_coma_ - 2018-02-18
Rip Ziggy Stardust

Steven Grecke - 2018-01-28
Heard she's a total idiot

Samh H - 2017-12-25
At what point was she speechless

Josh - 2017-12-24
Speechless alright, after the sybian

Slick Rock - 2017-11-12
I love Howard. Jay to.

MIKEDOUT - 2017-09-10
a disgusting vile women. disgusting gum line.

Thaydrian - 2017-08-23
Howard went all Hollywood now and the show is 1/2 as funny as it was before that cunt Marci came along. No more Gary/Wendy the "Retard", they have to be all P.C so Howard can get A list celebs on his show. He did the one thing he never said he would do and that is sellout to mainstream media for fame. FUCK YOU HOWARD YOU SELLOUT, FUCK YOU AND HORSE FACED BETH!

david mathews - 2017-07-24
Speechless?! All I saw was Katie trying to fuck Howard Stern's asshole

Paul Rubini - 2017-05-30
speechless? WTF

How To Heal - 2017-05-16
Her show got canceled

Durge75 - 2017-04-01
dumbass click bait...

Matchman - 2017-03-15
click bait

To bad the old Howard wasn't still alive

MsDboyy - 2016-11-22
Stern is such a sellout now the show sucks now it's just some dumb TMZ shit where nothing is sexy or shocking or even funny anymore

ORACLEofORBS - 2016-06-10
Katie the JOKER Face!!!!!!!!!!!!

john banks - 2016-05-24
I like them both, so i will happily like video..but don't lie about being speechless when she clearly was not..he complimented how good she looked..that moment was the closest to speechless but she wasn't..and Howard was right..she looked fantastic, lucky boyfriend/hubby now

canadaguy20081 - 2016-05-11
Damn , jacked by another thumbnail !

IdontKnow Maybe - 2016-04-28
Katie is HOT!! That's a woman , little hoes look good! ❤️❤️❤️

Andrew Heydt - 2016-04-17
I would really hope and thin a person like Katie Couric would have the decency to not interview that talentless lowlife like howard stern he sucks I really cant understand what people see in him

KongSunWu - 2016-02-28
Katie Couric, the Eva Braun of the left

Ashlyn Harrison - 2016-01-20
Shame Howard couldn't interview David Bowie.

JINX HOTTESTMAN - 2016-01-12

JINX (Sexiest Man On Earth) - 2016-01-12

jpalm32 - 2016-01-08
Couric dumb slut!

raf A - 2016-01-07
she got a Lil wet

Square Pants - 2015-12-29
Fucking Click Bating..... She was not speechless at any point.... (def NEVER subscribing or watching another video on this channel.)

camq0789 - 2015-12-28
Katie Couric is hot af lol

DickHead69able - 2015-12-27
I'd make her speechless by stuffing my dick down her throat.

Stacie Markham - 2015-12-23
Howard needs to get new glasses

Kevin Afton - 2015-12-22
She looks so good because her parents stole some genes from some White goyim. (Look up jewish conspiracy!)

fadethetrade - 2015-12-17
such a down to earth guy. and speaks the politically incorrect truth.

Kim Jong Un - 2015-12-11
I didn't see him making her speechless . WTF ?

NoSuchThing99 - 2015-12-01
I wanna do bedroom olympics w/ Katie SO BAD!

David Frederick - 2015-11-19
i like it when howard is just having a regular coversation nothing unusual then bam! by the way you have an incredible body your a nice looking brawd lol!

Miami 808 - 2015-11-13
Where was the speechless part??

foureyedchick - 2015-10-25
Howard Stern looks like a Weird Al Yankovic impersonator.

sara ermias - 2015-10-18

stupid idiots😒

Dealmaker - 2015-10-07
Wow....two self involved assholes talking to each other.

Wolfreign Valenford - 2015-10-03
katie you ass kissing piece of shit. stop kissing fatjews ass yo dumb spineless tennis ball that guy just passes around bitch.

Creed Justice - 2015-09-18
Wow Katie is kinda fine! Never really checked her out before now but uh....yes I would take her!

RiverVmanna - 2015-08-30
Speechless about what her looks? lame. so no I won't "click to see more".

MegaFranky J - 2015-08-21
Speechless, huh .?

MegaFranky J - 2015-08-21
Speechless, huh .?

JJ Kent - 2015-08-13
At no point in this interview was she speechless, her speech was flowing fine, I hate click bating, it's the best way to make me never watch a channels videos again.

Georgie Thumbs - 2015-08-13
That's got to be a wig he is wearing because his father Ben Stern was completely bald. Google "Ben Stern" and you'll see for yourself. His father had horseshoe hair, that's someone who is completely bald on top and just has hair growing on the sides like a horseshoe.

Lumberjack - 2015-08-12
ROFL, Howard asks Katie if she has a surgeon. Katie says no, and then she touches her face thinking, "is it noticeable? i hope no one can tell"

American Patriot - 2015-08-08
Katie is just gorgeous!

divest2099 - 2015-07-25
She has turned into an old hag fast. Watch her interview with Ted Cruz...he totally dominated her! She needs to go hide in a cave some where. Her intelligence is so low that she can't stump Cruz no mater how hard she tries. Ted Cruz comes back with a response that is straight forward and just honest and sincere. He doesn't get angry or snipe at her. She bites his lip LOL. Why did yahoo hire this old Hag again? To lower the value of the stock oh thats right!

LucisFerre1 - 2015-07-19
she was never left speechless. Why the hell do people lie in their video titles?

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