Fido Khan - 2018-02-25
86 seems more practical

cyberdyers - 2018-02-22
i still buy a gt 86, it has more space, cheaper, has 4 seats for the children, safer, and reliable. unless you will be driving on pot holes everyday, buy the mazda, still the better choice for every day driving is the 86.

Henry Dinh - 2018-02-22
The 86 should have a 1 sec or 2 sec head start because the miata is on the right side so it has to go less distance.

britshell - 2018-02-16
The MX-5 could really use flat 6

britshell - 2018-02-16
The hellcat is the dumbest car ever

Eduardo Trevino - 2018-02-16
If only that 86 looked better up front....

USMC Vet - 2018-02-15
This was a really awesome comparison.

Paul Cotton - 2018-02-14
Watching this video as it’s the first one I’ve watched without my YouTube red subscription and there was an ad in the middle of the video. Never seen that before. Didn’t know youtube did that. I would hope it’s not the content creator who chooses.

José Taveira - 2018-02-13
my brother joao taveira sucks dick

Viking445 - 2018-02-13
Ah Yes lets use a Heavy car designed for straight line speed to defend your opinion that more power would ruin these two cars designed for tight technical tracks and "balance"....... rolls eyes Put the WRX motor and brakes in the 86 and give it proper sized wheels and tires and see how much faster the car will be.

JappyChan - 2018-02-12
PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP CALLING IT THE EIGHTY SIX! Its the Eight Six ...two seperate numbers it represents two different numbers just like in Japan they don't call it 86 (hachi ju roku) they call the car hachi roku. "8" represents the fifth generation (E80 series) and "6" represents the variation within this generation.

Michael King - 2018-02-12
I know my comment is for an older video (I didn't comment when I first watched it). I would say Jonny has a good point about the power. The 86 should have the car seen here as the base car, but it should have a performance version making around 275hp and 300 tq. The chassis is good for it and with some minor changes and it would give the customers what they wanted. The aftermarket is big for them to deliver exactly what I'm talking about so why not offer it stock. Instead of turbo's I would rather see an Eaton supercharger like the TVS1740 for instant torque. The MX-5 should also have a version making around 200-230hp and 300 tq. Once again the chassis could easily be made to handle it and if the customers are making it with aftermarket parts just give them what they want. I'm not talking about huge power, just a serious bump for those who want to play rather than just drive a backroad.

Pierce Animations - 2018-02-11
You know they are making a 2019 Toyota Supra

John Cherry - 2018-02-05
That you , this is a fun and informative video. I like the chemistry.

JDR 235 - 2018-02-04
Lol they are picky asf lol but i like the way the miata looked

Aft_Bobby Lamb - 2018-02-04
Miata it’s the greatest car of all time

Rafa el - 2018-02-03
$32.000 for that tiny slow shit? Lmao. I will take a genesis coupe V6 over that 2 jokes

DaninhoSX Costa - 2018-02-03
So the car goes 6 miles to get the top down....just like Ferrari.....lambo......any other exotic convertible

Argile Atienza - 2018-02-03
ae86 came out, people liked it, it had no power but was lightweight
gt86 came out, people said it didnt have enough power

Brandon Durham - 2018-01-29
You guys are trippin. The new rf in red looks like a supercar. It looks awesome

B Blackwell - 2018-01-28
Episodes like this are why we miss Jason

Om Shridhar - 2018-01-28
randy pobst can have my 10000$! please teach me how to drive like that!

christian paz - 2018-01-28
Gotta admit, the Miata is just a good and weak( in a good way) little car

need4speedcrazy - 2018-01-28
It’s more fun to drive a slow car fast then a fast car slow

thomas womack - 2018-01-26
Just buy the BRZ and drive it for a while...it grows on you...get rid of the stupid induction noise that they pipe into the interior, replace the factory air filter with a K&N or other high flow filter of your choice, replace the factory intake hose between the throttle body and airbox with something that is actually smooth inside and flows well and all of a sudden you start to have a responsive engine...just a few little things can make this car very very satisfying to drive without spending much money at all on it. Replace the factory wheels with 17x8" wheels lighter than stock and mount up 235/45-17 rubber in your favorite flavor and now you have a car that corners with no excuses. Gone is the weeny bicycle tire handling from the factory prius tires...now u got some real grip. This car is FUN to drive and to the haters that say its too slow? One of the most revered cars of the late 60s early 70s was the WS6 Trans Am with big v8 and a 4 speed and its 0-60 time was no better than the BRZ. So lets get real about this. It aint slow. Its not an Aston Martin Vantage but it doesnt cost 150k either. :) And is it better than the Miata? Well, for me it is...at 6'4" and 245 lbs, I just dont fit in a miata too well or rather its a rather a snug fit. The BRZ gives me room to move around a little. Thank you subaru. Another home run.

Stefan Unson - 2018-01-26
So it is not just F/R weight distribution that matters it is also center of gravity.

Justine Atanacio - 2018-01-26
Its not the ride, its the rider -shawn tokyodrift

Mr Feast - 2018-01-26
Stupid KIA Carnival 2013 VAN can blow these cars back to Japan. It has over 320 Horsepower hahahahaha

AMG - 2018-01-25
I miss Jason

TelAviv Druaboyea-Blanco - 2018-01-24
Does Johnny understand driving??? He gave the LFA a bad review...lol

Jim Brown - 2018-01-21
Still driving my 2013 F-RS can't get enough of it. Putting on a 500+ miles of driving a week through the country roads with a smile on my face.

Casey Hampton - 2018-01-21
“Some dude in Japan...”

BatterySonic - 2018-01-15
Honestly you guys are way too damn critical of anything that isn't a Ferrari with the luxury of a BMW 7 series. Seriously. I would give a kidney just to own one of these cars and you guys are sitting there like 12 year olds throwing a tantrum because they didn't get the kind of ice cream they wanted. I used to love Motor Trend until it became the living embodiment of first world problems.

M6A2shooter - 2018-01-14
Stopped watching at the first commercial. Fucking lame

Julian Rosas - 2018-01-14

Hemen Kareamg - 2018-01-13
Yeah. I love miata but mini cooper s Cabriolet is better than both of those things

racketman2u - 2018-01-11
Interesting that the two cars are so close; but the Miata is much better looking, the 86 is fugly, alll weird angles. If they put a six in the 86 , and made it look more like a 240Z, I might get interested.

Damien Ogden - 2018-01-10
these guys have bad opinions

Richard Dunn - 2018-01-10
Best online car test yet - this is better than Top Gear and The Grand Tour combined!

Michael Gross - 2018-01-09
The RF weighs 100 pounds more than the soft top. The soft top would make a better comparison.

randall estacio - 2018-01-09
i have a toyota 86 basic. idk what to do with it.

stefano marcellini - 2018-01-08
so boring!!

Frandy Hdez - 2018-01-07
You guys were really good at reviewing, not so much the nee English guy.

Bob Smith113322 - 2018-01-07
miata should have 200hpw and brz should have 250hpw

Wzrd - 2018-01-07
real men drive NA

Anak papa - 2018-01-03
TOooo bad the backseat is not enough space to bring human.... execpt baby and dog

Veltyn - 2018-01-03
Ackshully, the hach-e-ro-kuu is pwonownced ate sicks

Asya Alfin - 2018-01-03
5 jt subs,? No subtitle?

Huey Freeman - 2018-01-03
Initial D "86"

Zaph F. Castillo - 2018-01-02

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