Eisen J Eisen - 2018-02-14

reduxmisc - 2018-02-13
So sad to hear of his passing RIP - Vic one of the greats

Joseph Carlone - 2018-02-12
RIP. VIC. !!!

Youngone1534 Young - 2018-02-12
REST IN PARADISE Vic, Your Angelic voice is needed in Heaven, but will be missed on earth.👼🙏

patrick ryan - 2018-01-16
What a weepy good song to be played over and over in the still of the night. 1/2018

Andreia Reminiec - 2017-12-28
A question.. Was Vic damone a italian american?
He was one of my fathers favorite singers

Bill Roberts - 2017-10-01
Ingrid Bergman was a beautiful woman and a great actress. Bogie wasn''t too bad either. good movie would like to see it again.

Mary Amerman - 2017-09-22
Vic Damone is the greatest singer of all time. I have been “in love” with him for over 70 years. He celebrated his 89th birthday on June 12, 2017. I hope he celebrates many, many more happy and healthy birthdays. I never tire of listening to him. Love ya, Vic.

Tony Anderton - 2017-09-06
Thank you so much for this, reduxmisc. I first heard this song only two weeks ago. David Grant, I totally agree with you. Vic D here gives his usual masterly performance. A true genius. Of the male singers, Vic, Frank S, Sammy D jnr, Jack Jones, Billy Eckstine and a few others can sing these great songs from the pre-pop era; they've got both superb technical control and understand the required depth of emotional delivery, as if they've lived every word, every line of the lyric. I don't think that the modern performers of these songs, eg, Buble, Porter, Callum, come anywhere near those great masters of previous decades.

Mark Pickering - 2017-09-06

Christine Hubert - 2017-06-22
Bellissimo ....te amo .....

Saul Brito - 2017-05-21
love this movie!!

donald milne - 2017-05-02
gorgeous, they sure don't make them like this anymore.

László Szűcs - 2017-04-29
The pictures from which movie can be seen?

Anna Cottage - 2017-01-27
This is beautiful, thank you for this. Anna.

terence dunbar - 2017-01-09
I believe Donald peers did cover this song but can't find it on utube

Alla Gubarieva - 2016-11-26
I love Her - Vic Damone. -So beautiful melody and video and voice. .Wonderful.Very beautiful song from big of love. .

Francis Salina - 2016-07-03
Non avevo mai ascoltato questa versione di " Dicitencello vuje", eccezionale, mi ispira a riproporla

Ariston Carvalho - 2016-06-13
Legal d++++**

Tony Geronimo - 2016-06-04
Reminds me of my first year in high school, memorable...

rui porto Porto - 2016-03-09
linda canção, canção de amor...

rui porto - brasil

Morton Wright - 2016-03-06
It's a toss up between Vic and frank S. who is the greatest artist.

David Grant - 2016-02-20
A beautiful song, a beautiful voice, it makes you want to cry with deep inner emotion. Yes you want to cry with emotion, but even more you want to crave and cry for a bygone age, when there were great popular composers and lyricists as well as great voices. What in hells name happen to beauty and talent. Everyone thinks that they can sing now days, most sound like it is produce for the wrong end of their bodies. And so we end-up with the accolade being at best mediocrity! Amen.

Alberto Martinez - 2016-02-09
Hermosa interpretación...

Gaetan Lizotte - 2016-02-03
mon chanteur préféré

Gaetano Golia - 2015-08-27
this song is from from naples "dicitancello vuje "

Paterno Corpus - 2015-06-21
This version I like ...

문익봉 - 2015-06-03
나도 한물 갔어~~옛날엔 이눈물보고 안넘어 오는 남자가 없었는데~~~

문익봉 - 2015-06-03
좋것 가르치고 있네!  이정도는 각오 해야지 ~~ 마누라 속이는데~~

문익봉 - 2015-06-03
웃고 말할때 불어 ~그러치 않으면 오늘밤 너죽고 나죽는다! 남자들이여 여자의 이런 허풍에 넘어가면 안된다! 더 쎄게 나가라! 드디어  올것이 왔구만 의처증까지~~ 나도 너하고 더~이상 못살겠다! 피곤해!  남자가 오리발을 내밀땐 이렇게 쎄게 나가야한다! 내일 당장  뽀록이 나더라도~~ 오늘 편히 자려면 ~~그런데 다음날 아침!  마누라가 꼬리를 내리는경우가 많다. 아주~~영원히~ 집 나갈가봐!

문익봉 - 2015-06-03
변했어?  내눈은 못속여~~ 언제는 나밖에 없다드니~~딱 보면 다~~~알아! 어떤년이야?

Robert J Holder - 2015-04-04
JUST Say I love Her Beautiful

jose grefaldon - 2015-02-25
Wish the original version of 'Just Say I Love Her' by Vic Damone be played, recorded in 1950, released August 1950.

Anadia DK - 2015-01-01
Which movie are the pictures from?

calum rattray - 2014-12-26
yes rena thats wright wish singers were like that now  its all inn the voice for sure 

Rena Bunce - 2014-10-18
Beautiful song,beautiful voice,from an era that had romance and respect and decency!
A different generation!

boonestead - 2014-10-10
wellllll  wasn't   that  the most beautiful thing ive ever heard  holy crap!!  ive only heard timi yuro   and  dean martin  sing it   but  this  rocks!!

Jorge Mario Rodas - 2014-09-05
Very Romantic. Those were better times when one daydreamed and sex was only suggested in pictures not shown.  Too bad nowadays everything has become so superficial.  Shame!!!.  Great song and a great Singer.

Michael G. Golden - 2014-08-26
Ingrid, Bogie and Vic - heavenly combination!

RAMLIA1 - 2014-05-31

Károlyné Szépvölgyi - 2014-05-14
Gyönyörű ez a dal, nagyon tetszik köszönettel Klára.

Károlyné Szépvölgyi - 2014-03-24
Csodálatos ez a videoklip, nagyon tetszik, köszönettel Klára.

Bruce Powell - 2013-09-03
This is so beautiful and poignant, sung superbly, it makes one wish to be Italian.

RENATO1942 - 2013-05-13
A song that is immortal. !

reduxmisc - 2013-04-14
Sorry, this is the only copy I have...

Alejandro Arrivas - 2013-04-12
This is one of my favorite song..it brings back many treasured lovely memories of my high school days in Colegio de San Agustin Iloilo City in 1949. Do you have the original song by Vic Damone recorded I guess in 1949. I will sure appreciate it. TYhanks

tyaz4467 - 2012-11-26
Its all GONE now.....and it was the BEST time. the culture. the ebst everything.......but we all have those Italiam moments in our hearts and memories adn THAT is why being ITALIAN is so great!!!!

Patrick Boyle - 2012-11-09
I sang in two operas by the late Martin Kalmanoff. He's not very well known I I was a big success in one them. I have a soft spot for him. Kalmanoff wrote lots of operas, and other classical pieces but he made his money writing for Elvis Presley. Then I read that his greatest hit was this "Just Say I Love Her". To my astonishment when I looked up here I found that it's really one of my favorite Italian songs "Dicitencello Vuje". I'm fond of Chernov's version.

Zeppolino100 - 2012-09-11
My dear brother, I thank you so very much for your tender heart that felt this connection. Wherever our origins, along with you I try to daily affirm that we are all one people, only our human weakness prevents all of us from knowing this. My mother and father, along with me, would embrace you upon first meeting. Salud! In my own heritage I add, "S'ai Benedicto" (You are Blessed).

Jamil Muhammad - 2012-09-10
I'm not Italian-American, nor am I from the exact era you describe here, but your comment evokes a vivid picture in my mind. I see and hear and feel the moment, and you make me wistful too! Such is the power of the things that connect humankind across national and ethnic barriers -- the love of a good story and the pleasure of a sweet love song well-sung. Salud!

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