thunder - 2017-10-20
good for her !

Soma noma - 2017-10-20
This is probably all an act

Chloe x - 2017-10-19
Jeremy Kyle who?

Poukkaa Ganeska - 2017-10-18
Before I watched this, I was on whatever side wasn't June or Honey-Boo related. After, I just think they're all fucking retarded and need to get the fuck off tv before any more young brains are fried from such bull.

Sofia Kougios - 2017-10-18
32:28 hahaha "who is he, the fucking hulk?" IM CRYINZJDB

Boitumelo Molate - 2017-10-18
Lol sugar beat behaving like a kids and mama Jennifer ready to tuck him inn

Vale Obando - 2017-10-18
Sugar Bear's 6 pack tho

Marta Hanson - 2017-10-17
Omg.. Jennifer is uugggh...:S mean!! Shes even fater then June was before... Sugar bear has a thing for really big people... I dont have a thing against big people but when it comes to that size... Poor.

Murray Ormiston - 2017-10-17
June should fuck that fat Jennifer bitch up

flowingover - 2017-10-17
The comments are so awful but Im still laughing, I feel bad 😂

Mädÿ Kay - 2017-10-17
"Everybody's making me look bad" no hunny you made yourself look bad

Mädÿ Kay - 2017-10-17
"Who is he?? The fucking hulk?!" I LOVE PUMPKIN

Mädÿ Kay - 2017-10-17
I have so much respect for mama June keeping so calm, I would've beat both their asses the minute they walked in

Jennifer Pedro - 2017-10-16
Is anyone else starting to hate sugar bear

juli cochran - 2017-10-16
Sugar Bear is so coward! Attacking women... Poor fat lady, it’s so difficult to be on diet, she is always hungry.

seantae tomlinson - 2017-10-16
Jennifer is like such a bitch...god damn she's so irritating!!!!😠😡😣😤😤😤

Katelyn O' Connor - 2017-10-16
I can't be the only one that thinks Mama June looks like Miley Cyrus 😐

Valerie G - 2017-10-15
ah for fucks sake thats all staged

stockysock wow - 2017-10-15
Sugar bear? Dynamite comes in small packages? WELL BLUE WHALE JENNIFER HE IS A NUKE THEN

Johlee Fernandez - 2017-10-15
Why is sugar bear in love with moby dick the wale

Livey Marie - 2017-10-15
They call it an earthquake Jennifer

Livey Marie - 2017-10-15
I’m watching it now but if I was Alana then my first reaction to seeing Jennifer would be Jeez this is why the earth has earthquakes. Ur fat do what my mama is doing and loose them sausage rolls

the chicken man man man man - 2017-10-14
Has sugar bear got a fetish fore fat people oh yeah and we'll done mama june

Vixinaful - 2017-10-14
June is soo sweet and always gets the crap from people. Its cause they feel she won't bitch back because shes too nice. Shes such a sweet person who certanly doesn't deserve that. love her!

fairytae - 2017-10-14
that bitch is annoying af.I WANNA KILL JENNIFER

Bonnie Eastelow - 2017-10-13
Jennifer =🐋

Abigayle Chartier - 2017-10-13
Pumkin deserves an award, she's there for her family and is willing to fight for it.

billie_jo 12 - 2017-10-11
He threatened to kill his own daughter

billie_jo 12 - 2017-10-11
You can tell by his face, he is cheating on Jennifer

billie_jo 12 - 2017-10-11
As soon as June lost abit of weight, sugar bear replaced her with an over weight person

MispLaced AluRe - 2017-10-11
Jennifer hugging sugar bear looks like a polar bear trying to eat a penguin

Saff A - 2017-10-11
Wtf is this and why is it in my recommendations

BigGeezerBert - 2017-10-11
Honeys Mum has lost so much weight

Mikaela D - 2017-10-11
So Sugar Bear think that trying to fight one of his daughters on camera is gonna help him get right to visitation with another?

contos da Gih - 2017-10-10
não entendi nada tava tudo em inglês

SaltehFox xoxo - 2017-10-10
Does mike like dig big girls😂

SaltehFox xoxo - 2017-10-10
"It's really gonna be wreckened with.." Yeah bc ur so fat

Tammy Scott - 2017-10-09
Why does sugar bear like fat women ? 😂

Yocker - 2017-10-08
Mamma June is smoking 🔥🔥✨✨✨

Hazza Watties - 2017-10-08
North Korea doesn’t need nukes they can use Jennifer

Alex - 2017-10-08
He should not have started on pumpkin

Allison Fraser - 2017-10-08
Was he going to beat his daughter

This gal Has swag - 2017-10-08
👸-momma June


soz but that's just wht I think

:shmer hills: - 2017-10-08
I don't know how to feel about this

Amohia Paranihi - 2017-10-07
how old is alanna?

Anuchka Botes - 2017-10-07
cool mama J 😚😇😎

shamik nanoo - 2017-10-07
I want to stab Jennifer

JJSSEEJ - 2017-10-07
dam i cried a little when the dad went off at the daughter like fuck those kids were getting beat the whole time huh

Alia T - 2017-10-07
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Luke aka the bodyguard

Alia T - 2017-10-07
lol sugarbear was legit getting eaten by jennifer when she was hugging him

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