Philip DeFranco - 2018-01-12
WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING ANYMORE?! It's such a weird time to be talking about the news... Agh.

willyouwipemybuttplz - 2018-02-17
lol what if he just let her fall?

liammcnulty1987 - 2018-02-16
Trump is right. These places are shitholes

Rising Trend - 2018-02-15

Ashley Williams - 2018-02-13
'Member that time Trump was in the "Richie Rich" movie?

Judess 69er - 2018-02-11
why are people freaking out about trump ??? well if you cant figure that out for yourselves don't even try you'll end up burning your brain out just go back to your rifle can of beer and hunting channel *pats head* when the USA falls like the USSR did we in Canada will be sitting back with a bowl of mac and cheese laughing but then almost immediately after itl sink in that we just lost the ugly kid that makes us look better by comparison

Jobie wan-kanobie - 2018-02-11
Trump made a very rude comment. But I have a hard time arguing that a place where they literally eat dirt is anything but a shithole.. I wouldn't go on vacation or immigrate to Haiti.

AssassinOfHope - 2018-02-11
Anthony Fontana, Anthony Fantano, i can't believe this

Aidan Christy - 2018-02-08
I have been to Haiti it was a dump and is extremely dangerous. The land and water itself are extremely beautiful though. There is a reason even the Dominican Republic wants to stop immagration from Haiti.

Conne Wkl-d - 2018-02-08
I agree with Trump on getting more people who are smarter to migrate here. I'm 24 and just now going to college, and let me tell you, I feel like one of the smartest people in the school, and that is really really sad because I am not that smart. BUt I'm still at the top of my class. people are just so incredibly dumb nowadays.

K G - 2018-02-07
amen brother

Sanguinem Emere - 2018-02-07
Thanks for speaking up about Trump's views not being everyone's views. From the comments, a great deal of people here seem to feel similarly to Trump, and while I am inclined to agree with the sentiment, I am sorely troubled by the language and the public dismissal of us as people. It starkly reminds me of our own president who laughs in our faces while mocking us for being "Europeans." As it so happens, I am a white South African, with dual Swiss citizenship, and I am still here because my family, my husband, is South African. I am also still here because, as much as these people may call it a "shithole" South Africa is my home. I was born and raised here and whenever I do travel, I experience really intense home-sickness. Unfortunately, the reality is that emmigration is the only solution. I am more than content to admit that, but to dismiss me, my culture, my family, my friends, my loved ones, my very blood, as "shit" is an awful thing to do and say.

Lets go - 2018-02-07
I wonder if Americans would realize how good they have it if they have a look at police any where else in the world.

daniel song - 2018-02-07
polygon needs to talk about felix and use his name to gain readers, lost on them though.

Lara Cahow - 2018-02-05
Ok the Sarah hyland thing was kinda weird....... it did get blown out of proportion but still it kinda made me cringe. And I'm usually not sensitive to that stuff at all

hipnhappenin - 2018-02-05
3:00 I almost left the same comment about the h&m controversy on Phil’s other vid.

Ishfaak Baloch - 2018-02-02
Came here to unlike da VIDEO! Well, Put ur head into any of da holes on your body. but, never ever put the name of OUR <3 in the title. How dare You ? Pewds on the thumbnail??? HOW DR U NERD? I didn't want to be disrespectful or anythin' like some of da words to you... But, Please, Never put pewds name in the title. just SHOW your WAHMEN's veganas to earn views... it'd be kinda good cause, none is gonna neither report you nor dislike you. lil-headed

powderedwater67 - 2018-02-01
"I just wanted to say Shit-Hole-Gate"

Music Teacher Guy - 2018-01-30
Phil's trying to keep a stiff upper lip. He voted for Obama twice, and also for HRC.

Esther the Brunette - 2018-01-30
Well... if these places weren't shithole countries, immigrants wouldn't need to come here. That's a fact. What I disagree with, is calling everyone from those countries shitty. Haiti is incredibly impoverished, El Salvador is as well, in addition to its terrible persecution of political dissidents, so on and so forth.

Esther the Brunette - 2018-01-30
She's giggly and having fun... you know, it is possible for men and women to have a good time together while intoxicated. You don't get to decide what other consenting people do for fun.

Notorious revolutionary, Tommy J - 2018-01-28
1:56 Thank god it was nothing. She's not the best in the show or anything, but anytime I see actors/tresses who play characters from things I like, I dread not being able to enjoy that thing quite as much if I find out they're an idiot or an awful person or something.

Rafiq Animated - 2018-01-28
Feminazis attacking Sarah Hyland, they get offended over everything.

Se - 2018-01-27
Polygon has always been shit tbh. Literally just doing it for clicks.

RandomCC - 2018-01-27
I just don't like the misinformation. There are indeed struggling countries, but to stereotype an entire continent is just unfair. I don't think America gets to point fingers at other countries on how bad they are when we don't properly take care of our own people. We have starving kids, homeless people, people who are dying because they don't have enough money for insurance and/or healthcare.

2D Tower - 2018-01-25
Haha Anthony Fontana! Internet's prickiest music nerd

nerd at heart - 2018-01-25
I'm so happy that the school staff is voicing out the problems. I am 23 and live in Louisiana. I have wanted to be a school teacher for as long as I can remember. But to know that the teachers don't get help they deserve really unsettles me. Teachers need the resources to teach and engage the kids. And they can't do that if everyone time they turn around an administor or some one with higher ranking is getting a nother raise. There are enough teachers out here that go to the store and buy supplies out of their own pocket to ensure the students are getting the best education they deserve. I hate when I see a people getting raises when they cant even provide the right books equipment.

Breanna Thrasher - 2018-01-25
The first story is a bit ridiculous. It was literally just an ad. Why do people get so up in arms about this? Not everything is meant to cause harm.

Adam Flynn - 2018-01-25
Im not american and don't live in the u.s.
I think it should be noted that rand paul said the president didn't use those words and trump did deny it himself even though it does sound believable who can be sure. I think america should have a point based system like my country does. Take in people that will help boost your economy and hold western values. You have no obligation to pay for every poor person in the world. Instead use your influence and wealth to improve conditions of other countries with high migration.

SeiichiroAoki - 2018-01-24
My family is from El Salvador. Went through the proper immigration procedure and everything, but we still visited in my younger years. Ever been there? It IS a shithole. Seriously, I hate that place. Always hated visiting it, refuse to visit now (the food is pretty damn good tho, I will say)
So yeah. It's a shithole place. Know plenty of others from there. We all joke how shitty it is. They don't take offense when I say how fucking awful it is there cuz they know I'm harping on the awful place, not them.
Gotta agree with Tommy, if it's not a shithole, why are they so desperate to keep their status here? Which I also think is good that Trump is suspending that temporary citizenship crap. That was 20+ years ago, it is not our country's responsibility to provide for them. It isn't. It's an American ideal, sure, but not a requirement. We've done so and granted multiple extensions for reasons NOT related to the original issue, there is no obligation to have to continue anymore. If they wanna stay they have to do it the same way as everyone else, the same way my parents did. No more feeding off the system and the generosity of the country.

Cold Hearted Bastard - 2018-01-24
I don't know why anyone is upset over Trump calling some of these countries what they are; shitholes. South Africa where one of the cities, Johannesburg for instance, LITERALLY has stop signs that instead have a drawing of a guy holding a gun saying "don't stop" because of car jackings. If that isn't a shithole, then what the fuck.

Intelligent Horse - 2018-01-24
They were allegations, they are not true!

Intelligent Horse - 2018-01-24
PewDiePie is a sellout.

Maxxx Strong - 2018-01-23
Haitians eat dirt cookies.

Jason McIntyre - 2018-01-23
The argument has everything to do with the people Philip; you missed that what we are saying is it has nothing to do with the people RACE like what Snt. Durbin was saying. You completely missed that, which confuses me, because I thought that the arguments people such as myself make were clear. I guess they weren't.

Yoda Man - 2018-01-23
youre right. she was using that guy as a sex object. im offended. also using older men as sex objects is my job XD #terkmyjerb

Nick Chiera - 2018-01-23
world mentality
citizen 1: this country sucks
citizen 2: i know, it's just plain shit
foreigner 1: yes, it is shit
citizen 1 & 2: how dare you! our country is awesome with no corruption, poverty, disease and the media is always fake news!

Anne - 2018-01-23
As a norwegian I wouldn't even want to come to the US right now...

Bubsalot Bubbles - 2018-01-23
The video was somewhat in poor taste considering the time, but it was completely harmless and honestly pretty cute. People can calm down.

Angela Bullard - 2018-01-23
You need to make a choice. YouTube has demonetized you because you are a fence sitter. Either you go all out Socialist and get YouTube money, or you stand with our Constitution and expand your base. You would be surprised how many adults would support you. It's not like teens have the sources to send you money.

Olufemi Williams - 2018-01-23
Philip DeFranco you already brought in why the President of the Press said what he had to say, which makes plenty sense. But where is the full video of her being thrown to the floor? I need to know more proof about this. "There is Google" no, if the person wants to make a comment about something then, you should have full evidence.

arachnipope - 2018-01-23
Let me make it simple for SJW simpletons out there: Being "offended" is a hobby, a calling, a way of life. It's a means to feel important without having to actually do anything important. Being "offended" is a license to remain five years old forever.

kaimasters - 2018-01-23
NPR on Haiti's sewage problem: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/07/29/537945957/you-probably-dont-want-to-know-about-haitis-sewage-problems

shiri - 2018-01-22
my god you sound just like jake tapper

S. H. Kjærland - 2018-01-22
It seems to me president Trump want Norwegian immigrants for their whiteness. As a norwegian, I wouldn't move to the US under any circumstances. Please import our understanding of democracy, equality, and free healthcare instead.

Space X - 2018-01-22
Our nation is broken beaten down by the rhetoric of the left. They want us to submit to socialism globalist corporatist agenda (real facist in America) they have corrupted the minds of our youth. We have been practicing left wing politics for the past 40 years in most parts of our nation. It offered us spiruatal freedom better cultural integration as well as a vast amount of wealth being redistributed to the middle class and lower! But in reality those jobs went overseas our military used to wage countless wars for the banking cartels and corporate elites. 10s of millions have died in the name of CORPORATE SOCIALISM. We will not surrender to the false songs of globalism. We are proud Americans that love our nation we love our people. They are used and abused by the elitist establishment and enslaved for the rest of their lives. No benefits for you. No benefits for your children. Only those from other nations. I will fight for the American people. Trump is fighting for the freedom of America. Sieg heil. America will not surrender an inch to the enemy. They will eat your economy through entitlements. Drain you of your assets and rape your women. Your enemy will Dissolve any will you may have and turn you into a submissive bitch. You do not have to live like this. We spend 650 billion on our military to protect us from threats like this. We must convince the military to join our noble cause and drive them out. STAND UP FOR AMERICA RISE WITH SIEG HEIL SIEG HEIL. THE FUHRER WILL BE PLEASED

Jacob Wikkerink - 2018-01-22
The main point President Trump was addressing, of course, was chain migration and visa lottery system. He wants to restore the notion of merit to the individuals coming from any nation to this country. Also, DACA is clearly only a benefit to the Democrat Party which must import its voters. It is so essential to the Democrat Party it's shutting down the government for it.

nightfairytitania - 2018-01-22
I find it interesting that Trump wants people from Norway but talks out about Socialism....ummmm

Makrill0 - 2018-01-22
If they arent shithole countries, why is the need for them to migrate here even a thing?

Mosshadowman Games - 2018-01-22
Drama alert
Phillip de Franco show
Fuck go back!

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