hawk3113 - 2018-02-09
probably a bit late to the party, but 1999 OU?

Jason Peter's - 2018-02-07
Kansas has made 9 Elite8s in past 15 NCAA Tournaments. Lol, yeah. KU "sux." No, it just appears that way cuz Kansas is ALWAYS A #1,#2seed. Bigger spotlight. Kansas hasn't been worse than a #2seed since 2006. It's not like Kansas is losing in 1st rd. 9 Elite 8s in last 15 NCAA Tournaments? That's incredible. Out of those 9 made 4 Final Fours. Out of those 4 made 3 National Title games and won 1 National Title in last 15 NCAA Tournaments

Jason Peter's - 2018-02-07
Before you say anything about Kansas? You might wanna check stats. Last 15 years? Kansas leads the country in NCAA TOURNEY WINS. Last 15 years? Kansas has made 9 Elite8s, 4 Final Fours, 3 National Title games and won 1 National Title.(Kansas has won many people ALOT OF POINTS in thier brackets.)

Arizona? for example? in thier ENTIRE HISTORY only has 4 Final Fours and 1 National Title.

So same people ragging on KU? Won money off Kansas success in one of thier brackets or more. I know I HAVE!

Appa Yip Yip Drew - 2018-02-06
Love seeing Lil Steph Curry on Davidson

allen wood - 2018-01-30
Texas Western over Kentucky was the most IMPORTANT game in College basketball history because it broke the color barrier in College athletics

branmuffin22 - 2018-01-12
This is a great compilation. It has also been up for quite a while so probably too late for this but putting the year of each game would be really nice.

ClassicGamer2004 - 2018-01-03
Bucknell beating Kansas is one of the greatest upsets ever in my opinion

ClassicGamer2004 - 2018-01-03
Vermont over Syracuse?

mont brink - 2017-12-21
I seen 6 teams from Virginia on this list Norfolk State... Hampton... VCU... Old Dominion....GMU.. Richmond all pulled upsets

Alex - 2017-12-16
putting the duke game on here is ridiculous...it was a 2 seed over a 1, not much difference

Will090681 - 2017-12-14
I know UNLV was dominate that year with many future NBA players, but it is weird to see Duke as the underdog considering they had Laettner among others.

Micah Osborne - 2017-11-13
Now gonzaga is in there every year

Peter Kang - 2017-11-12
Lehigh beat duke 16 seed beat number 1

Mexicotcjs - 2017-11-08
funny how really bad Kansas is. always over seeded. always have the best players but can't finish. coaching maybe?

Jimmy Spach - 2017-11-02
Lehigh over duke anybody

Zach Elliott - 2017-11-01
And thus shot clocks were invented

Hockey Fanatic - 2017-11-01
Fgcu the goat

Chairman Meow - 2017-10-28
That Faroukmanesh 3 pointer with UNI is so fucking bad ass. Also, shouldn't Chaminade over Virgina (1982) be on this list?

Brock Palmbos - 2017-10-20
Where's St. Joe over DePaul 1981??

dbreardon - 2017-09-14
The Morris twins of Kansas told Joey Rodriguez of VCU at the meetup before the game, "You've had your little run, now it's time to go home." Joey said, "We'll see." Then VCU proceeded to bitch slap them all the way to the final four while the Morris twins cried on the sidelines. Priceless :)

Graham Williams - 2017-08-10
I love watching UNC get beat and NC State winning

J. Westmoreland - 2017-08-10
Respect for putting Duke over UNLV in 91. Today, that doesn't look like an upset, but people forget how bad UNLV crushed Duke in the title game in 90 and that they were undefeated until their loss to Duke in 91. Also, Duke had not won a National title until that season, so they were far from the College Basketball power house that they are viewed as today.

うめかん - 2017-07-21
5:50. Curry S

Ben Kutilek - 2017-07-15
Lehigh duke that's the. Biggest one

madhav arora - 2017-06-29
at 3:40 i saw steve nash....my best player who had been playing in nba😍😍#legend

john rockerman - 2017-06-12
number 6 is a black supremacist myth blacks played int he tourney and there was no "segregation" for a long time hence Wilt Chamberlain and Kansas playing and winning in the 50's

Chicken Lips - 2017-05-20
I wouldn't consider the no 2 duke over no 1 UNLV an upset especially since it's duke

sendo427 g - 2017-04-26
man I didn't realize how many times kanas has been upset that early that many times

KennyD - 2017-04-10
Okay I knew that UNLV team was insane, but a 2 seed beating a 1 seed isn't and upset.

jonesyterp - 2017-03-31
If Duke over UNLV was an upset I am the Queen of England. To include this game and to then NOT include the times that Duke was beaten in the first round by Mercer, Lehigh and VCU? Say what now!!?!?!

Someone is a Duke fan.

Ben G - 2017-03-28
I would also like to add that the guy shooting the three at 3:17 has cast iron balls. Now that's confidence!

Fultonfalcons86 - 2017-03-28
Anytime kansas and puke lose in round 1 or 2 it makes me smile lol

barnuner - 2017-03-23
Like half of them are Kansas. lol

Bernie Sandlot - 2017-03-21
What about #6 seed Arizona being the only team to beat 3 #1 seeds en route to win the 1997 National Title? In OT! BTFD!

Bryson Williams - 2017-03-21
Duke losing to South Carolina lol

Owen Mills - 2017-03-20
Why is it that anytime Kansas loses it's an upset?

Like A Bossk - 2017-03-20
Weber State should've been on this video twice. In 1995, they beat Michigan State 79-72. And they nearly beat Georgetown in the 2nd round, led by Allen Iverson, but lost 54-52. Good ole Weber State from Ogden, Utah. I feel like I expect them to win an upset now. Unfortunately, they haven't since 1999.

Dustin Miller - 2017-03-20
uvm syracuse 2005

Max C - 2017-03-18
go Gators

Christopher Rossignol - 2017-03-17
Where's the two duke losses as a #2 and #3? Those happened in the last 6 years

Colby Smith - 2017-03-17
wheres when Kent state made it to the Elite 8 as a 10 seed?

Ma Jo - 2017-03-17
fuck nc state

TBizzle22 - 2017-03-14
Florida Gulf Coast was more fun to watch than any NBA team.

Ryan Kalan - 2017-03-14
Love my Jayhawks... Proud to be a fan and proud to have won so many consecutive Big 12 titles... Self is amazing and have tons of respect for him
But this video proves what all Jayhawk lovers know... We are BRUTAL in March

Ty Chaney - 2017-03-13
That Mizzou one was hard to watch

Nick charlton-perrin - 2017-03-13
How do you have butler's run to the finals as 5 seed at #11, which I'm fine with, but then you don't have the Butler's run to the finals as an 8 seed the following year anywhere on this list? Just doesn't make any sense

Finalman26 THA BULLZ - 2017-03-13
that villanova one...wtf was that??? can u even call rhat basketball or wrestling???

DarkKirby14 - 2017-03-13
Middle Tennessee should be #1 now

Seth Breneman - 2017-03-12
So many Virginia schools!!!

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