Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long

Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long
Download this song http://smarturl.it/SoundGardenKA taken from the new album King Animal.

Music video by Soundgarden performing Been Away Too Long. © 2012 Soundgarden Recordings, LLC, under exclusive license to Universal 
Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long



Crazy_ Chimpanzee!!! - 2017-11-17
my life in one song

Niles Gardner - 2017-11-13
Album came out 5 years ago today. RIP Chris. :(

seqqir - 2017-11-01
omg these doggos so cute <3

Sia Jonas - 2017-10-21
Who listens to this shit?

Black and Silver - 2017-09-16
Y'all some dirtymotherfuckers

Gloju Brick - 2017-09-16
I've Been A Waffle Too Long

Allan Leidholm - 2017-09-02
Rediscovering this after a few years. Awesome. Chris at his best. RIP buddy...

TheSnapback - 2017-08-25
Going straight...

Kolose.Y.m. 845. - 2017-08-18
... in today 45 brday still i Li..STE+N !

nibelunga - 2017-08-13
Buen video.

james todoroff - 2017-08-07
RIP Chris Cornell. Gone too soon, breaks my heart.

Andrea S. - 2017-08-06
I've been rumbling for 8 years... Since I was 18 now I'm 27 .... And jeez this song caught this feeling .... Of... Damn .. you can walk millions miles and get nowhere

Sean Davey - 2017-07-31
the 573 people that didnt like this are fuckin musically declined or just stupid lol

Victor Rocha - 2017-07-28
Hey Cornell, leave me with you sir.

Dogald Trump - 2017-07-27
Riff that comes in at 2:36 is the most soundgarden Riff I've ever heard, also it's badass

Gabe Stroble - 2017-07-26
he was my hero and always will be his music gets me through the dark teen time.

Allan Leidholm - 2017-07-15
I've been rediscovering this album lately, and I am totally hooked. Liked it when it came out, fucking love it now.

Aldo Garcia - 2017-07-14
chris muere y el regeton sigue al mando, que mierda pasa con el mundo

Slender Man - 2017-07-13
"no one sings like you anymore" RIP

C. G. - 2017-07-11
love forever Chris 💔💔❤😢

Luis Gutierrez - 2017-07-11
mister Cornell, we Chileans miss you, you are a true artist and a man for the people. Hope to see you rocking in the afterlife! On my way home!

Bunny Munro - 2017-07-07
These unfortunate & silly videos.

Guy Smith - 2017-06-09
so sad, fucking amazing voice and talent 😇

Chris Ericksen - 2017-06-07
my birthday is may 18th

Low Powered Training Round Matthews - 2017-06-04
1:40 that throw tho

Spy Retto - 2017-06-04
It's good but not very good, For the standards they've set for themselves in the 90's it's even mediocre, pre-Badmotorfinger quality.

Tre711The - 2017-06-04
Minęły dwa tygodnie od śmierci Chrisa i ja wciąż nie mogę sobie tego wytłumaczyć..Coraz więcej wiadomo o lekach ,które wziął ale i tak nie potrafię się przyzwyczaić do tego że już Go nie ma...
Póki co jestem na etapie niezrozumienia sytuacji i uczenia się na nowo sluchania Jego muzyki bez nadziei na spotkanie na kolejnym koncercie..
Przeszedłem już etap smutku jak po śmierci przyjaciela.. niedowierzanie kiedy wyszło na jaw że to samobójstwo był już krótki etap niechęci kiedy zrozumiałem że zrobił to i zostawił dzieci i żonę.. została muzyka

Corey Hudson - 2017-06-03
ive been away for to long !😂😂😂

Goran Nikoloski - 2017-06-01
RIP Cris

Brazenlinx - 2017-06-01

Ben Moore - 2017-06-01
Yes, you have Chris. 😭

wayan wayan - 2017-05-31
that voice though..

Lucas Chacon - 2017-05-31
Why 500 dislikes??! Wtf 😒

Karim Belkhelfa - 2017-05-30
Forever away for too long..

Sebastian J - 2017-05-29
Not Bad...But I Still Rather More Prefer BADMOTORFINGER... Nothing Can Top That Record...

Ali Kazmi - 2017-05-29
the baphomet references, jeez its making sense now

Chuck Walker - 2017-05-29
Jimmy John chinka ching chong. I really love Cheech and Chong. You put some lettuce in my bong. A hardcore match with King Kong. Jackie Chan taught me fuckin Ping Pong. Oh, well,¿¿¿

El ton - 2017-05-28
This song kickass

A Parks - 2017-05-27
Now you're gone forever, the irrational impulses of anxiety suck so bad....wish you were still alive Chris!

veekay - 2017-05-25
Pharaoe monch is a SoundGarden fan... Dont know whether the gas mask from this video inspired his PTSD album cover

dcmc 1971 - 2017-05-25
I can't understand why he would do what he did to himself. probably not supposed to I guess. Sad. Talented man. Sorry to his family and friends. Just know he made a huge impact on a lot of people who will never know him. Thank you Chris.

RIOTSTARTER - 2017-05-24
I thank god for king animal...what a hell of a reunion record! R.I.P mr. Cornell

Neofelps - 2017-05-23
rip ,😢😢😢😢

juan ricardo geraldo torres - 2017-05-23
we love you chris R.I.P MY FREIND no te conoci en persona pero tu música fue de lo mas intimo

Lucasblake90 - 2017-05-22
R.I.P :(

SpectrumRob - 2017-05-22
Was so hoping to see this live this year. RIP Chris <3

Jaime Chavez - 2017-05-21
Good bye Chris, hope I can see you again in a concert, on the other side. Miss you

Ronysson Pereira - 2017-05-21
very good
cris cornell descanse em paz

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