Lynn Conner - 2018-03-18
She didn't say where he touched her.

Garand - 2018-03-18
What a nut bag

Jacqueline Myrick - 2018-03-17
Omg she’s a wack O! Someone needs to stop this Shit! Men are getting called sexist for complements to a woman. Then if they don’t their assholes wtf! I’ve worked in a construction office for years! Lady get over yourself! This is a joke! You NASTY WITCH you probably talk worse in your dressing room. People are taking words so seriously really come on. I’m sick of women doing this to men there is real rapist out there and real sexist.

Colton Geyer - 2018-03-17
This stupid bitch needs to be beaten. She is so full of shit and falsifies everything.

shelby wilmoth - 2018-03-17
Your a stupid bitch!!!

bonkers73 - 2018-03-16
Someone put a sock in her mouth and get her some vitamins and some Rodan and Fields or something.....emaciated ol mummy...

Saibal Ghosh - 2018-03-16
why is she still not in mental hospital?

ConcordClark - 2018-03-13
She needs to get laid BIG time!

Crystal Logik - 2018-03-13
I get called sweetheart, doll, love etc all the time by female employees. REEE MUH SEXISM.

Mary Mary - 2018-03-10
Smdh you need to lighten the hell up you rigid Hag. This isn't about anybody else you have such an unresolved molestation and man issues you need therapy

David Phelan - 2018-03-07
He picked the wrong one. Dont fuck with this lady. He probably got fired

David Phelan - 2018-03-07
But that guy is a dumbass for calling you sweet heart and saying nice dress. He should not do that at a job like that.

David Phelan - 2018-03-07
Makeup does wonders for her. She looks 60

Lee Murray - 2018-03-05
So you were already being a bitch... ha. So messed up in the head it's a shame .. I feel sorry for her.. probably the only way she can get any publicity now..

Westcoast Johnny - 2018-03-05
What the hell did she do to her face!??

EdensSecret1 - 2018-03-04
Sorry Ashley there is a HUGE difference between being friendly and being abusive. Being abused is no joke and difficult to talk about. The world is changing dramatically to the point where it will be against the law to smile at somebody. What you experienced here is not abuse in any shape or form. for years these actors have swept sexism under the carpet and now all of a sudden it has become fashionable to talk about it, but as I said before the is a big difference between the two.

ORAORAORAORA - 2018-03-04
Life is hard for a millionaire

ORAORAORAORA - 2018-03-04
He was trying to be nice

John taylor Michaels - 2018-03-02
Lame bitch and dope head tough unhinged bitch though.

Mark Burrell - 2018-03-01
Wow looking Like Nancy Reagan..now!!

Ridgeback Woolfe - 2018-02-28
You mean he actually told you to have a nice day? I think you're so courageous for staying so calm in light of that kind of onslaught.

Kelly K.M. Carson - 2018-02-28
It’s important though exhausting to stand up for being treated with simple respect as women, not as objects whoever and wherever we are. It is better than it was decades ago when I was young, but it still happens far too often to women.

Marisol J - 2018-02-27
FUKING ass hole

Larry Mustful - 2018-02-25
Dear God! We have enough real problems in this world than to listen to you and your hurt feelings. If you want things like this to change, have a “teaching moment” instead of complaining to the world and getting someone fired. If I complained every time someone called me sweetheart or darling there would be no one at any airports to help me. Get over yourself.

Martin O'Donnell - 2018-02-25
Stupid cunt

CeeBarrio1 - 2018-02-24
anger ages you quicker

John Ivan Taro - 2018-02-23
To be fair, randomly calling somebody "sweetheart" when that person is a stranger can come across as creepy. However, it's still RIDICULOUS that she overreacts to the compliment to her dress. Also, the reason why he touched Ashley Judd was to get her attention to tell you something, NOT for sexual reasons. Aside from being weirdly called "sweetheart" by a stranger, Ashley was mostly in the wrong in that situation.

olson091 - 2018-02-23
Ashley, you ARE NOT Sandra Bullock and you never will be.
You are a big-time LOSER.

Dean Konstantian - 2018-02-23
fuck off,  you self-important triggered feminists

thegritch42 - 2018-02-22
Sweetheart, Darlin', are just terms some people use. It isn't sexism. I call people darlin'..male and female alike. And when people don't show her this attention she's complaining about, she will say they are rude.

StarTreader /gaming - 2018-02-21
Wow, how is paying a compliment sexist? #prettydress/uglyheart

Lars Van Essen - 2018-02-19
Miss Judd is sick

J. Hon - 2018-02-19
Assley,,,, what a privileged narcissist. She is a sickening excuse for a human being.

PressOn Natty - 2018-02-17
Damm use to like you, you did not age well. Now i know why, all memories Deleted!

Faith Cooleridge - 2018-02-17
When did she become the 69 year old cat lady?

malcolm Gibson - 2018-02-15
Poor woman....Show me on this doll where he hurt you..

Neil Egan - 2018-02-14
Get over yourself Treacle

sindexter - 2018-02-13
Stuck up retarded cunt who thinks she is special, yawn

landshark616 - 2018-02-12
What a bitch..

myentl - 2018-02-11
quite stupid video...

Cleveland Hulk - 2018-02-11
So you can't tell people that they look nice my mom always told me if you see somebody who looks nice man or woman let them know a man you rocking that you look good what the hell is wrong with giving a compliment

Cleveland Hulk - 2018-02-11
Oh my God I can't f**** stand her I remember back in the day when she did the movie The Bone Collector I thought she was beautiful as I don't know what she age bad and she's a feminist on top of that yuck

PheonixRising3 - 2018-02-10
Her face looks like a chipmunk storing food for the winter. She needs a better surgeon injecting her facial filler...an artist...not a hack..she looks ridiculous.

the Annuity Slayer - 2018-02-10
Ashley Judd is a straight up lunatic. Watch her anti-Trump drivel at that Democrat Women's March.

flashbodie1 - 2018-02-09
I think he called her SWEET FART cause of her face.

Bo Smoove - 2018-02-09

Eay Dagawd - 2018-02-09
Who would want to drink spoiled milk

Scott Frazier - 2018-02-09
This bitch is crazy

JULY - 2018-02-09

Lavern Merriweather - 2018-02-09
This bitch needs to spend more time by the phone waiting for Dancing With the Stars to call since nobody else gives a rat's ass about her. She stopped being relevant or desirable a long time ago so please spare us how "traumatized" you are by some random man actually thinking your grandma looking ass is pretty. Yeah pretty fucking stupid.

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