns with the Pels

Guillermo Martinez - 2018-02-11

ZSPN - 2018-02-11
Nuggets should pick Rose up

Lifeless - 2018-02-11

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