John Parsons - 2018-02-25
I would backhanded shoot out of here just for general principles LOL slap you like a little bitch like you are LOL

John Parsons - 2018-02-25
You are a fucking idiot a fucking moron

Ethandude - 2018-02-25
Kill yourself

Carson Teagarden - 2018-02-23
how have you not got striken

wall9r Main - 2018-02-21
kill me pls

MikeIsSuperbad - 2018-02-19
Holy crap this kid has brain damage.

BLT Forging - 2018-02-19
Drink fucking bleach

Katie Kt - 2018-02-16
Wow there are more dislikes than likes

Flyjuice - 2018-02-16
good video.

Atllas Ariies - 2018-02-16
i made it this far and i think your looking for click bate skin idea: that sceen from the matrix were you jump from one roof to the next for the first time falling make sure the ground is some what streatchy

Gabe Porter - 2018-02-15
what a nerd u have braces u nerd. U dont even watch dawn platinum -_-

awesome dude - 2018-02-13
Quality content👌👌👌

Lukas John Marcheschi - 2018-02-13
I wish you would’ve ate that tide pod

Ultimate Savage - 2018-02-13
Bruh clean your room if I had my room like that my mom auth to beat mAh ass

Cam the racer man Owens - 2018-02-12
More like smash the dislike

JakeInTheBasement - 2018-02-11
This video sucked

Adrianne NoneOfYoBuissness - 2018-02-11
Who the fuck puts tide pods in the fridge? Idiot!!! U r going 2 die.

Christopher Reeves - 2018-02-11
Jus subscribed

Linda Isaacs - 2018-02-10
What the hell you ate an tide pod all most

Creative Guru - 2018-02-10
Cutie :)

Victoria Drought - 2018-02-10
Stop eating Tide Pods

Christopher Brennan - 2018-02-09
click bait??? na

Cheyenne Elkins - 2018-02-08
Did like right here

shimmy jimmy - 2018-02-07
dude you fkn suck at youtube.... who the fuck cares about you walking around with a damn nerf gun?

Levi Dowsett - 2018-02-05
I wish you ate that tide pod you waste of space.

Snickers Bar - 2018-02-05
Lol clickbait

Maxwell Hardwick - 2018-02-05
okay now i wana eat a tide pod

Emma Strickland - 2018-02-04

Donald McCollum - 2018-02-04
Don't eat the tide pod it can kill you

Tk Gaming - 2018-02-03
Wow what a clickbait video....don’t watch and dislike it

lowlife666_ - 2018-02-03

Night Sparta - 2018-02-03
Do u know deh wey

Night Sparta - 2018-02-03
No mc Donald's give you heart disease

Logang Pauler - 2018-02-01
You are a fucking idiot

VeggyZ - 2018-02-01
lol. I hate this.

Shawn M. - 2018-02-01
This is garbage

Luk F - 2018-02-01
kill yourself please... with a gun... would be easier than with tide pod... and more safe...

Connie Harris - 2018-02-01
Subscribe to what? If you eat Tide Pods, you won't be here long enough to get many subscribers. Cannot believe you even pretend to eat those. Kids are dying from the stupidity you're promoting.

gamingbygaming - 2018-01-31
this is sooooooooooo retearded

Cameron Potter - 2018-01-30
Find a cliff and jump

jacob BS - 2018-01-30
Anyone know it’s clickbait before you even click on it but still click it... dislike

CarrotTopIceCream Cake - 2018-01-29

CarrotTopIceCream Cake - 2018-01-29

ⱧƎⱤE ϮØ SȾAΥ - 2018-01-28
This is gay

bridger ward - 2018-01-28
0:36 bullcrap

Jackson Eddy - 2018-01-28
Fuck you for not having the balls to actually eat a tide pod. Don't ever cloud the internet with anymore fake news. Please never post another video unless it is you eating tide pods like a bowl of popcorn. You are the reason people hate white kids.

Jordan McKinley - 2018-01-28
Not cool buddy

Bears-Seahawks Family - 2018-01-27
it has more dislikes than likes.

Jack Ponsford - 2018-01-27
you didn't eat one you fucking gay you lied suck my diuck fuck yoiu

Drewsky2003 Gaming - 2018-01-26
Fuck you kids don’t fucking ties pods it’s dangerous

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